March 24, 2023

Phentermine can be adjusted in many ways to make it more effective and to decrease the risk of regaining weight that has been lost.

Hi this is dr. kathleen hallinan and we are continuing with our weight loss blog you guys are great i have to say thank you so much for all your comments and kind words that is what actually has encouraged me to continue doing this that you’ve told me that this is helpful so we’re gonna do another episode or talk today on phentermine because to be honest that

Seems to be what a lot of people are interested in and it’s very effective it works well and i find i’m so disappointed that sometimes people have a difficult time finding a physician who is interested or willing to treat with this to explain certainly their reluctance it’s important to understand that phentermine is classified in the same category by the fda as

Amphetamines so this makes a lot of physicians wary of using it however when you talk to physicians who are well versed in weight loss management you’ll find that people who are experienced with it are very used to its use monitoring for blood pressure and heart rate monitoring for any other side effects really the only other thing that i certainly have seen are

Sometimes people who maybe have an underlying anxiety disorder feel a little bit more um anxious but for the most part actually it really is even more subtle than people who are put on things like ritalin for their adhd a similar concept these are stimulants but they do have interesting effects in your brain chemistry so to go over just some other subtleties of

Phentermine use okay so um here we go so phentermine my board of course again monitor heart rate and blood pressure which any responsible physician should be doing and again i caution you please do not buy this stuff off the internet please get it through a reputable pharmacy it just always makes me a little wary and some of these mail-order things and people say

This that they got it from somewhere but i mean certainly i guess if you have trouble finding it but try to get it the normal way so you know that it is regulated and it is the right dose the um any physician who’s managing you on phentermine should be regularly checking your heart rate and blood pressure and should be monitoring you for success and if you’re not

Having success to take you off of it and if you have somebody that’s just prescribing it without monitoring it um then find someone else run okay so you should be having someone follow you appropriately should be done safely so the next thing is um so these are some subtleties sometimes people have said well it works or didn’t work or taking it with or without

Food seems to make a big difference for some people and so both in kinda contouring on or turning off the effects a bit so like let’s say you take it and you notice that it really isn’t working as well but you’re taking it like with your breakfast take it before you eat breakfast and see if that doesn’t give you side effects a feeling either jittery or your blood

Pressure heart rate going up conversely let’s say you took it and you’re having success with it but it made you feel to uppy or it or bumped your blood pressure or your heart rate certainly at that point i would cut the dose in half but then the other thing i would consider doing is taking it with food to see if you can slow the absorption and see if you can get a

Little more even absorption into your system so absolutely playing around with the with or without food component can you can use that to adjust both efficacy so how well it works for you as well as any side effects the other thing that often times i have people do is that if they’re getting seemingly too much impact early in the day and then it’s really trailing off

At the end of the day you can take that dose they were on and have them cut it in half and take of course this only works with the tablets not if you have capsules so you can cut it in half and do half a dose in the morning half dose in the afternoon and then see if that gives you again a more steady state throughout the day so that you’re getting more even effect

So that you’re not finding it 7 o’clock at night and now you want to binge eat or whatever so okay so that’s the dose in the afternoon part oh here we go so maintenance are off-label use the fda has approved only phentermine all by itself for three months at a time again i go back to i was at an obesity conference and asked the director of a very large obesity

Center you know how long do they wait after the three months to start people back on the phentermine and he just kind of chuckled inside the next day and just it’s with the informed consent of the patient that this is off-label use meaning in medicine we often use medications outside of what is a strictly approved by the fda this has to be done with some care and

With some education to the patient the person who is taking the medication so that they realize however this is very common practice across the board and so if the benefit outweighs the risk and in this point when you are dealing with people who are staring at risks of long term diabetes hypertension risk of heart attack and stroke long term risk of peripheral

Vascular disease these are things that are are very real to people who are trying to manage their weight then the benefit to maintenance so once you get to the weight that you want to be at what can you do with your phentermine you can still take it every other day you could take it only on weekends i have people who take it and just have it around for when they

Know they’re going to be on vacation or if they’re they know they’re going out to something that they would be tempted to overeat at so understand that you can absolutely use phentermine on this as-needed basis and you can use it for past the three months because when you lose this weight you only want to do it once you want to do it once and then stay there you don’t

Want to yoyo because generally every time you go back up you’ll go back up to a higher weight than you were before and your body is constantly going to try to drive you to the highest weight you got to so it is far better for you to discuss with your physician whether this is a weight and obesity light boarded physician or your internist or a family practitioner

The option of long-term low-dose maintenance phentermine treatment okay and then um so that’s the last thing on my board you still have to pick a diet and exercise if you’re on phentermine i think most of you are doing very well with that because i haven’t really seen any comments about people who have tried phentermine and said it really didn’t do anything for

Them at all so the people that i have had where that happened it they did they thought they could take the phentermine and then keep eating exactly the same as what got them there in the first place so i would tell you make sure that you have picked a diet that you know will work for you and that you’re still exercising but certainly it what phentermine does is it

Increases your metabolic rate and it makes you stop thinking about food and it makes it much easier for people to adhere to a diet so to adhere to the number of calories that they should be at okay so i hope these are helpful your your comments for me have been wonderful i can’t thank you enough and um so keep keep up the good work guys all right thank you

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