March 24, 2023


How prednisone causes water weight gain i’m dr. megan your prednisone pharmacist have you seen that movie a league of their own when tom hanks stumbles in to the locker room of the girls baseball team that he’s coaching he’s drunk he’s hungover and he races as fast as his drunk legs can take him to the toilet or what he’s using as a toilet and he pees on screen and

Pees some more in front of these girls and pees some are for 48 seconds have you ever felt like that on prednisone i certainly have i definitely felt that one day out of nowhere disproportionate to the amount of water i’d taken in in the last day or two i suddenly had to pee and it felt like it was forever it felt like it was the way that tom hanks did it and i’m

Today that’s what we’re going to explore is how prednisone causes water weight gain throughout our presentation today we’ll discuss the science of how prednisone causes water weight gain the symptoms visually describing what prednisone does and the solution of what you can do about it throughout the last few weeks we’ve talked about the metabolism changes that are in

Place that cause prednisone weight gain such as food cravings less fullness signals and high blood sugar what we haven’t described in detail very much is the fat redistribution and the water weight and how those are contributing to weight gain as well on this screen we’re going to show the science what prednisone looks like so how can you tell prednisone the image

In the middle how its chemical structure looks pretty much identical to cortisol and aldosterone if you can find the difference let it let us know in the comments what’s different between prednisone cortisol and aldosterone we give prednisone because it looks like these naturally occurring hormones cortisol and aldosterone are in your body they’re hormones that your

Body uses cortisol it helps with stress and aldosterone helps with keeping the water balance of your body of telling your kidneys what to do and what we used to think was that prednisone looks so much like cortisol so it must only go to the glucocorticoid receptor but what we’ve discovered recently in new research is that prednisone also goes to the mineralocorticoid

Receptor and it actually has a greater binding affinity to the mineral accord accreditor receptor what are all those big means big words mean it means that prednisone might do things that are more similar to aldosterone than we used to think the prednisone might have more consequences from looking like aldosterone and you know and replacing aldosterone than we used

To think so let’s explore what those might be you’ve seen this slide before talking about the part of the prednisone induced nutrient changes today we’re going to talk about and focus on sodium and potassium and how aldosterone is really what regulates those two nutrients excuse me and so sodium is high in pregnant when people are taking prednisone your kidneys are

Holding on to sodium and potassium is the opposite and it’s low and so that leads to extra fluid extra water being held on to that’s that water weight all that extra fluid leads to high blood pressure because it’s harder for your heart to move more water around your body more blood so that’s what’s leading to the heart complications like heart attacks and strokes

And strange rhythms it’s the changes to sodium and potassium so what does this have to do with pregnant zone what’s been really funny to me is when i’ve been doing these videos i add the text at the bottom so that you can watch the closed captioning and it’s auto generated by the computer and it has no idea what i’m saying when i say prednisone i’ve seen lots

Of different variations of what the computer thinks i’m saying but one of the funniest to me is when it thinks when i say prednisone that i’m saying pregnant zone and why that’s funny is cuz that’s kind of how it is you get a round belly that looks disproportionate to the rest of you your arms and legs might be getting skinnier because you’re losing muscle mass

But your belly is getting bigger unfortunately there’s no baby at the end like when you’re pregnant and there’s not the rapid weight loss that a pregnant mother experiences after the a after giving birth of suddenly losing that seven or eight pound baby plus you know five to ten pounds of simply water weight of just losing all of that extra blood that she was

Carrying around to support the baby that doesn’t happen as quickly when a person’s taking prednisone and prednisone is holding on to water just like a pregnant mama and a pregnant mama might get water retained but it’s kind of spread out throughout your whole body like your ankles and your hands like when i’m late in my pregnancies are often can’t wear my wedding

Ring anymore because my hands get so puffy and my face gets puffy and even my nose i’ve been told i have a pregnant nose and prednisone doesn’t do that it concentrates all of the swelling for me it concentrated in my knees and in my belly and on my face so another place that it can concentrate the fat redistribution is on the cervical dorsal area that is actually

The back of your neck and shoulder area so that you look like a buffalo next is the moon face your face gets extra puffy looking and round so that it looks like the moon here is an example you might be thinking oh that’s not too bad look at those pretty cherry blossoms in your hair oh no my friend she spoke broken english because it was her second language and she

Said you need to tell your doctor your face is too puffy and i thought my doctor’s least concern is how puffy my face is all my doctor really cares about is getting my blood under control to get me to stop having bleeding episodes so then i wouldn’t pose for very many pictures while i was taking on prednisone but here’s one i’ve got on the left you can see i’ve

Got my arms around some friends and i’ve cut them out for their privacy but on the left you see the before picture i’m on prednisone almost exactly one year ago on may 5th of 2018 and faces round with moon face and this is actually pretty low dose for me i was probably only on ten milligrams or so at this point and i had just finished chemotherapy and you might

Be thinking oh well your picture on the left is a lot more pixely and you just zoomed in and stretched it out and did it all in photoshop nope i assure you this is not modified in any way except to crop it and i didn’t stretch it at all to see the exact dimensions you can tell because the picture on the right is me and i thought i would just pose for an after

Picture in august when i was happened to be wearing the same outfit and what you can see is that my glasses are the exact same width my glasses are the same but my face is different even my iphone all the pictures of me during this period it didn’t know that they were me like you know that facial recognition software it couldn’t tell that i was the same person

I’m i am the same person but even apple didn’t know that it was the same person it was so disturbing so how does it happen that sodium and the potassium are being changed the prednisone is being received by the mineralocorticoid receptor which is leading to lipogenesis which means building up fat and all of these changes are happening so what can you do about it

Well first you need to understand how this is happening so the aldosterone what prednisone is mimicking at the mineralocorticoid receptor normally works by first telling you you’re thirsty and that’s if you’re dehydrated but if the opposite is happening if you have too much water in the ratio then it’ll make you crave salty food then the third way it works is by

Telling your kidneys to get rid of water through the urine or it’ll tell your getting to get rid of salt through the urine and the finally fact is that the moon face is dose-dependent what can you do you can limit salty foods since your kidneys are already working so hard to fight against the prednisone you can fight back by not eating salty things things that

Are not preserved things that aren’t made by a factory eat natural foods that are as close to the source as possible drink lots of water to help dilute out that salt and eat those good vegetables full of lots of the nutrients that prednisone is stealing finally i am so excited to share with you that i created a dietary supplement formulated especially for people

On prednisone it contains those nutrients that you need and it’s the only supplement that you need while on prednisone i wanted you two to have confidence that if nothing else is under your control at least you know you’re giving back the nutrients that prednisone is stealing it’s finally here it’s now on sale at neutron eyes comm check it out and you can even

Subscribe and save money if you get it shipped once a month because each of these is one month supply go to neutron eyes calm today talk to you next week

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