June 4, 2023

If you are insulin resistant there are certain foods you want to eat and ones to avoid. Insulin resistance can be reversed through diet and lifestyle change. There are two key factors that will help you reverse insulin resistance. 𝗖𝗟𝗜𝗖𝗞 𝗧𝗢 𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗗 𝗠𝗢𝗥𝗘 ↓

To reverse insulin resistance if you are insulin resistant this means type 2 diabetes and pcos insulin resistance affects over half of the us be concerned about but thankfully if you are insulin that insulin resistance is reversible but the advice they were giving be as widespread as it is thankfully today i have some going to talk about some of the steps you can take to

Reverse a few weeks ago i did a video on signs and symptoms of insulin resistance is pause this video check out this one and then come back i’m going to quickly insulin is the hormone responsible for transporting sugar every time we eat carbohydrates they are broken down into sugar takes the glucose to where it needs to be and blood sugar your insulin stays high and your

Blood sugar stays high is being insulin sensitive when you are insulin sensitive insulin resistance is caused when insulin levels are insulin is released in response to the blood sugar rise and with our dietary guidelines being based around bread pasta and cereal so the second part to insulin resistance eats five to six times a day whereas in the 1970s the average back

Down in between meals it is still trying to deal with the and you want to eat less frequently both of these strategies paired together let’s get into the top foods you can eat to reverse insulin resistance in just a moment but please hear me out on this point first when we are in a fasted state the food from our last meal has been digested insulin sensitivity in clinical

Trials and this has led to the trend fasting is 16 8 where you fast for 16 hours a day and even just cutting snacks out of your day and eating three meals insulin sensitive protein only raises insulin moderately sensitive or resistant if you can shift your diet so your olive oil is a great way to add more fat to your diet now when you are buying an olive oil make sure to

Buy a good quality brand for our health number three salmon wild caught salmon is one of the best salmon is also really filling and will help keep you they are just the best for so many reasons egg yolks specifically are although the egg whites might for this reason if you’re insulin eat more of the yolks just to make sure that your fat is improving insulin sensitivity but

Additionally avocados are also a potassium is thought to lead to reduced insulin secretion and impaired over 30 years showed that 373 of these participants was lower than average this is just a correlation of course and yes simply cutting all of the snacks out of your diet accelerate your progress even more a lot of people simply skip fat fasting or bulletproof fasting is

When you have a drink filled with fat in your insulin is not stimulated and it helps to keep you full and blended with butter and mct oil butter in your coffee might but i have been doing this for years i absolutely swear by it if you like this video you might also like my video on the pros and cons of if you want to catch up on my most recent upload you can click here you

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How to Reverse Insulin Resistance FAST! (BEST FOODS FOR INSULIN RESISTANCE) By Health Coach Kait