March 24, 2023

Okay so now we’re gonna go over nebulizer medications so it’s a little bit it’s a lot like a puffer just a little bit different it’s aerosolizing those inhaled medications takes about ten to fifteen minutes for it to run through and the person will either hold a pipe to breathe it in or inhale it or we can attach a mask to their face and they’ll breathe in and

Sort of passively that way so to start you would actually start in your med room because this is a medication it is supplied through pharmacy and so these are this is sort of what the nebulizer looks like and you would want to make sure you have an order for this and then you’d be using your mar and your medication administration principles to prepare it but we’re

Just kind of going to start here to show how it’s delivered so this one is a competent so it’s a combination of atrovent and ventolin in one little nebula here so you may hear this referred to as the nebula or some people do call it the nebulizer whereas actually the nebulizer is this little device that air slices the medication and so we’ll go over how to use this

Now so you do need oxygen to run through this to air slice it or to nebulize it and once you’ve done all your checks and know that this is of course the correct patient and correct medication and all your correct rights then you can go ahead and set this up so you open this cap here it just spins off and then you can you squirt the entire contents as long as it’s

The correct dose into your nebula nebulizer canister and then you close the top back up you don’t want to to move this thing around too much because it can leak so you kind of just hold it upright this then goes in the garbage once you’re done with it in lab though we do keep them so just kind of note it would go in the garbage but for lab please keep them aside

For the next person so this can attach quite easily to your simple face mask and then again to oxygen and we’ll go over that but that’s how it connects to the simple face mask if you’re doing it that way and i’ll just show you there is a slightly different method of delivery with a pipe system this comes in three pieces and you just put it together it’s pretty

Straightforward and it can connect to the pipe so this is the mouthpiece and then this is the part with the extra air gets exhaled or pushed out so that would be the mouth version or the mouthpiece version and to connect to either the oxygen connects to the bottom of the nebulizer device just like that the oxygen tubing and the other portion connects to the wall

Adapter here so when you’re setting this up to know how much oxygen you need to deliver the medication it’s based on about how much oxygen it takes to aerosolize it so until you see that mist so we’ll turn it on it’s usually some anywhere between six and ten liters turn it on and it kind of helps to hold it up to something darker so you can see the mist so that is

Good and we have it at about seven liters six liters per minute of oxygen so this is where you would ask the patient to hold on to it take full deep breaths to really inhale it and get it deep into the lungs there and that this is going to take about ten or fifteen minutes to to complete the medication and when you come back in that time and it’s done you’ll notice

That there’s little or no medication left in the canister here so then the other method that we talked about is with the simple face mask attachment and so same idea turn it up and you want to just watch it miss there so about seven liters this time got it to mist and we’d attach it to the person’s face a couple of things again of note with a nebulizer again with

Any oxygen if the person or patients condition can tolerate it we want to have them sitting up kind of helps take those full deep breaths and expand those lungs get that medication as deep as we can so having them sit up another thing that’s important with the the nebulizers and we talk about this a lot with puffers but after the medications being delivered because

It is inhaled through the mouth right you may you would want to advise them to rinse their mouth and spit if they can to get that medication especially steroids out of the mouth because those can cause oral thrush and then also in some situations especially with atrovent you may want to cover their eyes or ask them to close their eyes because it can be irritating

To the eyes as it is an anticholinergic so just keep in mind those those things when you’re delivering oxygen or the medications via a nebulizer either pipe or face mask so that’s it for nebulizer

Transcribed from video
How to administer an Aerosolized Medication by Nebulizer By University of Manitoba Nursing Skills