March 22, 2023


How long does it take prednisone to work is it like your grandma always said a watched pot never boils how long does it take to work i’m dr. megan your prednisone pharmacist and i’m here to answer that question for you today let me put the pot down so first since i’m a pharmacist i’m gonna cover the boring part about the drug itself and then i’ll answer the more

Exciting part probably the real question you have at the end so first printed zone is absorbed once you swallow it in my an hour to two hours is when it’s like kicked in and then the half-life is three to four hours so it’s out of your system within a day for most people at least it all depends but when is it going to actually do its job the reason you’re taking it

Right so first i’m gonna tell you my story why i took part no zone so i had this random rash that turned into those crazy bleeding disorder my immune system was attacking my own blood cells called platelets killing him so i could bleed to death it was terrible i was this perfectly healthy person who suddenly was hospitalized and said you can’t go home for a week

What kids at home i gotta be their mommy and they said no we’re gonna give you this drug and you just sit here pretending like you’re sick even though you don’t feel sick because your immune system is attacking you so i take the prednisone at night that day i got diagnosed with itp my bleeding disorder and they checked my blood the next morning and they check it

The next morning and the next morning and by that third day they’re like we’ve watched it go up and up and up and you’re doing great we’re gonna send you home in less than a week i was like yes i can help my kids to get their halloween costumes on so for me just that one huge first dose was enough to make the prednisone start to work but what really matters is what

You’re taking it for if you’re taking it for something like your immune system like me it really depends on what part of the immune system were focusing on what about breathing or joint pain well is it a high enough dose that’s the other thing so what you’re taking it for and is it enough if the dose is high enough so if somebody is taking it for rheumatoid arthritis

They’ve got pain in their joints their wrists their elbows their shoulders their knees is it a high enough dose to get you out of your pain to let you get out of bed to finally walk again to open a can if it’s a high enough dose and it usually works pretty quickly people say it’ll just work that day and it’s great what about breathing for asthma or copd if you’re

Taking it to help cope with a flare it usually works pretty quickly but sometimes there’s other factors like if there’s an infection if you’ve got pneumonia or something like that that might interfere so there are factors that are at play that are really individualized and depend on so many things because prednisone can be used for so many different reasons and i

Just highlighted a few so for you when did the prednisone start to work for you was it after just one dose or did it take longer i’d love to know you can comment below and if you found this helpful please like and subscribe to my channel signing off is dr. megan your prednisone pharmacist

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