March 24, 2023

Hurricane Dorian was swirling around the Atlantic, poised to destroy the East Coast. It inspired me to compare taking prednisone to a hurricane. Hopefully, you can cope with the side effects!

With hurricane durian swirling around the atlantic having smashed the bahamas and just finishing up it made me think how moonface is so much like a hurricane we’re going to talk today about how moonface is like a hurricane and then we’ll talk about what we can do about it so eight years ago i was in hurricane irene and 28 years ago i was in hurricane bob in boston

And there were things that we did and experiences that we shared as sufferer in a hurricane that are similar to how it feels when you are using moonface maker so this picture shows a hurricane from outer space you can see that a hole in the middle that’s the eye of the storm it’s an unbelievably peaceful place surrounded by incredible chaos and confusion and

Destruction and moonface maker is like that it can cause so much destruction it can make you feel crazy it can make you feel so hungry you eat until your stomach hurts and you still don’t feel full it can make you your bones lose but you get bone loss and there’s just this swirl of chaos when you’re using moonface maker but there’s a beautiful peaceful place in the

Middle that i of the storm where whatever reason you started using moonbase maker is being treated for me my itp i was stopped bleeding to death and that was a miracle and it made it worth it because that piece was so much better so our goal today is to figure out how to have more of the eye of the storm you can see in this picture where the hurricane is rolling

In the birds are flying away from the ocean and if you stood here and you just stayed right here during the hurricane you would get blown away and you’d probably drown because those waves would crash onto the shore with the hurricane-force winds blowing them and it would just wash you away so nobody does that right you don’t stand on the beach during your hurricane

You take measures you can for example go to higher ground so higher ground would be inland so not right on the coast but go several miles away from the coast it could be by going up on the cliffs or the hills next to the coast it could be going to the top room of your house whatever it is you are taking care of yourself to make sure that the damage is as little

As possible to you and so when we’re talking about moonface that means using the lowest dose possible the lowest dose for the shortest period of time often it’s hard to find the level the lowest dose that will work for you but it’s worth it to reach that place of peace and not have so much destruction next you can see this house after a hurricane my favorite part

Of this house is little x on the front door showing that they taped that storm door and it’s called a storm door it’s kind of funny that little x kept the window of the storm door from cracking and being blown in from those hurricane winds and that was a really important preventive measure that they took when they found out the hurricane was coming their way i’ll

Bet they went to the grocery store and bought tape and bought this is so they could tape up all the windows and they bought water and they bought food that wouldn’t go bad if the electricity went out and they filled up their gas tank so that whenever the roads open they would be able to get away if they needed to and they got batteries and flashlights for that time

When the power goes out they took all of these really important steps in a checklist that they probably had planned in advance you probably have saved up food and blankets so that when this bad thing happens they’re ready for it but that wasn’t enough sometimes a hurricane like hurricane durian right now one of the newspaper reporters flying over talked about how

Indiscriminate hurricane durian was to the houses in the bahamas you could see a neighborhood and one house would be left standing and several others would be completely decimated it seemed random and unpredictable and that’s exactly how it is when you’re on moonface maker you might have taken it in the past and had no problem you might have a relative who used

It and they’d had no problem and then suddenly something terrible can happen my friend just told me today that moonface maker caused her to have a pulmonary embolism that’s terrible and i’m glad she survived and she didn’t it didn’t kill her because that could be fatal so the important part though is that we change what we can change this person who owned this

House couldn’t change the fact that the direction of the would blow the trees over onto their house what they could change was whether they taped their windows or not and they did they taped that front door so while it may seem like we’re succumbing to the crazy chaos we can do certain things to fight back and the reason we want to do those things is so that we

Can have the most peaceful and pleasant experience possible while we are on moon face maker and have the eye of the storm that peaceful place be as wide as possible to minimize the extent of the damage by staying out of the chaotic zones so what can you do what are some things you can do well one of the number one things that anyone on moon face maker should do

Is be eating a healthful diet rich in nutrients and avoiding refined foods but what else can you do i created a wellness checklist for you that you can use to figure out what options you have to fight back and find out what you can do to prevent damage we can’t prevent everything we can’t prevent the trees crashing on our house but we can prevent the windows from

Breaking in so click the link below and it will take you to a page that will give you a full checklist just like somebody would have used a checklist during a hurricane this checklist will help you to be empowered to change the things that are in your realm to change signing off until next time at moonface place

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