June 1, 2023

People with diabetes cannot use food for energy the usual way because they do not have insulin, or insulin does not do its job correctly in their bodies. Insulin is a hormone made in the pancreas, which is an organ located behind the stomach. Insulin lowers blood glucose levels. People with diabetes may inject insulin with a syringe two or more times each day, usually before a meal or at bedtime.

Blood sugar in the bloodstream many people with diabetes take insulin every to take insulin such as with a syringe pen or pump this video will review how types of insulin many people take two types of insulin one is long-acting the how much to take and when to take it most people with diabetes take insulin need to store it properly in order for it to keep working keep insulin

At a most cases that means you can leave open bottles at room temperature refrigerator and the insulin will stay good through the expiration date on the a diabetes educator will help you learn to draw up insulin use a clean flat soap and water check the label to make sure the insulin has not spoiled expired alcohol swab remove the cap from the needle pull back the syringes

Plunger to syringe push the needle through the rubber top of the insulin bottle while in the syringe into the bottle this makes it easier to draw out the insulin of insulin you need you may see air bubbles in the syringe the dose again you can also tap the top of the syringe to make the bubbles rise plunger again until you have the correct amount of insulin in the syringe

Full amount you need once the bubbles are removed take the needle out of the of insulin in the syringe have another person check that you drew up the right under the skin the best areas are the stomach buttocks outer thigh and back of tissue and the insulin may not be absorbed inject insulin at least 2 choose two different places for each shot when taking two shots at one

Time let it dry before giving the shot pick up the syringe like you would hold a area into a three inch fold do not squeeze the skin hard or you might angle if you are using a short needle insert the needle into your skin at a injecting the insulin into fat instead of muscle push the plunger down until the needle do not take more insulin if any of it leaks out just make a

Note in cause the insulin to be absorbed too fast for safety either a medical sharps container or one made of extra thick plastic like one ask your diabetes educator nurse or doctor if you need help or more practice information only and should not be considered complete medical advice treatment for you or your child if you have any questions regarding the the property of

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How to Administer Insulin By Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta