December 8, 2022

*** Links Updated February 2022 ***

This is stupid pretty and things that we ballin on a budget baby today i’m going to show you how you can get penicillin and amoxicillin at your local walmart or on amazon without a prescription yes you guys this is pharmaceutical grade antibiotics that you can get without having to go to your local pharmacy or even a doctor and it is legit the real thing so if

You want to know how you can save some money well guys today i’m going to share with you some information that a lot of you may not know antibiotics i mean obviously we all need antibiotics if we go to the dentist you have a you know an infection i’m sore tooth they prescribe you you know antibiotics it for that in other conditions to treat infections but did

You know that you can keep a supply of pharmaceutical grade antibiotics i’m talking penicillin and um amoxicillin in your home like i do um this is something that is done by survivalist people who are you know preparing for the apocalypse to keep on hand just in case and how you can save money and time by purchasing these antibiotics from your local walmart or

Amazon so what i’m referring to is called fish box fish box is used to treat bacterial infection and fish but what a lot of people don’t know is that this is the exact same pharmaceutical grade antibiotics that is prescribed by your pharmacy what i have here is called fish mock’s for k and this is amoxicillin there is a fish pen which is penicillin the exact same

Pharmaceutical grade in your pharmacy and there is also another antibiotic that i recently discovered and it’s called fish flex forte and this is up to help frame and this is a antibiotic that i was prescribed last fall when i was stung by a wasp and i you know was i didn’t even realize i was allergic to that until my arm blew up like a baseball mitt there’s

A common misconception that they the manufacturers create a version of these antibiotics for humans and for animals but that’s not the case let me show you an example this is the prescription my prescription bottle for the house friend i hope i’m pronouncing for pronouncing that correctly this is the one i was prescribed last fall when i was stung by the watch

This is what it looks like this is the what the pill looks like the actual this is this is what it looks like and this is the fish flex this is the same 500 milligram antibiotic as this is what it looks like this is the exact same guys i’ve done some research on this guys and i’m going to share some information with you the brand that i use this is thomas labs i

Purchased my any bags from a company called thomas laughs they were like the you know sort of industry leader and thomas laughs they the penicillin for example that they use is manufactured by a company called dava pharmaceuticals it is then repackaged by about six other companies including thomas labs so while some pills are marketed to humans others are not but

They are still the same pill the exact statement if you look on the website of thomas lab well sorry it certifies that they are at the amoxicillin or penicillin is pharmaceutical grade quality so no worries guys no words whatsoever i’ve used this now for a few years and i’ve never had any problems and they work exactly as the antibiotics that you receive from a

Local fantasy anyone who says something different in the comment you’re wrong do your research like i did no other authority than the fda says the same i won’t link below where you can get these antibiotics and the price will vary depending on if you get a 250 milligram capsule or 500 milligram but they are very very reasonably priced so i hope you guys learned

Something today i hope i helped you save a little bit of money as well and i hope you enjoy this video if you did you guys please like subscribe follow me you guys follow me on instagram twitter okay so until next time you guys

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