June 4, 2023

Hi i’m tony guerra pharmd and i wanted to go over metoprolol morphology there’s some question as to the proper pronunciation of it now the question there are two ways to pronounce the generic beta-blocker metoprolol which is correct is it metoprolol or is it meta pro-law first what’s morphology second what’s the morphology of other beta-blockers so we can get this in

Context to see if we can make a comparison and then why does metoprolol violate our expectations so first what is morphology let’s look at linguistic morphology a stem is a root that has meeting so the word run has meaning you can put fx’s on it you can put a prefix something before the run to make it rerun which makes it a completely different word or you can put

A suffix on it to make it run er which is not the act of running but the actual person that does run so in usan morphology that’s the u.s. adopted names council morphology the stem is a root that has meaning sort of oh lol is supposed to say it’s a kind of beta blocker and these ethics is the prefix has no meaning it’s only supposed to separate different types of

Medicine sopra prantle all atenolol and metoprolol are all beta blockers by having this stem of oh lol but we’re going to see that this m etop r runs into problems and according to the usan way of doing things there’s no suffix in this case so beta-blocker morphology continued we have a stem expectation of having an oh lol at the end and it’s the same way that if

You were to say a phone number and go five one five five five five one two one two what we’re going to see is that there’s a stem expectation violation instead of having the oh lol together the o gets pulled away and we just have lol at the end it would be like saying a phone number five one five five five five one two one two and the other person go wait a minute

You missed a number no i didn’t know you missed a number you just said two one two at the end right but i said five five five one well why would you do that and the same thing is going to be true here with metoprolol so let’s first look at a bunch of beta-blockers and see what’s the same a spew dalal atenolol but taxol alba sopra lal carvedilol esmolol labetalol

Mehta prandtl all metoprolol nadolol penh butyl all pindell all propranolol i’ve got all these beta-blockers and we might first think okay well carvedilol has an eye lol and labetalol has an a lol so those are wrong but they sound just fine and why do they sound just fine because we have this two syllable expectation at the end o all all ill all l all they all

Come together the problem is with bisoprolol esmolol and metoprolol is that by taking this oh lol away we have now created unpronounceable syllables you can’t say purr you can’t say ism so because you can’t say those two syllables in a meaningful way we’re going to have to do something a little bit goofy as molal is fine though because there’s only one way to

Do it as mo law there’s no argument there the problem is with bisoprolol and metoprolol is that there are many different ways to do it you can go this soap for long you can go bissell pro-law you can go piss up ro log or you can do metoprolol meto pro-law or metoprolol the third sounds awkward in both cases so we don’t do that but in two different references i

Found that the sopra law and meta pro law which should be the same end up being different so let’s go back to our phone number expectation we expect five one five five five five one two one two but these unpronounceable still syllables don’t allow us to keep the stem we now have to split it and make this very strange five one five five five five one two one two

And that’s uncomfortable for us and because of that we have these two choices so there are two ways to pronounce the generic beta-blocker metoprolol which is correct well there really isn’t a correct one i found both reliable references one says metoprolol it was a medical dictionary and one says meta pro-law this is one of those paid online references that you go

To so really we can only take a descriptive view here and say wherever you’re at that’s how i would pronounce it if they say meta pro-law there i’d say pronounce it that way if they say metoprolol there i’d pronounce it that way

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How to pronounce metoprolol (Memorizing Pharmacology Extended Explanation) By Tony PharmD