January 26, 2023

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Hello everyone good evening this is ashutosh a diet and wellness expert from nutrition way team so today we are going to talk on a very very important question that we have been getting from quite of our viewers and the patients throughout the world how to improve insulin numbers or insulin level in the body okay insulin level if we understand like pancreas is an

Organ that that manufactures or produces insulin in the body so how to increase that level this is the question is like a firing question that been asked many of the times so let me give you a glimpse before i go to the points because we are going to discuss some commandments you can say these are the few techniques few methods that you can use naturally at home

Without going to any processed things to improve it what to improve insulin levels okay insulin is a hormone which is produced by beta cells inside pancreas pancreas is a gland it’s a very important gland which in overall said that it produces insulin specifically inside pancreas it’s beta cells it’s a type of cells which produces insulin inside pancreas okay so

We have to do something that can stimulate are um hill pancreas beta cells to improve or increase the level of insulin in the body right so definitely there is some damage there could be uh some small damage or very big damage because of which beta cells are not producing enough insulin and because of which the lack of insulin is happening that’s type 1 diabetes

And the blood sugar levels are rising because of which doctors and clinicians have to actually prescribe insulin to those patients so how you can work towards improving that level of insulin production from the pancreas by healing them by supplementing the external things okay so we start from the very first very easy point we all sleep right some of us maybe or

Some some people even say like and sleep day and night okay so yes here your good quality sound sleep is actually a booster for beta cells health okay so when we have good sound sleep of at least eight hours a day eight hours a day i am saying eight hours a day and it’s not actually anytime like two hours morning two hours afternoon not like that it should be in

One shot because many of the people many of the public here uh viewers they must be working in shift environment when they have a shift it becomes difficult to have night sleep although preferably it’s a 98 hour sleep but uh howsoever but it should be like seven to eight hours in one stretch because that gives a proper rest to the body and better cells pancreas to

Rest okay second is to stimulate your blood circulation which you can do by exercise keep a few types of exercises breathing and cardios are one of like two of like very important ones and plus other than that you like to go gym tracking other things but yes you should keep some exercises in your daily routine okay third that is a killer for better cells is this

Stress so here in the corporate world of today we have a lot of factors that gives us gives us lots of stress so yes you need to learn how to manage your stress and how to keep your stress level lower as low as possible if no stress that’s the best that’s why we say and we see as well those people who do not live with stress or they are very happy go lucky type or

They live happily their body also produces hormones and enzymes and other cofactors as needed they have lesser problems lesser endocrine issues right so your stress management becomes very important further the fourth point we go now we are leveling up diet management what do we eat it does affect our body okay yes some of us are very foodie i am a foodie but

What we are eating does affect what’s going to happen inside our body keep colorful fruits yes nature has given us identification factors keep as many colors as possible in your diet every day but still at least two types of two different type of fruits you keep in for example you can keep orange and apple okay uh an apple and a pear an apple and a watermelon

Around not watermelon the big one whole one shot but yeah like 150 200 grams 300 grams like that okay you can keep it in a diet kiwi pineapple there are plenty of fruits right so just keep two types of fruits at least per day in your diet now let’s go to vegetables and salads yes again colorful vegetables and salad there were more the variety better it is because

Each color they comes with their own unique factors what you can do what you can use there like lettuce cucumber tomatoes bell peppers bell peppers are also of different different types different different colors right so this time you can make a mixture which can be very useful and nicer for you all right some spices small spices i’ll pick only two here ginger and

Cinnamon they have properties and precursors and micronutrients that help improving better health better cells health like cinnamon they and ginger both have anti-inflammatory activities okay they reduces inflammation in the body okay ginger give healing so ginger you can use in your smoothie or your food or your some boil soup beverages etc okay same goes with

Cinnamon you can use it in your cooked food soups okay so that it can goes like half inch to one inch per day you can use for both right okay after that one particular thing that’s not so popular among population but those who use it those who know they do use it apple cider vinegar okay so one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar per day is very very helpful in

Improving beta cells health how it improves your digestive system your digestion process improve once your digestion is improved indirectly the micronutrients that you are you eating from other food sources its absorption increases that’s why it becomes very very important okay and it’s helpful right eight point we go now it’s on to some limitations what actually

Harms more to the better cells is the load because it’s damaged that’s why it’s not reducing enough insulin we have to decrease the load so avoid reduce or limit as much as possible the non-vegetarian food okay and oily food because it increases very very high load on pancreas for releasing insulin and for a longer period of time and to absorb that okay ninth

Limit your simple sugar yeah the white cane sugar we use not good it’s simple right simple sugar that’s why i say it’s a directly absorbs without much of effort of the body so its neck gain is very high and it’s really really spike up the blood sugar level which increases indirect load on pancreas immediately white rice like that okay so these are few types of

Simple sugar there where we avoid it okay now two of the vitamins not two actually i would say one vitamin and one is a vitamin complex what i mean d3 and vitamin b complex these both are very very important for improving beta cells health okay vitamin d3 how to obtain either you can in morning or any time of the day expose your body expose yourself to at least 10

To 15 minutes around 15 minutes of sunlight another way take supplement right be complex as well same from the fruit fruits vegetables etc or have to take supplement okay because they improve cellular structure cell growth so new cell line is improving apoptosis cycle the cell death and the new cell formation cycles are proper so it improves cellular growth and

Cellular regeneration all right 11th citrus fruits the tangy fruits orange lemon lime okay these fruits are very very important very good because it improves your immunity it’s been said and recently we came out of kovid so so many people said take vitamin c vitamin c hey rather than vitamin c if you are having citrus fruits every day anyway you are replenishing

Yourself naturally right so citrus fruit again will help you to improve immunity it improves iron absorption which indirectly improves your hemoglobin right and hemoglobin is very very again important for oxygenation okay so indirectly it’s helping the circulation circulation is improved with exercise and oxygenation improved because of your hemoglobin is improved

Plus the citrus fruits it increases sensitivity of the cells your body muscles etc for the insulin okay right 12 green long beans it’s a very nice vegetable mostly available throughout the year so these green long beans either in soup or cooked vegetable form you can take it it helps now it’s another suggestion so it may be feasible not feasible for so many people

Green smoothie try to keep a green smoothie per day in your diet it will be very very helpful yet you will see the changes drastic changes the improvement okay very fast improvement in health because it’s loaded with lots of micronutrients how to make a green smoothie and what to include and all we have a a particular video on green smoothie in our channel please

You can search and watch that one right green chutney next 14th is green chutney you can include if you write okay we all love it coriander or mint tomatoes a bit of green chili okay you can add all these and you can make green chutneys as well the micronutrients from there they are very very useful and they help a lot in beta cells improvement the health of beta

Cells right so partially or completely we’ll suggest if you can implement all these points in your daily routine it’s a disciplined thing beat ourselves who are not damaged overnight so please don’t imagine that in a short period of time like a day or two or a week or two weeks like it will start like immediately in a new life position no bring it in your daily

Routine it will show you we are saying this on experience okay for some it may be partially beneficial for some very good beneficials so maybe taking some more long time because it is very subjective it is depending on the improvement and the results time period depends on the level of damage beta cell has been suffering from okay how much damage was there before

You started all the routine and what is your lifestyle sleep cycles and everything so many things right but with at nutrition way with our experience for over 400 patients we had seen this have helped a lot those patients who had problem with beta cells that i’m talking about these steps these methods have tremendously helped improving c-peptide level which is a

Marker says how the beta cells are working and when c-peptide working well insulin levels improves automatically and once insulin level improves the blood sugar levels start coming down okay so these steps have helped a lot for reversing diabetes so uh this is about how to increase your insulin level these are the steps you can follow if you have any questions any

Queries please you can write in the comment box below you have any question queries regarding our one year diabetes reversal program please feel free to drop down a message or get onto our website and come and connect with us okay thank you have a good day

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