March 28, 2023

Choosing the best Vitamin D supplement will make a big difference for a strong and healthy body! Vitamin K2 is always an asset to take with your vitamin D. This video was primarily done for the purpose of giving you a better understanding between the two vitamin D’s available. It was also geared towards understanding how to purchase this vitamin.

Welcome everyone dr mandel here i want to move forward on vitamin d such a hot topic worldwide millions of people are deficient in this particular vitamin this is so important for so many vital functions of our body most of us as we get older spend less and less time in the sunlight relying on our foods to get that vitamin d it’s almost impossible to get what you

Think you’re getting all of us come up with that same question which vitamin d is good for me in other words are all vitamin d supplements the same the answer is no in your diet the most commonly found members of vitamin d are vitamin d2 and vitamin d3 now vitamin d2 is called ergocalciferol it is also a plant-sourced food vitamin d3 is called cholecalciferol

This is found in animal sourced foods primarily in oily fish and fish oil liver egg yolk butter and dietary supplements we do know that vitamin d2 is more fragile and less stable than vitamin d3 i recommend vitamin d3 and i’m sure that most doctors will agree mostly all the studies show that vitamin d3 helps accelerate the vitamin d levels in your bloodstream

The fastest so the recommended daily allowance is only 600 ius a day in the elderly 800 ius that to me is way too low other studies are coming in recommending fifteen hundred up to two thousand we do know that the sun helps increase vitamin d levels although there is a downside because it can cause skin cancer so as we get older we are more protective about our

Own skin so the only way that we’re going to get it is through food or supplementation in the united states we have what they call the fda they investigate the side effects and monitors the marketplace for unsafe products but it does not test or approve vitamins before they are sold to the consumers it is frightening because laboratories have tested many of these

Companies and what they’re putting on the bottle is nowhere near on what they’re claiming may be taking a thousand ius and only getting 500 or maybe getting 1300 so this is where the usp mark comes into play this mark becomes more significant when you know that the u.s food and drug administration leaves it up to manufacturers to make sure the vitamins they

Produce and distribute are safe so that usp mark is what you need to be looking for on your vitamins for the many companies that have a good reputation that’s been around for decades you can trust those companies but for the many hundreds or even thousands of companies that you don’t know who they are make sure you look for that stamp so this usp verification

Mark tells you that what they’re claiming on the bottle and the potency and what you’re taking is exactly what it says that’s there for your safety so i hope you found this video helpful i ask you to share with your friends and family so you can educate them leave your comments below and most important make it a great day i’m dr alan mandel

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How to Know the Best VITAMIN D Supplement to Buy! Dr. Mandell By motivationaldoc