November 29, 2022

Giving medications to your cat can be a challenge. Technician Sarah Harris, CVT, VTS(ECC), demonstrates how to administer oral medications to help #cat owners feel confident in giving them their medications at home.

Hi my name is sarah and i am a technician at dove lewis and i want to talk to you today about how to administer an oral medication to a cat so having to give pills to cats can be a little bit overwhelming um they aren’t quite as easy as dogs and i just want to give you some tips on how to be successful there are commercially available products like pill pockets

That allow you to hide the pill inside of them it’s always best to get the animal to eat the pill in food it tends to be less stressful on them and less stressful on you as well so these products called pill pockets are commercially available which have a little hole in the center for this purpose i’m using an empty capsule for this demonstration but you put

This in there and you can close the pill pocket it’s very easy to mold into the shape that fits your pill and it creates a little meatball i know vivian won’t eat this but i wanted to show you this because i think it’s a really great way to get your pets to eat them they come in different flavors like chicken and salmon so if you are lucky enough to have a cat

That likes these pill pockets go for it you can also hide them in canned food or any other kind of special treat as long as they don’t have food allergies so because i know vivian doesn’t like the pill pockets i’m going to take the pill out and show you how you have to give it if you can’t get your pet to eat it so one way is just to manually give the pill by

Opening their mouths and putting the pill in the back of their throat i hold with i make a c with my index finger and my thumb and i go over the top of their mouth and then with my index finger on the other hand i open their lower jaw like this and then i put the pill back there and encourage her to swallow it so that’s manually administering the pill the one

Thing i’ll say is that it’s pretty instinctual for them to just bite down when you’re doing that so um when cats are really stressed or they don’t like what they’re doing it’s easy to have them accidentally bite you um so since that happens you know kind of commonly they make things to help keep your fingers safe and this is a pet pillar this is two it comes

In two parts and it allows you to put the pill in their mouth with this instead of your fingers so this is like a stylet that goes in the bottom of it and it pushes up through this blue piece and pops a pill in so for vivian i’m going to put the pill in this blue rubber piece here it allows you to put your fingers in this kind of divoted area and push either

With the meat of your hand here or you can hold it like this and push it in with your thumb so i’m going to open vivian’s mouth the same way i did before i like to go in from the side push it back there push the button in and it pushed the pellet and just like that um vivian got her medicine so that is how you administer oil medications and cats if possible it’s

Always great to give them a treat afterwards just to reward them so that they don’t have a negative association with getting medications

Transcribed from video
How to Give Oral Medication to Your Cat at Home By atDove