June 4, 2023

I recently did a vlog about how none of us are invincible. Today, I share a story of that being true in my life. I share this to create awareness and educate others in hopes to maybe even save a life.

Hey everyone with this week’s vlog i want to tell you a story to create education create awareness maybe even just save someone’s life and this vlog is going to be on how ibuprofen almost took my life last week i shared the vlog on none of us are invincible and i learned this in 2007 it was actually back then that i was building my new house i had a lot of

Things going on and weddings and speaking and busy and so i really was not taking the time to really listen to my body really listen to what was happening i was experiencing huge symptoms one being that i was extremely lightheaded actually when i was doing my transfers with my caregivers i actually was passing out so anywhere from 2 to 10 seconds i was i was

Completely passed out of course my caregivers were very scared by that telling me you need to go see a doctor but i didn’t want to see a doctor because i was trying to lose weight for a wedding that i was going to be in and so i knew felt like he would just tell me eat more and so i also was a symptom to was i was extremely pale and many of us did not see this

Until afterwards but i was noticing even in my pictures that i was taking that i had to put on all my makeup and in the picture i look like i had nothing on and so that was symptom number two symptom number 3 was i was craving crunchy foods and this was a huge some time that i know now but i didn’t realize it at the time so i was cucumbers ice chips things like

That and so thankfully i’m so thankful that during this time i was also having a cough a real nagging coffin for me coughing is very difficult and so i decided to make a doctor’s appointment i went and saw dr. eric were here in ellsworth thank god for eric ward up because instead of putting me on an antibiotic like most doctors do she ordered for my blood to be

Drawn because she didn’t want to put me on another antibiotic if it didn’t register an infection and they came back in after drying my blood and said ah we needed to draw that again it didn’t register correctly and five minutes later he came back in and asked me what hospital i wanted to go to and i was still confused like what do you mean i came in for a cough

What’s going on well here my hemoglobin hemoglobin was 5.3 which usually the normal hemoglobin is between 12 and 15 and so they consider you anemic below nine and so i was brought by i brought went over to the hospital and they gave me three actually four bags of blood transfusion and man it looked like i got a spray tan by the time i was done obviously that was

One of the symptoms that i was experiencing and i also i should say it was really tired i was like falling asleep in conversations with friends i was having a hard time staying awake in meetings and so that was another symptom too but once i got those blood transfusions and they were like we got to figure out what is cause you’re bleeding internally somewhere

And so we did a bunch of scans a bunch of exams and they were trying to tell me that i had diseases like ulcerative colitis or crohn’s and like no i have friends that have those diseases i know i can eat that basically anything that i want and it was here where a doctor at mayo clinic had a lightbulb gone and he said to me are you taking ibuprofen and here crazy

Enough i have been taking ibuprofen almost every night before going to bed my shoulders would be sore for the all along day’s activities and so i was taking ibuprofen and laying down and it was sitting in my colon all night long was actually eating holes in my colon almost took my life had i not gone to the doctor i talked to multiple nurses and doctors since they

Said easily it could have been that night even within the next week that i could have died in my sleep and so i am so thankful for for berta making this a point drawing my blood so that i could find out really what was happening and so i say this because i was about almost a year and a half to two years after this that i lost my dear friend darcy pollan to almost

This exact same thing she had a bleeding ulcer she was experiencing these same symptoms and did not go to the doctor and she died in her sleep and it broke my heart because i was thinking what could i have done didn’t i tell her about this i don’t remember if i did or not and so i feel like sharing this if you’re taking ibuprofen on an empty stomach on a regular

Basis just remember over-the-counter drugs are still drugs and they can hurt hurt you they can even take your life and so i hope today that you’ve enjoyed this message that you can share this with other people and just watch your friends watch yourself listen to your body your body tells you when things are not right and be sure and get them checked out thanks for watching and

Transcribed from video
How Ibuprofen Almost Took My Life By Tasha Schuh