March 24, 2023

Sharing my experience with different treatments for my rosacea and showing you what worked for me.

Hi guys welcome back to my channel remember if you haven’t already subscribed then please click the subscribe button and also destroy the like button so we can beat the algorithm and this video you can get out to more people i appreciate it so much thank you now let’s get this video started so actually this video was supposed to be a part of my self-care routine

Video i did a vote on instagram where i ask you okay do you want a really long video 22 minutes ish or did you want two shorter videos and i think the majority said shorter videos or at least the people who texted me asked for shorter videos so i thought okay i’m gonna do two short videos so i actually decided to split it up and then take my rosacea part in just

One video where i talk a bit about my treatment and show you guys some pictures i feel so vulnerable sharing these pictures with you guys because it is something i have been really really really insecure about when it was at the worst i just i didn’t want to leave my house but it’s getting better now so i thought okay now it’s time to share this journey with you

Guys and i know some of you are struggling with it as well so yeah i hope you’ll like the video i just hope that this video could help to let you know that if you’re sitting out there thinking oh my god what’s wrong with me you feel like you’re the only person who are going through these kind of things that you’re not we all have something we’re going through we

All have to deal with insecurities i think to me it’s just important to try to break the taboo there is about all of these things that’s also why i wanted to share with you i talk about my depression i talk about my anxiety because we need to normalize these things there is absolutely nothing wrong with it so yeah i hope this video can help so if you’re interested

In seeing my transformation with my orchestra then keep watching all right guys i’m home from my wall we walked 10 000 stamps and that is gonna be my workout today i’m not feeling the best so i’m just gonna be like take it easy on my body and just get my steps in that’s that’s what worked for me and i took a shower that’s also why i changed my clothes again and

Now i’m gonna do this three color led mask and ever since i posted this on youtube i got no not on youtube on instagram i got so many questions about it so i thought i would also talk a bit about it in this video and show you what they i’m not sure but tell you what the different modes can do but if you have been following me for a while then you know that i’m

Suffering from a skin disease called rosacea and it can be different from person to person what it does but to me it makes my skin really really red in my face and it’s a huge huge insecurity of mine and i know a lot of people have been texting me about that they have the same problem some even have um have it where it causes them acne and stuff like that so it

Really individual from person to person how it acts but you can get different treatments for it i have tried almost everything medicine herbs and now this led mask i am gonna post a picture or insert a picture here of how it looked when uh before i started my treatment in 2020 and then i’m gonna post a picture after i started treatment where i got some medicine

Some cream for my skin that made it so much worse i remember when i started on the cream my skin would completely flare up i would get not just red but my skin would turn purple and people would come up to me and ask what’s wrong with your skin what’s going on are you okay and i would get even more insecure i didn’t want to leave the house i didn’t want to look

In the mirror it was absolutely awful i was at my lowest and i didn’t want to go train because obviously when you’re training when you’re active the blood circulation just flows faster because your heart rate it gets higher and then you get a more color in your face that’s completely normal a lot of us get red cheeks when we are active and it’s hard but it was

So awful i’m going to insert the picture here now so you can see what it looked like and when the cream was working it was really nice and i had a normal skin color in my face but it also looked a little weird then you can see the pictures from the downsides of the cream and the positive things so whenever it was good it was really good unfortunately i could only

Use the cream for the night time and you’re supposed to wear it in the morning or put it on in the morning so you have the normal skin color during the day but i was having swim classes at school at that moment i used to cream which meant that i just couldn’t wear it it would fall off and it’s not good to get in the water in the swimming pool so i only had the

Downsides and experienced nose from the cream so i had to stop the cream because i was so so unhappy yeah but i have been using this mask for a while now and i think i have seen small improvements i only have a few redness here on my left cheek that is the good cheek and then of course i have some more on my right cheek here but it has definitely improved so i’m

Combining this mask with this cream and my skin is super super super sensitive so it starts to itch and burn with so many other creams i have tried i’ve tried some really really expensive creams from magazine elon may test danny stores but this is actually one of the only ones that doesn’t make my skin burn and itch and feel like i’m dying so after i’m using the

Mask i’m just putting that on and i’m adding it twice a day so morning and evening and it has been life-changing for me especially because i hate wearing makeup hate it and also i do sports and physical activities every day in school and have my own training so i just don’t know i don’t want to wear makeup i just want to feel good in my own skin so if you’re

Suffering from this i highly recommend you to try out this mask and try out the cream they have a series of these products a hemp one and they also have some oils and stuff and it is the only products i can use but i’m gonna tell you what the different light can so there’s three modes there’s a red a blue and an orange and the red one is really good for the

Collagen and for the elasticity in your skin and it says that your skin will get brighter and feels more tight i haven’t tried that one so i honestly cannot tell you if that’s true the other ones work the ones that i’ve tried worked so i guess it will work too then there is the blue light it’s really good for rosacea psoriasis wrinkles and burns from the sun i

Have tried that one and it works and then there is the orange one that i’ve also tried which is also really good for rosacea and for other burns sunburns it also is really good for hyperpigmentation if you are suffering from that oh and i also forgot to say that the blue light if you’re suffering from acne then you should definitely try that one out it’s good for

That as well so i have to use this one three times a week for one month to get the best results and i think it’s my third week using it and you have to wear for 10 to 20 minutes you can have your eyes open it’s not damaging your eyes it stays in the voucher normally i’ll just lay down chill just relax with my eyes closed because it’s actually really nice it heats

Up your skin a little so just enjoy it and have some you time not do anything just relax but you can watch tv or do anything on your computer watch netflix whatever you want to do but yeah so it looks like this and then you turn it on i’m gonna have to blue light and i’m just gonna set a timer and it’s not hurting my eyes at all so i’m setting a timer 20 minutes

And then i’m just gonna lay here in my bed with my pretty bad board and relax so i don’t think i showed you guys enough in this video how you actually do it first you have to clean your skin and then you add this hemp oil rescue serum then you do the mask for 10 minutes and then like that suits your problem and then straight after that you have to add this rescue

Cream and that is what has worked for me all right guys i’m done oh and now i can’t even open my cream but now i’m just gonna add my cream just a little bit and um what i really like about this cream so okay look at this my skin is always really red just when i put cream on but then after two minutes it’s back to normal and my skin is the prettiest just after

I use the mask see it’s already going away now it’s oh my god i love it i love it see it’s almost normal color oh my god but what i love about this cream is that it doesn’t smell like perfume or chemicals it smells really really soft and that’s so nice so you know it’s good products you put on your skin and i think i’m gonna wrap this up now this video but thank

You so much for watching i hope you can use the things i showed you for yourself definitely try out the mask if you’re suffering from roussachia like i am i’m gonna put a link below where i bought the mask so you can shop through that i know it probably could have been a bit more detailed but as i said when i recorded the footage it was actually just going to be

A part of my self-care routine not just a total going into my research rosacea journey but if you’re interested in me doing a more detailing video then please let me know in the comments so i’ll of course do that and if you like the video then please give it a thumbs up subscribe to my channel and please let me know in the comments what kind of videos you would

Like in the future so i can make content that you would love to watch but i really enjoyed making this video and thank you so much for this time love you

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How I’m Treating My Rosacea By Maria Gad