June 1, 2023

Dr. Scott Gray discusses how you can fix your spinal stenosis! Nearly every movement you do during the day is effected by persistent back pain or stenosis, and your quality of life can spiral downward if left untreated. Maybe your pain started out of the blue or was caused by twisting improperly or sitting for too long… Either way, DON’T fall for the trap of simply ignoring the pain…hoping it will go away on its own.

Are you living with or worry about someone suffering from spinal stenosis by the time you finish watching this video you’ll see exactly how you can put an end to your spinal stenosis without surgery or being relying on painkillers with a revolutionary form of treatment called the gray method hi i’m dr scott grace spinal stenosis expert published author and inventor

Of the gray method if you’re suffering from spinal stenosis and you’re looking for a natural and permanent solution to it then you’re in the right place but before i disclose all the different ways that my team and i can help you i want to tell you a story about how not too long ago i was just like you i was a division one athlete who had suffered injury after

Injury i was going for my fourth surgery in a two-year window although you may or may not be an athlete or maybe you are our situations really aren’t any different i couldn’t play my favorite sport you probably can’t work out or exercise enjoy your active sort of lifestyle or do the little things little things such as walk reach and lift your arm up overhead i

Was struggling to find the real reason why i kept having pain stiffness and injury after injury i was getting more and more frustrated and scared which meant i couldn’t do the things i loved to do as you can imagine i was in bad shape and desperate i wasn’t ready to give up on my dream of becoming a high performing collegiate athlete the problem was no one knew

Why i kept getting hurt first i tried seeing my team physician that didn’t work and then i even went to a chiropractor and a massage therapist and even an acupuncturist and i got the same results and that’s when i knew i had to make a change nothing was working until one day i had an epiphany i thought to myself what if all my pain stiffness and injuries were

Just my symptoms and not the source of why i kept getting hurt or injured so while sitting in my college dorm room i found this article online about how a doctor of physical therapy looks at the human body differently than any other medical professional so what i did was schedule an appointment and after five visits guess what it worked i was no longer in pain

And i could function again and that’s when i realized it wasn’t my fault i was failing because my symptoms were just being treated and not addressing the root cause of my injuries no wonder i was struggling for years i was made to believe that it was my fault and i needed to stretch a little more i needed to be a little bit more careful i needed to rest more and

That’s when i figured out that wasn’t true and i was finally able to break out of their chains and get the results that i deserved the real problem was not addressing the root cause of my injury or pain once i realized it wasn’t my fault that’s when i was finally able to stay healthy because i addressed the underlying issue because of my great experience i made

It my personal mission to help as many people as possible so what i’ve done is traveled across the globe spending over two hundred thousand dollars my own money trying to learn as much as i can about orthopedic sport and spine injuries the end has been the creation of our own form of treatment here called the gray method it addresses the root cause of your pain

Stiffness or injuries so much easier what usually takes months to heal someone we can usually do in a few weeks the gray method is a three-step process that includes taking a history doing a physical examination and then giving a patient a diagnosis and prognosis in this examination process we’ll discern things like do you have specific muscles that are weak are

Your certain muscles too tight do you have any other muscle imbalances are your joints stiff are your joints is too flexible or hypermobile is your spine out of alignment are you sitting incorrectly working out incorrectly is your form right in addition to this we’ll look at three key areas of the body that cause most of the dysfunction and pain in the human body

And that’s the feet the hips and the thoracic spine all right so a lot of times patients get you know as we alluded to in a prior video they get you know neck and shoulder pain they get lower back pain or they get knee pain and so a lot of times the pathology stems from three key areas in the vitamins the thoracic spine the hips and the feet and so if we look at

These areas of our neck and shoulder they’re adjacent to the hips the thoracic spine and the feet and ankle so if someone’s got neck or shoulder pain the thoracic spine obviously or usually doesn’t move or some sort of dysfunction there same thing goes lower back if you see here you know this spot is in between the hips and the upper back and these are two common

Areas where a lot of this function can occur whether it be weakness um stiffness or compensations and then as a result the lower back usually will compensate and move too much and you get you know lower back pain same thing goes with the knee right so if you look at the knee it’s in between the hips and the feet and so when the foot isn’t doing its job the knee

Takes the hit if the hip isn’t doing its job the knee takes a hit and so you can see up and down the chain the different you know common compensations and things that can occur and that’s really what the great method is about and we’re really trying to address and work on these three key areas of the body which are the feet and ankles the hips and the thoracic

Spine the knee is a common place where a lot of people have hip path or have pathology a lot of times it stems from the hip or the foot and ankle and so you see if this patient here already she’s got some really kind of like we call pets plants or flat feet and what that does is it causes the tibia to rotate which also causes the knee to rotate and you can just

See the rotation going on at the knee and etc and so a lot of times people who have these issues as they progress later on in their life they develop osteoarthritis they may get a meniscus tear or in this case this person may be high risk for a acl tear if you were to play soccer or anything like that and so um we can you know do injections in the knee we can

Do surgery of the any but chances are that’s just the symptom and that pain is probably going to come right back us we need to kind of get to the root cause of it and so i’m going to have crystal here she’s just going to balance on her right leg and she’s just going to go ahead and reach out back and forth and she’s just going to do a few of these and you can see

Just kind of how unsteady she is the knee wants to kind of cave into the valgus position we talk about so she just really doesn’t have some of that proximal stability at her hip and her uh foot ankle so the way we would treat this individual is we would really work on stabilizing the hip here and getting it stronger to prevent that torsion but likewise she looks

Like she’s got somewhat of a structural flat foot so she needs some stability or an orthotic because that’s something that we just we can’t fix so she needs some inherent stability to um kind of change the position of her tibia to ultimately take pressure off of her femur and those condyles there so in a nutshell a lot of times knee pain is just a symptom and

It’s usually an issue with the hip or the foot and that’s what the gray method will really kind of detect what’s going on with once we’ve discerned all this then we’ll execute a treatment plan to get you feeling normal again our treatments consist of releasing your tight muscles or trigger points strengthening your weak muscles mobilizing or manipulating your

Tight joints improving your posture and educating you exactly what you should or shouldn’t be doing it really is that simple in fact if you’re serious about getting to the root cause of your pain and feel normal again here are three different ways that you can start working with my team and i option one to inquire about cost and appointment availability option

Two is to apply for a free phone consultation if you have some unanswered questions or you want some more information you can talk to a member of my team and have a conversation option three is to apply for in-person free discovery visit or consultation and so if this is for anyone that’s completely nervous or even skeptical uh that we may be able to help you so

This is a free in-person consultation where you can meet with one of my doctors of physical therapy i guarantee whatever path you do choose you’ll be glad you did because we’ve helped thousands of patients just like you and the chances are we can help you too let’s be blunt though we can’t help everyone but we have found is that we’re able to help about 95 percent

Of people we see on a day-to-day basis take the first step today and get in contact with us to start the process so we to see if we can help you again i personally guarantee this will be the best decision you will ever make because not only has it helped thousands of patients but it’s helped me too remember if you do nothing your situation really isn’t going to

Change and you’re going to have the same experience and outcome so again get in contact with us today and let’s see if we can help you don’t just take my word for it look who else this worked for and how it can work for you too i try an appointment dr scott he did an assessment as far as what type of mobility i have if i’ve had any impediments as far as if i had

Any balances what part of my body was working right what part of my body wasn’t working right after one assessment we decided to do four or five sessions of therapy after the four or five sessions i’m very happy to say that today i don’t have any back issues as i had before well it was pretty amazing i mean almost from the first treatment i was feeling some relief

And dr gray showed me told me what it was diagnosed it very quickly happy to say that he was able to give me new exercises in addition to what i’m doing and for that i am having a much better quality of life i feel stronger in my low back i am doing them daily and he has given me a good way forward i can’t say enough about dr scott and his treatment and touching

My foot and figuring out what was wrong with it and after 15 months it is relieved to go to bed at night and not have pain i would recommend dr scott gray to anyone you’ve seen the results and it can work for you too remember there’s three different ways that you can work with my team and i option one to inquire or book an appointment this is for anyone looking

To get going right away and they want to start making progress right away option two is to apply for a free phone consultation if you have some unanswered questions or you want more information you can talk to a member of my team and have that conversation and then the third option is to arrange a free discovery visit or consultation in person and this is for

Anyone who’s nervous skeptical they want to see if physical therapy by a doctor physical therapy and a great method practitioner can help them so start your journey to feeling normal again by getting in contact with us today you

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