June 4, 2023

Hypothyroidism is a very common condition that effects woman globally. Many women find they struggle to lose weight with thyroid conditions. Don’t stress about this. You can absolutely be a healthy weight and manage a thyroid condition by simply being informed on what course of action to take. This video will address…

All right we’re talking about hypothyroidism i get a lot of questions about this one in particular it’s connection to weight loss weight gain weight maintenance all things weight and the great news is guess what you can be perfectly healthy perfectly healthy weight with a thyroid condition so we’re going to we’re going to talk all about it and we’re going to start

Out with something called hashimoto’s thyroiditis i want to address because you guys particularly ask about this condition and this is an autoimmune condition that affects the thyroid and it can cause hypothyroidism so hypothyroidism and hashimoto’s thyroiditis are not the same thing but hashimoto’s can cause hypothyroidism hypothyroidism is a condition where the

Thyroid that little butterfly gland right here he’s not functioning optimally it’s not putting out enough thyroid hormone and we’re going to talk about that hormone feedback loop in a second if you have not been diagnosed with hypothyroidism which you suspect you have it you would typically have conditions like thinning hair 5 to 15 stubborn pounds that you can’t

Seem to shed and contrary to popular belief hypothyroidism does not cause obesity or morbid obesity it’s like stubborn 5 to 15 extra pounds so if you’re you know 40 50 60 pounds overweight there’s more going on than just a thyroid condition okay again that said we can absolutely get you to a healthy weight no matter what even with a thyroid condition okay so um

If you’ve got symptoms of you know dry skin losing hair uh constipation five to 15 pounds of weight gain you’re cold all the time you’re tired it’s possible you have hypothyroidism go to a board-certified endocrinologist this is the type of doctor that specializes in this condition you don’t want to see it listen i love my internist and my internist is so great

That he refers me to a board-certified endocrinologist he refers me to a specialist for whatever condition i’m dealing with this is the kind of doctor you want to see okay you don’t want a general medicine person throwing levothyroxine which is t4 at the problem no no and no go see a board-certified endo and you want to ask for a series of thyroid function tests

Because what happens is your hypothalamus is responsible for releasing a hormone called thyroid releasing hormone trh then your pituitary grabs that and makes something called thyroid stimulating hormone then your thyroid grabs that and makes something called t4 and then your body needs to convert t4 to t3 so somewhere in this feedback loop something is going wrong

So you can’t just throw t4 at the problem you want your doctor to say okay here’s what’s going on here’s where you’re deficient because it could be that you’re not making enough t4 it could be that you’re not converting t4 to t3 and a board certified angus going to know this and they’re going to monitor your levels and they know exactly how to help you so that you

Get better that simple all right so number one is you’re going to take your lasts to a board certified endo and you’re going to have them run a host of thyroid function tests and they will also check you for um thyroid antibodies and a host of other stuff just to make sure you are awesome and to figure out exactly what’s going on with you now that said sure there

Are some foods to avoid you don’t want to eat you know a bunch of processed crap that isn’t going to help if you think you’re going to treat this yourself don’t do that don’t do that so you guys know i’m a huge supplement person but that’s like preventative medicine that’s you know how do i stay in great shape how do i perform better how do i slow aging how do i

Protect my hair skin and nails right this is not oh i think i have a medical condition let me self diagnose and treat it with vitamins no so if you read online that you might be iron or i’m sorry iodine deficient because iodine is involved in thyroid conditions having too much or too little too little all of a sudden you think you’re going to start supplementing

With iodine that can cause a lot of problems do not do that don’t do that you can eat iodine-rich food like sea vegetables things like seaweed with sushi or grater iodized table salt fine don’t go salting the hell out of your food but if you use salt iodized table salt will help you get a little extra iodine do not go supplementing your iodine don’t go diagnosing

Yourself don’t go taking over the counter supplements for this stuff no go to the doctor exercising but not over training and causing excess fatigue helps right reasonable consistent exercise eating clean organic whole foods helps and avoiding a bunch of processed crap is going to help but the key is go to the doctor let them figure out where this dysfunction is

In that thyroid loop right and treat you accordingly and then live healthfully utilizing common sense and you’ll be fine i promise you guys gotta stop telling me everything that’s wrong with you and all the reasons why you can’t because i’m gonna say it again if you fight for these limitations you get to keep them stop doing that this is we’re very lucky to live

In 2022 there are doctors there are medications and you know common sense and a clean lifestyle is not not going to hurt only going to help so that’s what you need to do did i cover everything is enough go to the doctor okay team don’t forget i created this channel just for you guys so click like subscribe and let me know what you want to hear more about if it’s

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