November 29, 2022

How to lower blood pressure in MINUTES naturally without pills. Use this one simple technique daily, every day, forever.

How would you like to lower your blood pressure in just a matter of minutes my name is dr. story i’ve been a chiropractor for over 20 years and we specialize in natural health care now there’s a number of different foods that can lower your blood pressure but i’m going to show you one method that you can do yourself and i’m gonna do it right now on my own blood

Pressure cuff and show you exactly how to do it so i’ve been sitting here for about 15 minutes so that it’s not a false reading i didn’t run up the stairs or anything like that so let’s see what my blood pressure is my blood pressure was 145 over 69 with a pulse of 64 so now how do you lower your blood pressure in amount of minutes here’s what you’re going to do

You’re going to do a special type of breathing and i’m gonna demonstrate how to do it at first and then i’m gonna go ahead and do it and we’ll check my blood pressure afterwards the only thing that does not make this work is some type of serious medical disease of which of course you should see your doctor for but the truth of the matter is you have to do it now

The other day i was in the beginning stages of showing a patient how to do this and she just jumped and said no no no that’s not for me that’s not for me well if you don’t do it it won’t work so the thing is give it a try for 30 days if it doesn’t work you can just stop doing it what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna inhale so deeply getting a lot of oxygen into

Your into your lungs now don’t worry about whether you’re gonna breathe through your nose or exhale or purse your lips just breathe man so here’s how it looks it’s very simple you breathe in and then exhale blow it out and then breathe in and then exhale notice i’m really raising my chest i’m trying to breathe in and as soon as you get the majority of the air into

Your lungs breathe a little more and then exhale letting all the air out so i’m gonna go ahead and do that so one of the things about deep breathing for five minutes is you end up very very relaxed afterwards so i’m checking my blood pressure now and just see what the difference is things you could do to lower your blood pressure also would be to eat more garlic

Garlic has something called allicin in it which lowers your blood pressure also bananas eat a bunch of bananas every day and it’ll lower your blood pressure so now my blood pressure is 115 over 77 with a 62 pulse so that just goes to show you what five minutes of deep breathing can do if a person has borderline hypertension what i would recommend would be to try

This talk to your doctor about it but we’re talking about breathing here whether a doctor i mean what’s a doctor gonna say don’t breathe but the thing is very deep breathing getting a lot of deep breaths in to calm yourself by doing that what you’re doing is you’re stimulating your parasympathetic nervous system to calm the pressure down that’s actually how it

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How to lower blood pressure in MINUTES By Adam J. Story DC