March 21, 2023

Statins are one category of antihyperlipidemic agents which decrease cholesterol levels in the blood even their target is the HMG-Co-A reductase enzyme within the liver. In this video how they reduce LDL cholesterol in blood is explained.

Host add-ins decrease collar strong first of all let us see what are the standings standings other drugs which are ending with a suffix statin for example lower starting simvastatin pravastatin p thomas tatin rosuvastatin and a tour was dating all these are the statins which are the anti hyperlipidemia tracks and if with the suffix starting now these drugs

Are going to decrease the cross-hall levels hence they are going to be used to decrease the ethros clara sees so what is a true sclerosis heathrow sclerosis is the narrowing of the blood vessels because of the formation of a trauma a plaque in the blood vessel suppose this is a normal blood vessel this blood vessel can be blocked by formation of a plank which

Called a trauma now this block of blood vessel is rich in the ether ama which is due to the ldl cholesterol so the main goal in the treatment of this atherosclerosis is to decrease the ldl and to increase the hdl so that’s why ldl is called as bad cholesterol and haich-d l is called as good cholesterol the equivalent of ldl in the blood increases the formation

Of heterosphere oses whereas the decrease in the his dl again produced a hetero sclerosis so the core of the treatment is should decrease the ldl and increase the hdl statins will do this job therefore they are using the treatment of ethros chlorosis first one we will see what is the fate of cholesterol in the body cholesterol is going to be stored in the liver

Turner of the cholesterol can depend on the three types of process first one the cholesterol can be bias in size within the liver from the mnemonic acid by sequential steps second cholesterol can also be taken into the liver from the plasma through the and il cuore a strong now this ldl cholesterol is going to be uptake into the liver through the ldl receptors and

A third process is the bile acids equation the cholesterol is going to be secreted into the bile and again reabsorbed into the labor in this way cholesterol can be recycled through the vial into the neighbor now these are the three process by which the cholesterol is going to be recycled within the body now with the start in fact statins mainly act on the labor

Within the liver hng co is converted into mevalonic acid by hmg-coa reductase enzyme one of the key enzyme which is the rate determining enzyme in the bios and safta cholesterol then my erotic acid can be converted into cholesterol by sequential steps now statins are going to inhibit this rate-limiting enzyme hmg co-reductase thereby they inhibit the bioessence

Of the cholesterol in the liver statins are going to inhibit this a chamuco a reductase enzyme in the liver there by the nevada bioessence of the cholesterol but how they decrease the cholesterol levels in the blood as the cost of bison sins decrease in the liver now the liver tries to get the cholesterol from the plant so now status indirectly increase the

Expression of the ldl receptors which are going to take the ldl from the plasma into the liver in this way the ldl levels in the plasma are going to be decreased by uptake of the colostrum into the liver so the major action of the statins is to decrease the ldl and increase the hdl and if you have the minor actions are on the v ldl and triglycerides so status

Decrease of iandale as well as the triglyceride levels at a minor action so in this way statins are highly useful in the treatment of the hetero sclerosis

Transcribed from video
How Statins decrease cholesterol in blood By egpat