December 9, 2022

In this video I go over how to make soap step by step. I give the full recipe and measurements. I will admit this was the first time I made liquid soap but it was a little bit easier than I thought it would be. I would definitely say this is a more advance soap technique. This method is considered a hot process Glycerin liquid soap recipe. Liquid soaps are made with Potassium Hydroxide (KOH). Thickening liquid soap can be a little challenging. This tutorial shows you how to use a simple saline solution to thicken your soaps.

Welcome back guys this week i’m doing my first attempt at making a liquid soap so i’m going to be giving you guys all the measurements and i’m going to be giving you tips on how i made liquid soap find out if it was successful or not oh boy can’t talk um but i will give you a lot of tips throughout the video because i did struggle with this and i don’t recommend

This for anyone who’s never made either you know cold processed soap or hot processed soap something of that sort because it is kind of similar it’s a different process though and you do have to kind of have knowledge of like how to cook things when things emulsify um i mean you can do this as your first thing but i think it’s you’re going to find it challenging if

This is the first kind of soap that you’re making so we’re making everything from the scratch and the first part that we’re going to do or step number one is that we’re going to melt down all the butters and oils and for my recipe i’m using coconut oil sunflower oil castor oil and olive oil you’re going to put them in a crock pot the recipe that i found online has

Instructions and it says to use a six quart crock pot that’s what i used i ran into some issues i’ll explain those later but anyway so you want to go ahead and start combining all the oils measure them out put them in your crock pot and let them melt for about 15 minutes or so depending on how hot your crock pot gets mine it took about 20 minutes or so to actually

Melt the oils all the way down and then while you’re waiting for the oils to melt down then you can start measuring out the other ingredients as you can see i’ve got all my oils combined into the crock pot and then i’m going to go ahead and set this on high and let everything melt down i’m going to try to be speeding through the video as much as i can because this

It really was an all-day process and i have a lot of video so i don’t want to make you guys sit through anything more than you have to now let’s move on to step two for this part we started making the live solution and this is a little bit different than like cold process soap but it is similar we are also using potassium hydroxide lye um which is again different

Than from cold process or hot processed soap the abbreviation is koh um you want to use 8.9 ounces of this and then we’re also going to be measuring our glycerin and we’re going to do 26.71 ounces of this you want to make sure you’re mixing this in a stainless steel container and you do not want to walk away from this while you’re melting it down once you have

Everything measured you want to take it to the stovetop and heat it on a low to medium heat again do not walk away don’t go anywhere the directions online that i i saw said it should take about five to eight minutes i think it took me about 10 because you really want to mix the um lye solution until all of the little lye crystals are completely dissolved and

I kept just stirring and stirring and stirring and finding little floaties in mine i found that you could press them up to the side of the um you know pot and kind of smush them a little bit with your spatula that helped me a lot um also you it doesn’t look clear while you’re boiling it down and you guys can see that here but once you turn it off and remove it

From the heat you will start to notice that it is pretty clear so if you turn it off and you don’t have heat on it anymore and you notice like little lie flakes in there you need to turn it back on and make sure they are completely dissolved guys so i did speed this part up quite a bit and took out some of the stuff so you guys weren’t sitting here bored but the

Ally crystals in the beginning they kind of stuck to the pot a lot so it does look like i’m struggling to stir it that’s really how it was um and this is probably about stirring it for about five minutes or so and then you can still see quite a bit of the lie in there so again i just kept stirring and stirring and stirring until it was gone and then when i removed

It from the heat again you could see it how it turns clear okay so now that the lye is completely melted down we want to go ahead and add it to our hot oils um so you’re just going to put it directly in there and you’re going to stick blend um the directions that i read so the stick blend for about a minute or until it’s fully emulsified i had to stir this way

Longer than a minute um it says the batter will be a thin trace um i wasn’t sure because i saw other videos online where the soap batter actually got really thick and clunky mine kind of did a little bit but not like what i’ve seen on other videos so it was kind of a surprise to me but this recipe as long as everything turns out um you know it just it wants it

To be kind of like a thinner almost it’s not even applesauce consistency but a thinner consistency it says it’ll be a thin trace it also says to cover the cook cover and cook the soap for about an extra 20 minutes on high it says stir the soap with a spatula you’ll notice it’s starting to thicken up a bit cook the soap for about 20 to 40 minutes and stirring every

15 minutes or so so in between the soap to make sure that it gets like a clear amber color and there might be a layer of foam on top so at this point i’ve been stirring for quite a while i would say it’s been over five minutes um as you can see too on my uh stick blender like little bubbles were going in between like the gaps i don’t know what you call that um and

You can see like almost like bubbles um i don’t know how well the camera picks that up but i was also getting bubbles when i was throwing it kind of like flying out so it’s kind of interesting um i was feeling pretty comfortable that everything was mixed fully so again a little bit longer than the directions say but i would say i stirred it for about five minutes

Maybe take or give a minute or two and i just left it on the high heat and covered it up and kind of came back every 15 minutes or so and you can see each time that i’m taking off the lid what it looks like after 15 minutes i let it cook the full 40 minutes because i wanted to make sure that i was actually cooking everything um the way that it needed to be cooked

Because i didn’t want to mess anything up like i said this is my first time doing it it really didn’t specify if you’re supposed to be mixing this with a spoon or your stick blender i just chose to do my stick blender every so often um the first time i checked it it was like a little bit thicker consistency on top it was a little bit goopy so i kind of scraped the

Edges of the pot and scraped my stick blender as well to make sure that everything was kind of getting fully incorporated and i’m noticing as i’m looking at this right now i’m seeing all the little bubbles fly out it’s so cute but anyway onward so the last time i pull off the lid you could see that the soap is kind of an amber color um and it’s very clear so i’m

Just taking about one percent um dilution and we’re going to measure the ph this i’m not sure if i did it right but i just kind of went off the directions and the measurements i had i’m using ph strips you can use a ph meter those are very expensive these are a cheap find on amazon you can also do a zap test the easiest way to check for the doneness is to take a

Tiny bit of the soap and put it on a spoon and touch it to your tongue see if it zaps when you’re touching your tongue it’s going to be like a battery kind of zap cook the soap about another 10 to 20 minutes if you’re getting a zap again you could also make the solution like i said with the ph meter you want to make sure that you are below 10 on your ph so i took

Some of the hot boiling water that i had and like i said i made it to like a diluted mixture of the soap you also want to make sure when you’re doing that that this is very clear when the soap is fully dissolved when you’re using the hot water it should be very transparent product if it’s cloudy you need to cook the soap a little bit longer so i hope that kind of

Makes sense again i don’t have a lot of information on this if you have made soap like this feel free to leave comments correct me anytime throughout this process because again this is all me trying something new sort of trial and error i’m going off a recipe i found online it it was a little bit of a struggle for me i don’t know if i’ve said that 500 times yet

But i just wanted to add that so when you’re checking the ph at least according to these strips you kind of just dunk it in the water pretty quickly you’re not really supposed to hold it there probably hold it a little bit longer than i needed to but i did a couple of these to make sure it was working right um i would say that based on this meter i’m getting close to

About a seven or an eight i thought it was a little bit closer to an eight but when you look on the camera is kind of hard to tell but i would say this is good so i went ahead and went on to the next step um at this point you are going to want to start dissolving the soap paste um you’re going to bring a full three quarts of your water to a boil or at least that’s

What the direction said i was a little bit confused on this part i’ll be honest um but also says very slowly once your water is boiling um put it into your your slow cooker within about a half inch from the top of your pot you also want to do it really slow if you do it too quickly you’ll start to get like a volcano sort of effect happen i kind of noticed it a

Little bit as i was pouring i was trying to get it to do it to show you guys so you could see what that would look like that’s bad you don’t want your soap to seize up you don’t want large blobs of paste and also the directions say do not start stirring at this point because it will be very sticky once you’ve added the water um as much as you can at least this is

How i did it as much as you can within a half inch from the top i went a little bit more because i really didn’t have room in my crock pot it says to use a six quart crock pot i’m pretty positive that’s what i have i i don’t know maybe somebody else is getting something different so leave a comment below if you’ve used this recipe or had issues with that um once

You’ve added some of the water you want to go ahead and put the plastic wrap on top this is kind of optional it says the reason you’re doing this is so you don’t have to keep adding distilled water throughout the process allow the soap to cook undisturbed for two to three hours so i started my timer and i’m kind of just letting it sit once we’re done with that

We’re going to peel back the plastic wrap and see what happens also one last thing i wanted to add when you’re adding this plastic wrap um once you have it on top you do want to put your slow cooker to the low setting temperature um just so you don’t i guess evaporate anything too quickly or boil it or you know some kind of mess happens so after that has had time

To cook the next step is to replace the plastic wrap with the lid you also want to take everything that is on the bottom of the pot you’ll notice there’ll be a lot of gel at this point and just kind of stir everything around make sure you like get some of the clumps out and go ahead and make sure everything’s mixed really well it also says if you want to leave

This overnight and stop here you can this is a good point but i went ahead and i went added water at this point it says the next day you need to store it thoroughly if you’re leaving it overnight if they’re under your remaining lumps of soap and paste add a little bit more water and turn the cooker on for about another 30 to 60 minutes so if you do stop you want

To make sure you warm the soap up again um i actually left mine for a few days because i had something come up so there was nothing ruined with it um the end product came out great so the next part is you’re going to place a 5 liter pitcher or a stock pot on your scale and zero it out carefully transfer all the soap from the pitcher with a ladle or a measuring

Cup so once it’s been heated back up everything is nice and warm you’re going to start transferring it onto your scale so i will say that this part was a little bit tricky but i did manage to get it all out i used a spoon to scrape mine out into the crock pot i tried something else first it was working so i just started over it said so your pot is zeroed out and

Once you get all of the gel into your pot you need to make sure that you bring the total weight of your soap up to 175 ounces and then stir and combine with a spatula so we’re just letting the soap paste kind of dissolve into water i had to let mine sit for a couple hours um it ended up not melting all the way so i put it on the stove top at a really really low

Heat to kind of speed that up and that seemed to help it a little bit so those are just some tips for you if you’re doing it this way so while that soap was going ahead and the gel was kind of doing its thing turning into soap you can go ahead and start preparing your saline water it says while the soap is diluting make a 20 saline solution combine 14.11 ounces of

Water distilled water and 3.5 ounces of salt and you put it in a microwavable bowl or cup you do microwave this for about two minutes and then start stirring for one minute or until it’s dissolved so i started a little after i measured it and then i put it in the microwave for a couple minutes and most of the salt was dissolved so i only had to stir it for a short

Time and then the saline water was pretty much ready to go okay now we’re going to start taking the soap after everything has melted down all the gel paste is turned into soap we’re going to split that down into different sections and then we’re going to test our fragrance oil and add saline water so the easiest way to scent or fragrance your soap is a liter at

A time so you take a liter of your liquid soap and see if it will behave with the fragrance oil because you don’t want to ruin the entire batch of soap so weigh about 100 or sorry 980 grams or 34.6 ounces of soap into a four quart measuring cup and then you’re going to add about two percent of your favorite fragrance oil or whatever you have if you’re using

Essential oils anything like that and then you’re also going to use the saline that you had to start to thicken up your soap a little bit so you can go ahead and set that on the scale zero it out again um your soap mixture and then you’re gonna do about 30 grams of the saline water to start out with and see how that’s working see how the consistency is and then

You can add more saline about two to four grams at a time and get the thickness and the consistency of that you want it it should be like a warm honey consistency but i know everybody likes it a little bit different you can go all anywhere from 40 to 100 grams of saline to thicken it just remember that you really can’t go backwards once you start doing this so um

It’s best to do it a little bit at a time and going keep stirring i also add some color at this point i did three different types of batches because we were doing this in smaller ones it’s my first time making soap this way so i tried a few different fragrance oils all the ones i used were from brambleberry i use sweet nectar and hibiscus which is the red one i’m

Working on now i think that was by far my favorite um then i did a blue soap and i used the coconut paratoy paradise fragrance oil that they have and um then i also did the cucumber melon and i i colored that one green because i just had a little bit left over um and i i couldn’t use all the fragrance oil so um if your um soap is still kind of warm at this

Point at the end you can just you know pour them in the bottles but you want to leave the screw tops off to prevent like condensation or anything like that also make sure that you clean your bottles before you put them in there sterilize them i do mine in bleach water and then i spritz them with rubbing alcohol maybe a little bit excessive i don’t know but that’s

What i like to do and then when they set out because there was a lot of bubbles when i poured them into my containers i let them sit out you know a few hours and then i did spritz them down with rubbing alcohol again to get the kind of bubbles that were coming on top to disappear and then after an hour so that i just went ahead and put the caps on and everything

Came out great i am very happy and i feel very successful that i was able to complete my first time of making um liquid soap because i’ve been wanting to do it for so long and i hope this tutorial was kind of easy for you guys and it gives you confidence to go ahead and make your own soap if you have questions leave them down below i might not know all the answers

But maybe somebody else in the community does so i’d love to hear about it thank you guys for watching and don’t forget to like and subscribe because it does help the channel

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How to make Liquid Soap | Full recipe included | Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) IN SOAP By alicia arroyo