March 24, 2023

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Hey guys dr bang here again i want to share with you some easy things you can do for your neck pain that you’re experiencing um if you’re at home working at your computer and you’re not at a normal of the right desk height it might be aggravating your neck pain really bad and so these are some easy tips that you can start into practice right this second so follow

Along with me and let’s see if this is the right video for you it should start to alleviate your symptoms and you continue to do it throughout the next week and it can greatly reduce those so i’m going to focus on if you have pain that kind of runs down one side of your neck all right so let’s discuss the myofascial component first is what we always do first we try

To work it out so if you’ve got a line of pain what you do is just take your thumb or your fingers and just follow that line of pain as far as you you can go until it stops hurting okay now when you push with moderate force you should cringe a little it might make your skin a little red that’s normal i’m trying to work out that tissue that’s tight let’s say you

Have more pinpoint pain like it hurts right here you can use your own hands and push down but sometimes i will get a massage cane and there’s lots of different types i don’t specifically ascribe to one brand just some kind of curve with a knob on it you push down with some moderate force right on that little spot that hurts in your neck it could be even up up in the

Top of the neck the base of the skull you can use these things in here if you don’t have a cane that’s okay get your thumb push right up in there and work through that once you’ve done this for about a minute we’re gonna move to the next component which is our range of motion we have level one range of motion level two range of motion level one watch my shoulders

They’re staying put i’m going to be focusing all my motion on the neck i want to go as far as i can in these directions comfortably it should not hurt okay i’m gonna go one direction and then the other three times each direction that’s level one just warming it up getting all the directions then i want to contract my traps my neck muscles and go through that

Same range you see i’m shaking a little bit it’s normal because i’m trying to contract the surrounding muscles while going through this range of motion three times each direction okay shouldn’t hurt if it hurts let’s say i heard i’m gonna hear ah just back off a little and continue your range of motion okay avoid the pain but take a note a mental note of where

Your pain is um next we’re going to expand the end ranges of motion of our neck and add resistance so primarily if most people it’s here both sides and also here that they’ll feel the most tightness so that’s we’re going to focus on today so you’ll take the the your neck as far as it will comfortably go in one direction you’re going to block it with your opposite

Hand it’s just going to hold the neck it’s a wall your hand is a wall to push against with my neck muscles i’m pushing my head this direction okay feeling these contract hold for 20. then i’m going to try to push my head further down but i’m going to block this direction hold that for 20. and then i’m going to try to stretch a little deeper and do another set

Pushing one two twenty pulling down one two three etc 20. and i’ll do that three times okay another one another one the same thing on this side block push and push down for 20. three three times each direction you finished lateral flexion now we’re gonna do kind of lateral flexion with a little bit of a variation so you’re going to first again bring your ear

To to your shoulder and then look down towards the ground and you’ll feel a stretch change and i’m going to block almost like i’m lifting my head this direction blocking holding and when you’re contracting i want you to contract like moderately you almost shake a little bit that’s good if it’s hurting back off just a touch but keep some pretty good uh force 20

Seconds then i’m going to pull down 20 seconds working the other opposite muscles okay and do that three times both sides then the last thing we’re going to do is just next strengthening and that we’re going to be doing is just some stabilization keeping our head in one position pushing back and doing an isometric hold in four directions backwards to the right

To the left and forward notice how i’m looking straight forward i’m not moving at all i’m staying in one position and a good time length is one minute per direction moderate force shouldn’t hurt but moderate force okay try these tips for your neck if they don’t work look at some other videos on our channel that might be more specific to you there’s also greater

Detail and explanation on all the different components we’re talking about today thanks

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How to Ease Neck Pain at Home By Cleveland Clinic