December 8, 2022

In this video, we show you how to load new cartridges on your Tandem Diabetes Insulin Pumps (t:slim X2, and t:flex). We discuss the things needed to load a cartridge onto your insulin pump, insulin levels, treatment values of glucose, installing a cartridge for an insulin pump, and filling the tubing with insulin.

This video will show you how to fill and install a new cartridge onto your tandem pump and fill the pump tubing in this video we will be using the following items a new unused cartridge a new unused infusion set a cartridge removal tool or coin and a fill syringe with needle filled with either humalog or novalog rapid-acting u-100 insulin we recommend using

Room-temperature insulin to minimize the risk of air bubbles refer to your user guide for detailed instructions for drawing insulin from a vial how much insulin you put in will be determined in conjunction with your healthcare team but a good rule is to fill at least 120 units but no more than 300 units for our tea slim pumps and between 145 and 480 units for the tea

Flex pump be aware that overfilling can damage your cartridge if your pump screen times out at any point during the load process just unlock your pump and it will resume right where you left off first examine your cartridge and packaging for any visible damage if you suspect the cartridge may be damaged do not use it now open the package and remove the cartridge next

Holding your cartridge upright insert the needle into the white fill port on the top of the cartridge it should stop about halfway but occasionally will go all the way in either way is fine but do not try to force it once you feel some resistance keeping your cartridge and syringe both vertical slowly pull up on the plunger until it is fully retracted in order to

Remove any residual air in the cartridge you’ll probably see some bubbles during this step with the needle still in the cartridge gently release the plunger air pressure will pull it back to a neutral position but will not push any air back into the cartridge now you can remove the needle from the fill port this step removes any air that may have been trapped in the

Cartridge bag turn the syringe upside down and pull back some on the plunger flick or tap the syringe to release any air bubbles so that they rise to the top once you’ve gotten all the air bubbles loose slowly press up on the plunger to remove the air from the syringe a common place for air bubbles to get stuck is in the orange needle hub so be sure to inspect that

Area stop when you see drops of insulin at the tip of the needle now it’s time to reinsert the needle into the fill port on your cartridge and slowly press the plunger to fill your cartridge with insulin it’s normal to feel some resistance towards the end after you have filled your cartridge maintain pressure on the plunger as you remove the needle if everything

Looks good and there are no leaks you’ve successfully filled your cartridge and are ready to install it onto your pump now turn on and unlock your pump and from the home screen tap options then tap load next tap change cartridge the pump will tell you that all deliveries will be stopped which is fine since you don’t want to be trying to pump while you’re changing

Your cartridge so tap yes to continue next you’ll be prompted to disconnect your infusion set from your body tap next to continue you should see the preparing for cartridge screen remove your used cartridge using the removal tool you can also use a coin install your newly filled cartridge by placing the bottom edge at the end of the pump like this and lining up

The grooves on either side of the cartridge with these guide tracks on the pump once lined up properly push the cartridge on until you feel it click into place the cartridge should fit smoothly against the pump your pump will take a few moments to detect the newly installed cartridge next your pump will prompt you to fill your tubing with insulin never ever fill

Your tubing when it’s connected to your body this could result in the unintended delivery of insulin always disconnect your infusion set from your body before you begin a load sequin your pump will remind you of this each time you tap load before you can fill your tubing you need to connect your tubing to the cartridge your infusion set may look different but the

Tubing fill process is the same insert this end into the tubing lock connector on your cartridge and twist clockwise make sure it’s nice and tight a loose connection can lead to delivery problems so it’s always a good idea to double check and when in doubt give it an extra twist now tap start next turn your pump so it’s vertical this allows any residual air left

In your cartridge to be pumped out first your pump will be periodically to let you know that it is filling the tubing as the tubing fills you may notice some small air bubbles in the first few inches of insulin very tiny ones aren’t a concern that anything larger should be pumped out even though air bubbles themselves will not harm you there could be a risk of high

Blood sugar if air is infused in place of insulin once you notice three drops come out of the end of the tubing and you’re satisfied there are no large air bubbles left tap stop your pump will ask you to confirm that you saw drops at the end of the tubing if you saw drops tap done if you stopped the fill process before you saw drops tap fill to continue you have

Now successfully filled your tubing refer to the instructions for your specific infusion set to insert and fill your cannula and resume insulin delivery visit our website for videos about each of the infusion sets we offer we hope you found this video helpful if you still have questions about the load process please contact customer support at 877 eight zero one

Six nine zero one they’re available 24 hours a day and happy to help you

Transcribed from video
How to Load a New Cartridge Onto Your Insulin Pump By Tandem Diabetes