February 8, 2023

Can you achieve weight loss by just taking metformin and nothing else?

By the end of this video you’ll know if and how much weight loss metformin causes without any lifestyle change we then also discuss the four main lifestyle factors you must control to lose weight with pcos so let’s get started hi richard and lucy here nutritionist at coachviva.com the place for analytical thinkers to cut through the noise on where to start and when

To level up so they can transform their bodies and live healthy by default if you too refuse to settle hide from the facts or cave to excuses then subscribe to our channel and hit the bell icon to be notified every week of new science fact impractical videos to help you lose fat and gain muscle on your terms and before we begin i want to quickly announce that a few

Spots have opened up for the free 101 consultation for our badass body boss program so make sure you stay until the end for the announcement on that now let’s get started first let’s talk about if metformin will help you lose weight can you just take metformin and lose all of your weight no other change is needed backing up metformin is a drug that was originally

Created to give to diabetes type 2 patients to help their body use insulin more efficiently so if you have pcos but are not insulin resistant metformin is probably not going to be of much help if you are insulin resistant metformin may help lower your hunger which causes you to eat fewer calories which finally causes weight loss so in this case metformin doesn’t cause

Direct weight loss but rather causes indirect weight loss by lowering your appetite other possible ways metformin may cause weight loss is burning more calories during exercise or changing your gut biome but no one is exactly sure about its weight loss mechanics but let’s look at the big picture how much weight can you lose on metformin without a lifestyle change

Some studies show that the average amount of weight loss after two or more years was four to seven pounds additionally once you stop taking metformin those four to seven pounds may return so in summary there is no conclusive proof that you can lose a life-changing amount of weight on metformin alone without a lifestyle change okay so what are lifestyle changes you

Must make to lose weight with pcos the difference between women with pcos versus those without pcos is that in the calories in in calories out part of the equation women with pcos have a much lower calories out naturally check out this video we did that describes the two vicious cycles that women with pcos face now there are four factors you can control to lose

Weight with pcos in the calories inside of the equation is your calories carbs and protein start with an 11 calorie deficit aim for 50 of your calories to come from carbs and 18 to 20 of your calories come from protein the protein is there to keep you full longer despite eating fewer calories if you’re not losing fat mass note this is different than just losing

Weight then you want to first scale back your carbs by five percent and then scale back your calories by five percent and so on and so forth on the calories outside of the equation you can control three factors one balancing your minerals for this it’s best to work with the pcos specialized naturopathic doctor to get a full panel of urine and blood tests this will

Reveal to you which minerals are imbalanced and which supplements to take accordingly second eliminating food sensitivities this is something you want to urgently look at only if you face digestive cramps or bloating every one to two weeks or if you have skin conditions that you have observed changing based on what you eat if this is you doing an elimination diet

With whole30 to pinpoint which food groups you’re sensitive to and then working to moderate or remove them is best again work with your doctor or pcos specialized naturopathic doctor for this one and lastly stress did you know that most of the time what gets our clients to break through their plateaus is scaling back on their exercise and goals the reason is that

If you throw too much at your body like you’re exercising too much sleeping too little or in a constant state of dissatisfaction and worry then your body refuses to let go of its precious of fat i suggest tracking your sleep to make sure you’re getting quality sleep a free app like sleep cycle can do wonders for your awareness and how much rest you’re getting

Making time to unwind and relax with people or activities you enjoy is crucial this is especially important for you as a woman with pcos because your body is already prone to inflammation through insulin resistance and hormonal imbalances and you don’t want to make it worse through not giving your body enough rest and recovery there are many factors at play and

Identifying which one is the first one to tackle and what to change based on how your body reacts to the changes is an art and a science lucy and i can help you with all of this in our badass body boss program the program is built for you if you want value learning in depth the science and psychology behind the entire process two believe that weight loss need not

Be so complicated that each method out there works for someone at some stage and that you just need a clear plan for finding your methods for your stage and three are excited by the idea of working in a collaborative fashion with us to build your customized sustainable roadmap to lifelong success if that’s you good news a few spots have opened up for a free

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How To Lose Weight With PCOS and Metformin (The Truth & Myths) | PCOS Weight Loss By Coach Viva