March 22, 2023

Have you wondered how long do Zoloft side effects last? This video is useful even if you take a different SSRI as the information will be identical. Today I update you on my experience of sertraline/zoloft and what side effects I am currently facing. I made this video to reassure people who are experiencing side effects of sertraline and are worried about how long they last.

Welcome back to a happy change and it is day five i’ve taken sertraline so today i wanted to talk specifically about how long you can expect side effects to last but before we get onto that thank you to everyone that’s watched the videos so far if you haven’t managed to see the previous day’s please do click up and you can start a daisy row so from the first tablet

All the way through to today we have lots of interesting conversation along the way and there’s an opportunity to join in the comment section if you can take the time to like the video that means a lot to me and if you’ve got a story to share or if you just want to say hi please do drop a comment you know it means so much every time i get a notification to see that

Someone’s left to comment on the video and/or share their story that might help someone else out if you’ve got the time please do that so i’m at a position now where i feel like most of my side effects have settled and it got me thinking about how long side effects should last when i’m reading through the comments on the previous videos i can see people that have

Dealt with side effects for a longer period of time so i count myself reasonably lucky this time round last time i took sertraline i reckoned the side effects lasted for between a week and two weeks depending on the side effect so nausea went pretty quickly but some of the other elements remained so today day 5 you know i’ve not woken up with that dry mouth i’m

Still sleeping reasonably well i can’t remember too many kind of wild dreams last night no nausea or anything like that obviously it’s too early for the medication to have started the the positive side effects but like i always say the fact that i can reflect that you know six days ago i was really low i was very frantic very worried very anxious about what it was

I was gonna do to get better and i’d slipped back into that that zone that’s really difficult to get out of so if i think about where i was then picking up the phone and making a doctor’s appointment which is always really gladly hard having that conversation and then to where i am now where i know i’m on the right path and know i’m on the path to recovery that’s

Actually enough right now it might not see a chemical change in my body yet but actually just knowing that i taking those steps is really empowering so if you are at home and you thinking oh i’m not sure if i want to have this conversation with someone but similarly your your despairing you’re really stuck in a rot in terms of what to do next just talking tgp even

If you don’t end up taking medication and it’s a powerful step so please do consider going to talk to someone so how long should the side-effects last you’re looking at around four to six weeks for the medication to start producing the positive benefits in your body and ideally what you would expect is that side effects start to trail off after a couple of weeks

Now as with anithing if the side effects are really detrimental to your life if they’re making things worse so for example nors you’re stopping you going to work goes to see your doctor again and they might offer you an alternative so i would say after about a week of medication you’ll start to see some of the side effects disappear like i say if you still suffer

Nausea after a week that’s really difficult after two weeks go and speak to you doctor but you should between one and two weeks start to regulate and start to feel more comfortable in taking the medication i would say and this is the way i’m going to play it that if there was a side effect that was lasting more than two weeks so if i was waking up in the middle of

The night and i unable to fall back asleep if i was suffering from insomnia after two weeks if i was having like vivid nightmares if i was still having an upset stomach at that point to the two week mark i would be thinking i’m gonna speak to my doctor i’m gonna get a medical review and just check whether or not this is the medication for me it might be that there

Is and you just need to weather the storm for a little bit longer but i would have that in my mind as the period of time to test the side effects i’m really interested to see where you’re at like i said at the start it means so much when people take the time to like the video when people take the time to comment it means a lot to me but otherwise thanks for watching

When you’re ready to watch day six it’ll be right here waiting for you

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How long do Zoloft side effects last – Sertraline & Zoloft Day 5 By Alex Robb