February 8, 2023

It’s Day 6 of the Sertraline Vlog and today I wonder how long for antidepressants to work? In this video I share the answer along with some benefits you might feel earlier. If you have just started taking Sertraline, Zoloft, Prozac or any SSRI one of the first challenges you have to face is how long it takes for the antidepressants to get to work. It can be upto 6 weeks before the serotonin levels in your brain increase to more positive levels. Taking Sertraline for the first time can be an unusual experience and I wanted to share my journey in the hopes someone finds it supportive.

Welcome back to a happy change and it is day six of the sertraline zoloft experience today i’m really interested to talk about how long it takes to feel the positive effects so after you’ve taken your first pill how long does it take before you start to reap the benefits before we get to that as always just to say thank you for those people that watching it’s crazy

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Comments down underneath the videos and it’s ace that you can get involved it’s gonna take you about four to six weeks to feel the benefit of taking your ssri so by that time your body will have got used to the chemicals got used to the chemical change and they’ll be more serotonin within your brain hopefully allowing you to feel more positive and i can remember

Reading that on my pill box and and feeling a little bit disheartened because i’ve made this effort to speak to someone and to make a change in to seek help and then realise and actually the six weeks wait to feel any benefit to perceive any benefit and i remember feeling like that was a bit of a kick in the teeth but i think there’s a couple of things to think

About here so firstly i think the benefit is almost immediate and that’s regardless of whether you’re taking medication or whether you’re having a talking therapy i think as soon as you make the decision to go and speak to someone that’s when you feel the benefit because if you’re like me and you felt quite helpless you felt like there maybe there was a lack of

Hope that you didn’t know what direction you were headed and you weren’t sure how to take yourself out of the position you were in speaking to someone it was a really scary thing but as soon as you’ve done that actually the wheels are in motion you’ve built a support network you know now that the next time you speak to someone it’s gonna be easier so actually i

Personally believe that you start to feel the benefits earlier than the chemical change just because you’ve spoken to someone and just because you’ve made that first brave step and over the next four to six weeks as you’re coming to terms with the side effects and as the medication is slowly starting to work it gives you an opportunity to kind of reflect on some

Of those things that maybe hadn’t had the space to do previously because you were so caught up in how am i going to manage this illness and once that pressure is alleviated once you know the illness is being managed whether that’s you talking to someone whether that’s you taking some medication it gives you headspace it’s amazing just in the last week how much

Space i’ve had in my head that hasn’t been consumed by worry of how am i going to get better so i know that i’m not better yet but i’m not having to think how am i going to get better because i’ve spoken to my doctor i’m willing to go and speak to them again and also i know that i’m on this journey that whilst it might take a month and a half to get there actually

I’m on the right path so how long is it going to take it’s gonna take four to six weeks before the chemical change starts but before then you are going to feel the benefit and like i say this is an advocate in necessarily medication it’s advocating speaking to someone if you speak to someone and decide that antidepressants aren’t for you that’s incredible but make

Sure that you’ve got the support that you require either way the weight off your shoulders of how am i going to get better that’s been taken care of you are on the path you’ve spoken to the right person to the professional and the only way is up so on today seven it’s nearly been a week search early and there’s been highs and lows the side effects of common gone

I feel like i’m in a positive space now and day seven will be ready for you here outro music i said i was gonna do it go

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How long for Antidepressants to Work? Sertraline & Zoloft Day 6 By Alex Robb