June 1, 2023

This video will show you how to lose weight with German New Medicine. How to fix unexpected weight gain due to steroids and prednisone. The 5 biological laws and the Kidney Collecting Tubules. When someone feels abandoned, like a refugee or concerned for their existence… this can activate the kidney collecting tubules which causes the body to retain water. When they are active diets will not help you lose weight because you body is holding on to every drop of water you consume.

Hi i’m mike the helicopter i fixed myself of a  nasty case of crohn’s disease i had a really bad   perianal fistula that looked like someone had  smashed a tarantula in my pants very disgusting   but in this video today we’re going to talk about  how to lose weight you’re going to want to stick   around because i’m going to show

You something  new that you’ve never heard before and it’s going   to make much more sense than a lot of the other  theories that you see flying around about weight   eaters people who are just shoving food in   their mouth literally every single day eating  tens some of these people literally eat like 10   they have they

They look like a normal person   i’ve seen lots of people who are overweight   follow strict diets and work out every single  day for a year i’ve seen this multiple times   and not lose weight i’m going to show you   what is the difference between these two people  there’s there’s something radically different  

Gonna show you how to fix that and lose this   weight for good and not have to go on these crazy  diets and not have to suffer on the treadmill or   whatever else other things that you’re trying to  all right guys so i said this is going to be  new so please uh try to keep an open mind and   it’s it’s it’s going to make a lot

Of sense once  you get it so i was talking to somebody yesterday   weight gain that just kind of came up out   of nowhere over the the fir the last like two  years like he just started putting on weight he   was skinny his whole life like me and then two  years ago like two or three years ago something   happened and

He just started to put on weight and  so we’re going to look at this from a german new   medicine perspective and he was doing his homework  he got a brain ct scan and sure enough when he   going to be a hummer focus in your brain stem   at the top of the brain stem if the brain the  brain stem it looks like kind of like like

This   i for him i predicted there’s going to be a hammer  focus about here or here and sure enough there   was one there those of you with digestive issues  they usually show up like in this area but anyways   the right order and made sense of it yet  when we have this unexpected weight gain what  dr homer the founder

Of german new medicine saw   just unexpected weight gain out of nowhere   a ring shape formation in this location a  hundred percent of the time every single time   not 50 percent of the time not 25 of  i want you to recognize how revolution like  important that is and when someone didn’t have a   like water retention

Weight gain a hundred percent  of the time these things weren’t there so what’s   what is going on there so there’s a particular  so this last two years in his life were   well first let’s talk about the conflict theme  so the kidney collecting tubules is the like   what do the kidneys do they they regulate they  regulate the

Electrolytes and they regulate the   amount of water um that remains in your in your  in your body um but the kidney collecting tubules   it comes from this this function i guess comes  from the fish and so when a fish gets kicked up   out of the water it literally has seconds to live  so what these kidney collecting tubules do is

They   retain more water and it makes the body retain  more water you know when you feel abandoned   when you feel like a refugee when you feel an  existence conflict so what’s an abandonment   conflict let’s say you get fired from work let’s  say your girlfriend or your boyfriend dumps you   maybe you get quarantined at

The hospital   not being able to go home because of covid   um being locked out of your country uh some you  know being fired an existence conflict what what   could be an existence conflict you know having  your doctor tell you we’re gonna have to cut   out an organ that you’re sick that you have an  incurable disease

These things can potentially   refugee feeling like a fish out of water   to res like if you’re stranded in the desert   you’re kicked out of the water in your fish   you all life on earth originated from the ocean  and even if you you know you don’t believe in   rings true from the bible as well because he  

God created the the seas first and the life in the  seas first our blood is the same composition as   sea water it’s just a little bit more diluted  uh our blood is we’re carrying the ocean with us   tubules is when we experience the stress   and it puts an organ into your brain puts   stem here and that’s why we see people

With   time they’re going to have a harm or focus   in this location or that location which means  you know this person biologically experienced   you know in an abandonment refugee and existence  conflict and what the body did it put the kidney   collecting tubules into overdrive to help you  retain more water to get you

Through this time   where you know you feel you feel like this to help  you increase your chances of survival through this   you know through these tough times so what was  happening with this one student here so it kind   of happened at the beginning of covet that’s when  he first started to notice this weight gain so he  

Um he had a uh or has a girlfriend he he lives  in europe and the girlfriend lives in america so   once covid started they used before kova they  used to travel a lot together and they got to   see each other all the time but now with all the  travel restrictions they can’t see each other it   that’s not fun so an abandonment

That you know   you could feel like an abandonment conflict there  you know i can’t see my loved ones i can’t see my   girlfriend or my boyfriend then when ko kovid  first started they were in a foreign country   and they weren’t allowed to get on a plane to go  home a refugee conflict and to make matters worse  

They were stuck like in an airbnb for three months  and the hostess was just a big pain in the butt   so they felt like even more of a refugee and then  to make things even worse so the kidney collecting   tubules are like oh we can’t get home like oh i’m  gonna you know when the next time i’m gonna see my   loved ones so it’s

Like really clamping on tight  here i mean like literally in just a few months   he went from looking kind of something like me  to to packing on maybe like 20 or 30 pounds and   his whole life his whole you know he didn’t change  his diet his whole life he’d been doing everything   exactly the same this is what changed this

Stress  in his life but things were about to get worse   um he’s he started taking uh a stimulant  you know he was having trouble focusing so   you know adderall or something like that adderall  is a stimulant it makes conflict active symptoms   active and he’s taking a stimulant which makes him   more conflict active

So the kidney collecting  tubules are are clamping even tighter or   growing even bigger to to to restrict you know  more you know keep more water in the system   you know from coven so there’s an existence  conflict now that now it’s now the body   and to make matters worse uh he went to go visit  his girlfriend you know in

Her country and every   time he goes to visit her it’s a big pain in the  butt the the border guards the whatever customs   you know threaten deportation they interrogate   him for two hours you know he’s not allowed to  you know they take away his phone so he can’t   text his girlfriend that you know she has no idea 

This these are the types of experiences   there was also another situation where you know  his mother was diagnosed with cancer so i mean   what so the the first step in getting better   the symptoms when did the symptoms start   that’s step number one you have  to identify what was the stress okay and then once you identify

The stress   so there’s multiple things he needs to address  that would address the existence conflict so   he’s worried about the business he can’t make  enough money to support himself so how can   we address this problem well one you can fix the  business you know reduce expenses reduce expenses   know what these are

Just practical things   whole situation you know even though the   business is not doing well this this guy this  how do we deal with the abandonment with the  girlfriend issue practical way we can learn more   about female nature so that we can manage the  relationship better and if you are having girl   problems men

I suggest you watch casey sanders  channel he will help you um you know navigate your   romantic relationships better because um yeah  that’s just my advice um they could move in   the regulations you know maybe they could   in together or figure something out maybe   know the situation maybe they break up and   he

Dates someone who’s in his country there’s  okay maybe just a change of perspective can  fix all this i don’t know it depends on the   we know the important thing is now we know   because before this person was trying diets uh   diet in the world trying um you know going   to the doctor and the doctor telling him he’s 

No the problem is the kidney collecting tubules  are active and it’s like textbook kidney   collecting tubules stuff right here abandonment  with a girlfriend you know tough times at work   feeling like a you know he was locked out of his  home country and and every time he goes to visit   his girlfriend it’s a it’s a nightmare

Because of  customs but now now that his brain knows that this   is the issue step one identify the stress that’s  causing the symptoms step two is okay how do i   resolve this it’s not going to happen overnight  but now that he knows this you know he can start   matter of time before he figures this out   so another

Symptom that this student was telling  me a lot about is he had sometimes he gets   frequent urination and that’s a good thing that  means on some level he has resolved this conflict   so think about it your your body is retaining all  this water because it’s feels like a refugee it’s   of water so it’s retaining this water

And then   all of a sudden you know he makes plans with his  girlfriend oh hey we’re going to go on vacation   we’re going to do this and we’re going to spend  a month together i haven’t seen you in 10 months   oh i don’t feel abandoned anymore okay we don’t  need this extra water let’s piss it out and so he   starts

To urinate a lot all the business is doing  not so good oh we need to retain the body needs   to retain this what this is guys this is the brain  stem this is old biological stuff like this is the   oldest part of the brain this is very very very  primitive um you know mechanisms going on here oh   i don’t have enough money the

Business isn’t doing  well oh hey look we had it we had a good month   right we don’t need this extra water we can relax   and then it urinates out all that extra water  something really cool that uh dr hammer used to do   brain stuff he would have people who had very   i think it’s one kilogram uh you’d put them in a 

Salt water bath you would make a saline solution   so about one percent um salt salinity and you  know because that mimics our blood or you could   mimic the ocean which is uh roughly three percent  you know make a bath of that and when you go into   that bath you’re going to notice you’re going to  want to urinate because that

That brain that the   it’s back in the ocean and it doesn’t feel   abandoned it doesn’t feel like a refugee anymore  and it can let go of that water it doesn’t need   just pee in the bathtub i know it’s gross but you  know or jump in and out of the bathtub if you’re   if you feel the urge to pee but that but that’s 

What your lizard brain is doing this is biological   stuff here guys you cannot control whether you’re  attracted to males or females this is biological   stuff but we do have this indirect control over  it now that we’re aware of how our biology works   i’m going to be making a video every single day  i’m getting i’m getting back

On the youtube course   i’m making a video every single day so i need  lots of ideas i read all your guys’s comments   it’s hard for me to respond to him but i read all  your guys’s comments uh what questions do you have   new medicine perspective um i have a i don’t   understand everything from a german new medicine 

Perspective but i understand most of the guts   the gut issues and i’m really excited to learn  the other aspects of german new medicine so please   what do you want me to explain from the   german new medicine perspective if you want my  30-day plan to recover from digestive issues   this is like me really kind of explaining

The  the kidney collecting tubules for the first time   and it’s going to take you know multiple views  of videos like you need to watch a lot of these   of german new medicine content to consume   the internet with germany medicine to help   you guys understand but if you want my 30-day  plan to get better you know

What me and my   30-day rapid gut cell regeneration protocol   um yeah it’s free i don’t even want your email  just click it comes i have a video that explains   it and then i somehow fit my 30-day plan onto  one day so guys thank you for watching hit the   bell button and leave a comment down below   what german

New medicine questions do you have for  me and if i don’t i don’t know it i have lots of   resources to reach out to people and figure it  out and make a video i’m excited to learn about   new medicine i’ll talk to you guys later bye

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