March 22, 2023

I was on Benzos for 21 years. I finally managed to get off them. Here is a video explaining how I did it. Clonazepam, Lorazepam, and Alprazolam are all in the Benzo family.

I was on benzos for 21 years started with xanax then went to ativan then the klonopin eventually i ended up with generic ambien which i know is not technically a benzo but it’s just as addictive so it might as well be along the 21-year span i also visited ssris like paxil and zoloft which did nothing for me i had to take a benzo pill or two or three on rare

Occasions every night before bed in order to be able to sleep if i had no pill i would not sleep if i went without a pill for a few days not only would i be extremely tired but i would get an extremely compressed feeling to the point where i wouldn’t be able to function but if i took a little benzo pill similar to this one i would sleep fine and feel great the

Next day with no side effects being hooked on a controlled substance is a real drag you always have to go back to the doctor to get them to write you a new prescription every time your refills run out which is usually every three months i would spend like five minutes with each visit to the doctor after insurance it would cost around 180 dollars basically

Each time i went would go something like this how you doing how you doing how you doing hey doc i’m doing okay well that’s good that’s good that’s good and what brings you into my office today i’m here for more pills i need you to write me another prescription again no problem here you go buddy here you go thanks doc sure thing anything else i can help you

With today nope that should about do it great that’s delightful that’ll be 180 pay on the anyway let’s get to why you are here how to get off benzos well there are five steps in my five-step plan number one window of time wait for a window of time when you’re not going through a lot of stress don’t even think about trying to get off this type of medication

And stressful times changing jobs moving relationship breakups stuff like that wait till you have a relatively calm window in your life don’t rush it even if you have to wait a few years that’s cool just wait till a window of time arises where your stress level is lower than normal number two winter although it can be done in any season winter is the best

Time for getting off these type of pills it gets dark outside early it’s cold so you can snuggle up in your blankets and it’s quiet usually there’s not a whole lot of loud noises outside when it’s dark and cold no thunderstorms loud birds or children playing number three ambience keep a fan on in your bedroom to drown out any other possible noises that might

Arise during the night i found that the noise from a fan helps to relax my mind natural fans are more soothing than those cheap sound or electronic white noise machines also keep your room as dark as possible close the door or just keep it cracked open a little bit if you don’t like it closed number four coffee no coffee after 12 noon once you get off the

Pills you could go back to having a pick-me-up cup in the afternoon but until then no coffee after 12 noon number five ween you have to wean off these pills now i’ve tried weaning quite a few times in the past with no success that is until the last time when i did it a little bit differently and it worked when you wean don’t just go down to a fourth of a

Pill go down to an eighth or even down to a sixteenth if possible to the point that when you’re breaking off a piece it’s like a sliver so at first go down to a half pill for a week then a fourth for a week and then an eighth or even a sixteenth for two or three weeks after you’ve gone down to that one eighth or one sixteenth for two or three weeks of whatever

Milligram amount you’re on you are ready to stop them for good for it is at this time that your mind and body both realize they no longer need them your physical dependence is over your mental dependence is over and that is how i did it after 21 years no more benzos and i sleep quite well every night will my five-step plan work for you i’m afraid so

Transcribed from video
How to get off Benzos (Klonopin – Ativan – Xanax – Ambien) By DarkStoneCastle