February 8, 2023

In this video, we guide you through how to insert an Autosoft 90 Insulin Pump Infusion Set. We how to select an insertion site, opening the Autosoft 90, connecting the infusion set tubes, filling the infusion set tubing, inserting the cannula, and filling the cannula.

How to use the auto soft 90 infusion set the auto soft 90 is a very popular 90 degrees set that uses a soft cannula and comes with an integrated insertion device it’s available with six and nine millimeter cannulas and either twenty three or forty three inch tubing you can also choose between grey pink and blue infusion sets and connectors to begin you will want

To work on a clean surface be sure to wash your hands and clean your insertion site please refer to your health care providers recommendations when selecting an insertion site the auto soft 90 comes packaged in this cool little spaceship design which contains the set the tubing and the inserter altogether before you begin check the tamper proof seal and sterile

Paper do not use if the seal or paper have been broken to open it find the red strip of plastic and the outer shrink wrap and pull it to remove the seal then remove the sterile paper cover now remove the lid by pressing the three raised dots on either side firmly with one hand and lifting the flat tab of the lid with the other be careful not to bend or touch

The auto soft 90 introducer needle when preparing the inserter and infusion set now we’re going to get ready to insert the cannula it’s important to be gentle when handling the insertion device to keep from moving or dislodging the infusion set first we’ll unwind the tubing it’s important to do this before attempting to insert the site carefully grab the end

Of the tubing by the connector and dislodge it from this tab then gently pull it upwards to unwind stopping when you get to the end so you don’t move it housing be careful not to pull too hard when the tubing is fully released you could accidentally remove the infusion set from the introducer needle attach the infusion set tubing to the tubing lock connector

On the cartridge twist clockwise until finger tight and then twist another quarter of a turn to ensure a secure connection fill your tubing according to the instructions in your tandem pump user guide when priming the auto soft 90 infusion set hold the connector needle pointing down make sure there are no gaps of air in your tubing to reduce the possibility of

Interrupted insulin delivery you should never fill your tubing while your infusion set is connected to your body always ensure that the infusion set is disconnected from your body before filling the tubing now it’s time to insert the cannula it’s important that the area is clean and dry before proceeding you can also wipe the area with an alcohol swab or an iv

Prep pad next gently pull off the swirly paper backing on adhesive be careful not to pull the adhesive paper too hard you could accidentally remove the infusion set from the introducer needle after that you need to the insertion device to do this place your fingers on these lined ridges on both sides and press n then grab right here and pull straight up until

It clicks now remove this plastic needle guard from the introducer needle by gently twisting and pulling it off after that slide the tubing into one of these two slots on the rim of the insertion device to keep it out of the way but the inserter over the area you selected for your site you can choose which way the tubing will face by looking for where it attaches

To the cannula housing activate the inserter by pressing the brown indent on either side at the same time and there it goes press the middle of the inserter gently to make sure the adhesive is stuck on well then remove the introducer needle by pulling back on these white tabs fill the cannula with 0.3 units for 6 millimeter cannula 4.5 units for 9-millimeter

Cannulas you are now ready to resume your pump and start delivering insulin always check your blood sugar two hours after inserting to make sure it’s working properly replace the protective lid on the inserter for proper disposal by pushing it until you hear it click the auto soft 90 allows you to temporarily disconnect your pump without having to change the

Infusion set you may want to temporarily disconnect from your pump at times such as showering swimming and contact sports to disconnect place a finger just in front of the cannula housing and gently squeeze the sides of the connector needle pull the connector needle straight out and insert the disconnect cover into the cannula housing to reconnect your pump fill

The infusion set until you see insulin drip from the needle remember to never fill your tubing unless your set is disconnected now remove the cover from the cannula housing place your finger in front of the cannula housing and push the connector needle straight in until you hear it click we hope you found this video helpful if you still have questions about

Infusion sets please contact customer support at 877 eight zero one six nine zero one they’re available 24 hours a day and to help you

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How to Insert an AutoSoft 90 Insulin Pump Infusion Set By Tandem Diabetes