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How prednisone side effects change nine or more blood tests i’m dr megan your prednisone pharmacist and i’m here today to explore with you how prednisone changes the numbers that show up on your blood tests today first of all we’ll do a little review of which prednisone nutrients are depleted then we will sorry going back we will i’ll go back i guess we will talk

About the lab values and then we will talk about my story and how i ended up in this situation so the nutrient deficiency if you’ve been following me for a while you’ve seen this slide before it shows that prednisone depletes sodium and potassium and vitamin a and c chromium magnesium and calcium and that’s just the beginning we’re going to focus on a few of

Those first today and show how on my personal lab results those were depleted or raised so here are some of my lab results first of all is sodium now some of these images i have posted in the past on instagram as an instagram story if you don’t already follow me please do check me out at prednisone pharmacist that’s the little ampersand prednisone pharmacist and

So that’s why some of them kind of cut off at the bottom is because they were instagram stories so this first one is sodium sodium is also known as salt and it leads to bloating and water retention and all that can lead to high blood pressure the normal range of sodium is 137 to 146 so you can see that my lab results stayed within the normal range and that might

Be true for some of these other labs that you’ll see going forward that it’s technically within the range of normal but it’s not my normal you’ll be able to see that before i took prednisone and after i took prednisone the numbers either drop off or go back up so on this thus the sodium you can see in yellow where i used prednisone and that during that time it

Shot way up and then while i was on chemo is where that big dip happened so sodium is retained we hold on to sodium while we’re on prednisone the next is potassium and sodium potassium are linked so whenever sodium goes up potassium goes down at least that’s what’s supposed to happen with our kidneys monitoring each of them and the potassium drops so because the

Sodium is going up prednisone causes your potassium to go down and potassium’s really important all over your whole body and you can see that the normal range is three and a half to five so you can see my normal is hovering around four before i took prednisone and after i took prednisone it was up in the fours but right there while i was in the highest doses of

Prednisone that’s when the potassium levels were the lowest so you need to eat high potassium containing foods and if you don’t know what those are check out my other videos next is calcium calcium as you know is very important for bones and teeth and for muscle contractions especially your heart you can see the normal range of calcium is 8.4 to 10.4 and that

My mine did remain in the normal range here but not for me not my normal my normal was up in the higher nines and it dropped to the lower nines while i was on prednisone and why does this matter well this matters because calcium is being depleted this is the number one nutrient to pay attention to it the depletion of calcium directly leads to osteoporosis and

Since prednisone is the number one drug that causes osteoporosis this is a big problem so the american college of rheumatologists recommend that everyone taking prednisone be on calcium and vitamin d so i knew that like from a textbook way but i didn’t realize that this was completely true for me personally that my own blood had dropped like i knew it but i

Didn’t really know it for myself like that it showed up in my own medical record that prednisone was depleting calcium it really astonished me the first time i looked back um just a few like a month ago i looked back and i thought oh my goodness i do truly have evidence of having low calcium while being on prednisone my body made up for that lack by pulling it

Out of my bones because prednisone was making my kidneys pee it out was blocking my gut from absorbing it and all of those ways that i’ve gone through in other videos in the past especially the one called silent side effect of osteo of prednisone osteoporosis so it’s very important that you take calcium while you’re on prednisone next we’re talking about blood

Glucose this one is probably the next most important one to focus on those last ones we talked about those were all nutrients they were all minerals and now we’re switching to other lab results so this one is often showing up on your labrador as gluck gluc and that’s your blood glucose normal values of blood glucose are less than a hundred usually between 70

And 100 and i don’t have diabetes i don’t have other any other reason why my blood sugar would be high i wasn’t sick that would be a reason that my blood sugar would go up i just had a um a bleeding disorder but i wasn’t i didn’t have an infection so i shouldn’t have high blood glucose for any other reason the only reason that is possible is i took prednisone

And so you can see that this is completely legitimately a high value above 100 is high and for all of my pregnancies i passed the um glucose tolerance test and so even when i was at my heaviest my body could handle i um and the glucose my insulin was adequate but only while i was on prednisone where my number’s high so what does this mean having high blood glucose

Is what leads to weight gain this is the number one problem that people complain about who are on prednisone so we really need to do whatever we can to keep our blood glucose steady especially cutting out refined sugars like table sugar and um anything basically that comes in a box or just cut it out of your diet next we’re going to talk about the immune system

A lot of people take prednisone because there’s something going on with their immune system they might have an autoimmune condition where their immune system is attacking their own body that’s what happened to me i took prednisone for a bleeding disorder called itp so my body was attacking my own blood cells and so prednisone causes your blood results to look

Like this to have high blood cells normal the normal range of white blood cells or wbcs is basically less than 10 and you can see that over and over again my wbcs were above 10. so this was very high and normally if you have a result that high that means you have an infection that’s like doctors test your blood and if the white blood cell count is high and you

Have a fever you have an infection and it’s probably a bacterial infection and so they prescribe antibiotics but not when you’re on prednisone when you’re on prednisone your immune system is being hijacked and so this doesn’t mean you have an infection and how come this is happening why are the wbcs showing up so high and that’s what is shown in this slide the

Neutrophils so neutrophils are a type of white blood cell and pronozone is causing them to not be as sticky as they usually would be neutrophils normally hold on to the endothelium and kind of hide and they’re not they’re not showing up in your blood count because they’re stuck to the sides and so they’re not floating around whereas prednisone makes it so they

Don’t stick and so they’re little tiny immature neutrophils floating around in your blood that don’t normally float around and so it makes your white blood cell count look high even though it really isn’t so you can see all of those times my neutrophils went super high way above the um normal range of 6.8 and you can see basically you can follow my prednisone

Tapers i would go up and then i would go back down and up and go back down and you can see that happening all right next is eosinophils this is another type of immune cell and it is often really high in people who have certain types of allergic disorders like asthma or atopic dermatitis and so if they take prednisone it makes their eosinophils drop which is great

Except now they’re experiencing lots of side effects so there are some great drugs that just came out that basically target the eosinophils if you have high eosinophils and you have asthma or eczema finally we’re going to see my story these are my platelets the normal range is 150 to 400. normally you should be way up there above the 150 line and at diagnosis

You can see i was way down here at three platelets three out of 150 nothing i was about to bleed to death i basically had nothing between me and bleeding to death on like bleeding in my brain if i had gotten in a car accident on my way to the hospital they wouldn’t be able to stop me from bleeding i would have just died so thankfully i made it to the hospital

And they told me you’re gonna be there a week and i said what you gotta be kidding me i just have a few spots and they said no you have itp immune thrombocytopenia and i said whatever so they started in prednisone and you can see that the platelets crashed each time they tried to take the prednisone away so i would get on super high doses and they would slowly

Take them away and i would get down my dose on prednisone and then bam my platelets would crash and they would drop way below normal over and over and over again and so we’d think okay this time if we just take away the prednisone a little slower it’ll work and bam crashed and so we over and over over almost nine months of trying on the prednisone to make it

Keep my platelets up and each time it basically got worse at that point so there’s the restarting the high dose each time so i had to resort to chemotherapy and this is the chemotherapy made for blood cell cancers and called rituximab and it made my immune system stop killing my platelets which was awesome you can see each time i had the um chemo was each of

Those little green dots and it i had a one in three chance that it would keep my platelets up for a whole year that’s what my doctor told me and i reached a year i’m officially beyond that first benchmark now from a year on out i have a one in three chance that it will be a permanent cure for the rest of my life so back in april of 2018 i had a one in nine

Chance that it would be a permanent cure and now i have a one in three chance since i’ve made it this far i’m hoping that it lasts forever and that i never have to go back on prednisone again so here are my normal platelets the chemo worked and i had tapered off the prednisone and while we’re on the platelets normal like people who don’t have a platelet disorder

Can also have high platelets while on prednisone so it’s not unique to me to have high platelets that can happen to you you can also get low platelets and a lot of these things with prednisone you can have high or you can have low like you can have high blood pressure or you can have low blood pressure you can have high platelets you can have low platelets you

Know high blood sugar all of those things so this is what um made me better following my lab results gave me answers to all of these questions i had i wanted to know why i felt hungry all the time well it’s because i had this high blood sugar and insulin resistance why i felt bloated it was that high sodium so if you haven’t been getting your blood checked i’d

Suggest you at least get some checked um once a year at the very least while you’re on prednisone just to make sure that there’s nothing too out of whack and um this episode as in all future episodes are brought to you by neutronize and i came up with neutronize right at that lowest peak neutronize is um i created a supplement called zone and when i was at that

Lowest moment when i was on chemo i was feeling awful side effects from both drugs and i had this epiphany people need answers people with on prednisone are feeling awful and they need help designed specifically for them so i created a dietary supplement to give back these nutrients that my body was depleted from when i was researching to make this dietary

Supplement called zone i knew in all of these textbooks that it was actually prednisone was causing all these nutrient depletions but i didn’t realize that it was true for me until i looked back and did all of these studies of my own medical record and so neutronize can be found at nutrinized.com and go there to get a supplement designed specifically for you

Have a lovely day and follow me on instagram

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