June 4, 2023

In this video, Dr. Ergin (SugarMD) talks about how to bring blood sugar down quickly. Every type II diabetic and type I diabetic patient wants to lower blood sugar down fast because it is anxiety-provoking when blood sugars remain high.

Hello everyone this is dr ahmed erik i’m an endocrinologist a diabetes specialist and a diabetes education specialist david this is my passion and today i’m going to talk to you about how to bring blood sugar down fast you live in a fit society and everybody wants to do everything fast well that’s not always the best thing and i’ll tell you why but i’ll also

Tell you how to bring it fast so it’s like i’ll tell you how to do it but i’ll tell you the risk associated with it so you decide what to do with it okay so let’s get into it now you can play bring your blood sugar fast in different ways if you’re a newly diagnosed diabetic sometimes you get shocked oh my god what am i gonna do i got diabetes get that sentence

And then you start watching these youtube videos the guys are talking about don’t eat this don’t eat that you’re dead you you’re out uh and then you get like you get into this uh extreme motivation and you’re like okay i’m not gonna eat anything i’m gonna just eat the steak and bacon all day long well let’s bring your blood sugar down is that good for you not

Really totally wrong totally wrong so you should not be living on a saturated fat diet and keep your blood sugar down because that is going to destroy your blood vessels and arteries and you’re going to end up having from dying from a heart attack or stroke with the very nice blood sugars there you have it now you can definitely change your diet but i think

I do not recommend like those extreme diets where you cut all the carbs out of your life that is not maintainable but definitely there are a lot of people who are addicted to sodas there are a lot of people who are into the bread they’re ready to rise culturally whatever it is if you can start learning about portion control and understand you know look at my

Diabetic diet video click on the link the diabetic diet video makes you understand about the portion control the moderation and all that good stuff that you were not doing we’re not even thinking about before now you start thinking about it and you’re gonna realize your blood sugar will be dramatically different by the time you get diabetes you lose around 70 80

Percent of your insulin production capacity the cells that produce insulin are gone so people think that they’re going into remission because they’re cutting the carbs completely it’s like saying oh well i’m not rich because i’m not spending any money well that’s not gonna last too long right you’re gonna end up needing stuff so just like that you cannot just cut

The carbs and say oh my diabetes has suddenly disappeared it did not disappear it’s just you just covered it up so the moment you start getting carbs your blood sugar goes up again so you have to have a long-term plan and the long-term plan is portion control keeping your carbohydrates low sticking with the healthy carbs and we have a lot of videos about that

In this channel now uh of course the diet will help you a lot uh the second thing is you have to make sure you use aggressive methods to bring your blood sugar down because when your blood sugars are so high your pancreatic beta cells which are the insulin producing cells are struggling to make any insulin it’s like think like an economical crisis where you

Know there’s money but nobody wants to spend it and everybody’s scared you know your beta cells are like that when the sugar is so high or better cells are like stunned they don’t want to do anything not that they cannot do it they just don’t want to do anything they don’t even understand what’s going on because blood sugars are so high because your beta cells

Understand the difference but if it is always high the difference is only between three three fifty to four hundred your beta cells are like what is this and they don’t get it so we we call this gluco-toxicity glucose is toxic to your beta cells now what you do is you go find a good doctor who understands diabetes not a chiropractor not a youtube guy who works

At a church and talks about eating carbs you need to find a doctor who understands diabetes who understands who is specializing in this you don’t have to see me i’m not telling you that you need to find someone who is passionate about diabetes who went to school for that not just passion passion is not enough you also have to know what you’re doing now with that

Approach that doctor can formulate a plan to just bring your blood sugar down within a week or two a lot of my patients when they come in they’re desperate they say whatever i do it’s not working or hey i cannot just stop my carbs like they say et cetera et cetera we always find a tailored plan to bring the blood sugar down with a combination of medications now

They first get scared they’re like oh this is like a couple medications at the same time but i tell them look we are going to back off but we have to attack this aggressively at first get the blood sugar down and i bet you your beta cells will start working again and we’re gonna of course moderation in your diet is going to be the key at the same time but we’re

Gonna start pulling those medications back off once your a1c comes to almost normal levels so we bring people’s a1c from 15 down to five percent on a daily basis so you look at some youtube videos they’re like they make it look like this is like a very rare event no this happens 20 times in my clinic every day all day weaving people’s blood sugar down very quickly

With the aggressive approach now you don’t have to have a lot of medications either so just a few medications strong medications together with a good diet approach you can bring your blood sugar down now what medications you can take glp-1 agonist class which we talked about you know we have another video that talks about the best diabetic medicines click below

Click on the link and we have that great video that talks about the best diabetic medications uh but as i said you have to be on them forever also i have created a diabetic support supplement that actually works in my practice almost as good as any other diabetic drug in the market and finally i’m going to launch that in around two months and i know you guys will

Love it but that natural approach also helps save a lot of patients from using other medications now as i said we are using natural or regular medications to bring the blood sugar down fast and then we let your body take over and start making insulin again whenever you need all right so of course we talked about the diet we talked about the medications and of

Course diet is a very important i mean exercise is a very important part of it i know a lot of people will say i don’t have time this and that but you can create if just 30 minutes of your time breast walking something like that every day if you can incorporate this to your life it’s not going to only help your diabetes it’s going to help your heart disease if

Any or future heart disease it’s going to help your cholesterol it’s going to have a lot of benefits that you all know of so incorporating at 30 minutes of exercise to your life including the dietary modification and moderation in your diet will help you slender your life and bring your blood sugar down fast and when i say fast i mean like in a couple weeks you

Can bring your blood sugar down in a couple weeks if you do this approach don’t hesitate using the the medications if you need to but as i said the moderation in your diet and exercise is your best friends i hope you enjoyed this video and i’ll see in the next video but before that please subscribe and give it a thumbs up talk to you later

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