June 4, 2023

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Hello this is dr. ford brewer with heart attack stroke and cancer prevention why rely on a cure when you can prevent it i’d love to hear your comments your thoughts as you listen to the videos so please go to the comments section write some comments and if you like it share and subscribe today’s video is another in a series on metformin metformin was approved a

Couple of years ago by the fda as a drug for research for overall anti-aging now why is that well emmet furman has had a lot of impact in prevention of type 3 diabetes which is senility alzheimer’s obviously it prevention or management of diabetes but also a prevention of heart attack and stroke so i’ve got videos on each of those so what about cancer now where’s

That connection well before we talk about that connection let’s just do some headlines on cancer head and neck cancer 46 percent decrease in a recent study of heading that cancer in on patients with metformin stomach cancers similar type of finding a 55 percent decrease in stomach cancer among patients on metformin meta-analysis is a large study where you take

Multiple different independent studies and pooled the data where possible this one was on 27 independent studies 24,000 patients it looked at colon and rectum cancer as well as prostate cancer both associated with diabetes oh among colon and rectum cancer patients taking metformin there’s a 37 percent decrease in recurrence a 31% overall improvement in survival

And a 42% cancer-free survival improvement with prostate cancer similar thing 42% cancer free survival improvement so what’s going on here well let’s just add another headline first metformin has been studied in tumor incidence among 17 different types of target organs as we’ve mentioned already prostate colon rectum melanoma there’s been a lot of research in

Melanoma in diabetes there have been multiple animal models rats mice again looking at this the same connection between diabetes metformin and cancer multiple types of cancer origin – spontaneous cancer origin as well as ionizing radiation virus genetics diet environmental now okay so let’s go back and talk about the mechanism we i think the the fact that there’s

Associations there is pretty clear so let’s talk about this this is a an article from the american diabetes association and it’s on the diabetes cancer link and she talks about several different items first of all the fact that dot diabetes is associated with colon breast cancer pancreatic cancer liver cancer endometrial cancer bladder cancer non-hodgkins lymphoma

And prostate she doesn’t even mention melanoma and again there’s a significant relationship there so what are the mechanisms and again she’s talking about type 2 diabetes here um there are several mechanisms one is elevated insulin as a mechanism there are other mechanisms as well changes in estrogen and testosterone level chronic inflammation and we’ve talked

About several different mechanisms whereby diabetes can impact chronic inflammation we originally looked at chronic inflammation from diabetes associated with the heart attack jean bradley bell and amy dineen wrote a book on beat the heart attack gene they’re talking about nine p21 as we’ve mentioned before 9021 was originally known as a cancer gene associated

With these cancers and guess what the connection was 9021 is really at a diabetes gene other mechanisms listed in this aba american diabetes association article on type-2 diabetes and cancer obesity is associated obesity and overweight is associated with cancer and actually just hyperglycemia the fact of having glucose levels well over 100 your doctor still probably

Considers a glucose level of a hundred as normal it’s not you should be hitting below 100 routinely so there’s an interesting point about these mechanisms this author doesn’t even mention one of what appears to be one of the bigger mechanism and we’ve talked about several of these things in other videos the warburg effect you remember the warburg effect is the fact

That very many cancer molecules have a very primitive form of energy metabolism it’s similar to the energy metabolism of now we’ve run into we ran into energy metabolism of yeast and it’s primitive mechanisms when we talk about fermentation about sixty to eighty percent of cancer cells have poor primitive glucose metabolism so the warburg effect again is that if

You mess with the glucose metabolism you may actually have an impact on cancer cells there’s i did another video on the fact that a lot of people thought that they could wipe out cancer using a low-carb diet you can’t do that but you can actually impact cancers using a low-carb diet and guess what metformin also impacts cancer

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How to prevent cancer: does Metformin help? What's the Diabetes/Metformin/Cancer Connection? By Ford Brewer MD MPH