December 8, 2022

Answers to the most common questions I am asked about phentermine and topiramate (Topamax). Please share with anyone looking for help with weight loss.

Hi this is dr. kathleen hallinan and we are continuing our weight loss vlog you guys are doing great you have really wonderful questions and so today i’m going to do a question and answer session with some of the things that you have put forward i will ask you if you would share this with other people that you think could benefit and i would really appreciate it

Because again i’m just doing this to reach more people and help people who are otherwise struggling to find answers for their weight problems so i would so appreciate it if you would kind of send this along and remind people that there are already i think 23 or 24 of these videos on the on the site so here we have some questions very good ones so the first is

How do you mean off phentermine the short answer to this is you don’t have to wean off phentermine that you really don’t get withdrawal effects like you do with some medications i have a lot of people that really are often on them and use them quite well they notice certainly when they stop them oftentimes their appetite seems to come back and so you know when

You decide you want to stop it or if your physician has decided to stop it you want to make sure that you’ve done all of the lifestyle modification things that should curb your appetite so continue with your exercise higher protein low carbs don’t drink soda not a lot of concentrated sweets because these are all things that will increase your appetite so so you

Don’t have to wean off phentermine and interestingly enough just so you understand the logistics of phentermine because i’ve had a lot of people saying that their physician is holding tight to the three-month right regulation so phentermine is approved for three months by the fda all by itself but if you run into trouble you may want to kind of you know you have

To do this kind of diplomatically right so um so bring up the fact that and here’s the study it’s just so you can see so it’s kind of hard to find these things but the sequal trial phentermine is approved for chronic long-term weight loss and weight management in combination with topiramate which is also under the name of couse topamax on are the big the name –

Samia that’s the brand name so and i get the sense that quite often maybe your insurance isn’t covering q samia so the so your physician might be prescribing phentermine and topiramate separately and if that’s the case because i got another question here’s the second question side effects with topamax or topiramate right if you do not need the topiramate don’t

Take it if you can get away with just the phentermine use that because topiramate or topamax as the second agent there while it has good appetite suppressant and weight loss effects it does have more side effects so it has some risk of birth defects if you’re a female of childbearing age you need to be on some significant birth control there if you’re going to

Use it it has a risk of kidney stones and it can it’s used as a mood stabilizer it’s very interesting it has some central nervous system effects it’s used to decrease seizure it’s used as a mood stabilizer sometimes and so but that being said some people will notice either an improvement in mood or actually you know some people get their mood gets kind of off

So if you don’t need the topiramate don’t take it just try the phentermine so and then uh what if it changes my sleep and/or mood and at this point i’m talking about the phentermine again some people have it changed their sleep patterns most of the time phentermine is a stimulant so people take it in the morning interestingly enough if you take it in the morning

And the effect kind of wanes off during the day if say you’re taking a thirty or thirty 7.5 milligram pill you can always cut it in half and take half in the morning at half at noon and see if that kind of gives you more effect during the day into like afternoon and dinner time without making you have trouble falling asleep and then paradoxically some people take

Phentermine and it makes them tired so some people have paradoxical reactions to medications meaning they have the opposite effect of what you think they should have so if that’s the case if you’ve taken phentermine and it makes you tired for some reason so what i would say is try to take it late in the day and see what happens if you take it late in the day and

You sleep fine and you still get the benefit then use it that way okay so these are some interesting things about the fen terrine and topiramate or topamax questions the other things that i would remind you are also especially if you have diabetes please entertain the the options of things like victoza which is a lorry glue tied this is a medication that has the

Indication for weight loss albeit at higher doses but usually your insurance won’t pay for it under the different name which is sex and though it’ll usually pay for it though or we’ll cover it in part if you’re using it for the diabetes indication and it can really help with weight loss and you can use it with phentermine so try to play around with some of these

Other medications if you’re looking for other options okay so great you guys have great questions and again please share this with anybody you think might find it helpful i’m just doing this really because i want to you know be able to bring this information to more people because i think the medical community is kind of very frustrated and just throws their hands

Up when it comes to obesity stuff and just as well eat less exercise more like that’s going to fix the problem all by itself because people are overwhelmed with food messages and overwhelmed with stimulus to eat because of the big because of the food industry so i mean just this past a week or two you know the usda bought up 20 million i think dollars worth of

Cheese surplus and is gonna dump it into our food chain so you need to be aware of these things and if anybody is interested in in all of that i would strongly encourage you to to take some stance locally with healthy foods and healthy options because you’re working against the big food industry it’s kind of like working against big tobacco so share this with your

Friends share this with people who might be looking for some help and great questions i will still continue to try to answer them as best i can good job everyone thank you

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