March 22, 2023

Dr. Nuesse’s preferred home drug test kit –

Hey everyone youtube’s dot physical expert dr nussie back again with another video and in this one we are going to give you the insight on how long certain drugs stay in your system when being drug screened either during the urinalysis drug screening or sometimes even a hair follicle sample so there are a bunch of different drugs that a traditional drug test will

Test for i’m going to go through each of them individually and let you know how long it will stay in your system after you’ve stopped using that drug so how long is it going to be detectable on normal drug screenings okay so first things first what is typically going to be tested for well traditionally a urine screening is going to test for five it’s going to be a

Five panel drug screening and i’ll put up on the screen here what we’re testing for it’s going to be marijuana cocaine amphetamines opioids and phencyclidine otherwise known as pcp so this will be the most traditional drug test when you go in and get a urinalysis done this is what traditionally is going to be tested for so for these drugs i’m going to give you how

Long it can be detected on average on your analysis and how long it can be tested on average with a hair follicle sample now i’ve got to give you a disclaimer before this again these are averages these can go up or go down a little bit so let’s say you’re a really heavy user of one of these drugs it might be detectable longer in your system so that is the number

One factor that can skew how long we can detect this for is how long or how heavy of a user you have been also your body size plays a role your age if you have any liver or kidney disease so again i’m giving you averages here but it could be a little longer it could be a little less again depending on a number of different factors okay and another important thing

To note is that i’m an expert in the department of transportation physical and the medicals and testing that goes along with commercial drivers so the standard there is going to be a urine sample so the government does not require yet hair samples some employers might and states might be different but this rule is talked about being changed in the future now if

Hair sample starts becoming the standard i will make an update video and let you know that we’re going or we’re switching to doing hair samples instead of your analysis because that is something that is being talked about from the fmcsa so please stay subscribed to this channel make sure you hit that bell icon because when i make a new video an update video on new

Standards it will go right into your inbox and you will be informed the fmcsa is not going to tell drivers what the new standards are they’re going to tell the provider but i want you to know i feel like you deserve to know what you’re getting into when you go in and take your medical so you have the best chance of passing your medicals okay so let’s get right

Into the list of drugs and how long they are going to stay in your system we’ll talk about phencyclidine first pcp now the urinalysis is going to be able to detect this drug in your system after you’ve quit for up to two weeks again this can be a little less a little more depending on those different factors we talked about rarely if you get a hair sample done

This can be detectable up to three months all right next on the list opioids opioids in a urinalysis are detectable up to about a week and again on a hair sample they can be detected up to about three months amphetamines again in a urinalysis what is traditionally used to screen for these drugs is about a week after you stop using and again in a hair sample it’s

Going to be up to three months cocaine will be detectable on a urinalysis for one maybe even two weeks and with a hair sample it can be multiple multiple months maybe even up to a year that you can detect cocaine usage through a hair follicle sample all right and finally marijuana thc is going to be detectable in a urinalysis for up to about 30 days so after you

Stop using we’re still going to be able to detect it in a urinalysis for up to a month and then about three months if you are getting tested with a hair follicle sample all right so i tried to make this video very clear very concise and to the point i hope it was very very helpful and useful again stay subscribed here for more information on taking your medicals

Especially those that are cdl or commercial drivers alright until next time everybody drivers stay safe

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How long are different drugs detectable in your system – urine testing, hair testing, etc. By Easy DOT Physicals