May 29, 2023

Do you have insulin resistance? Here are 3 easy steps you can take to reverse insulin resistance naturally! Insulin resistance is a lifestyle disease and can be reversed with a few simple diet and exercise adjustments. 𝗖𝗟𝗜𝗖𝗞 𝗧𝗢 𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗗 𝗠𝗢𝗥𝗘 ↓

In today’s video we’re going to be talking about  how to reverse insulin resistance naturally i have   insulin resistance how to know if you are   insulin resistant the best foods you can eat for  it etc but in today’s video i am going to give you   these are actionable steps that cost basically   no money that you can start

Implementing today now  this video is actually a continuation of a video i   put out a couple weeks ago that video was about  what exactly insulin resistance is what causes   it and how it is related to metabolic syndrome  type 2 diabetes pcos and more i highly recommend   pausing this video and going and watching that 

One first because if you watch that one first   then you’re really gonna understand why the tips  i am explaining in this video will work so in   today’s video we’re going to discuss the most  effective strategies you can start implementing   now to help you reverse insulin resistance hey  guys welcome back to my channel if

You’re new   here my name is kait i’m a health coach and i post  videos on a high fat nutrient dense way of eating   if you like this video please give it a thumbs up  feel free to share and make sure to subscribe and   make sure to follow me on instagram twitter and  facebook where i share new posts every single  

Day okay so in today’s video i’m not gonna go too  into what insulin resistance is and what causes it   because as i said i uploaded a video that was  entirely on that topic a couple of weeks ago   but the short summary is insulin resistance is  when your body is not able to manage blood sugar   efficiently leading to high

Insulin levels and  these high insulin levels cause symptoms such   as visceral or abdominal fat skin tags dark skin  patches and irregular periods for women and this   high circulating insulin will eventually lead to  other diseases as well so if you’re watching this   video today it’s probably because number one your 

Doctor has diagnosed you with insulin resistance   which is actually pretty rare because doctors  do not routinely test fasting insulin despite   might think that your insulin resistance   symptoms associated with it either way the   steps i am about to outline can not only help you  to reverse insulin resistance but they

Can also   help you to prevent it going forward and keep you  in top metabolic health and make sure you stick   around until the end of the video because a lot of  people don’t realize just how effective tip number   three is number one track your blood sugar unless  you’re a diabetic it is unlikely that you have  

Ever given any thought to your blood sugar but  measuring your blood sugar levels periodically   and noticing how certain foods affect your blood  sugar can help you to make adjustments that will   improve your insulin sensitivity as we spoke about  in part one of this series insulin resistance is   caused by high circulating

Insulin levels also  known as hyperinsulinemia and what causes insulin   to increase when our blood sugar is constantly  spiking throughout the day based on the foods we   eat if we can keep our blood sugar from spiking or  at least spiking less often less insulin will be   needed and by keeping circulating insulin low our 

Cells start to become more sensitive to it again   aka insulin resistance begins to reverse now i’m  going to give you a few tips in a moment for how   you can avoid these big spikes and keep your blood  sugar more stable but first i’m just going to   quickly explain how to test blood sugar the most  inexpensive way to measure and

Track blood sugar   is using a blood glucose meter like the one from  keto mojo you prick your finger put the drop of   blood on the strip and your blood sugar reading  will come up almost instantly what we want to be   looking for here is how the foods we are eating  are impacting our blood sugar so we want to test  

Eat mainstream recommendations will say to   measure only two hours after you eat but by doing  this you are missing an important window of time   if you really want a clear picture i say measure  10 minutes after eating 30 minutes after eating   one hour after eating and then two hours after  eating and see how much your blood

Sugar levels   sugar to come back down to baseline to what it was   before you ate it is big swings up and down that  we want to avoid glycemic variability is the word   used to describe the change in blood sugar we  see throughout the day high glycemic variability   with an increased risk of insulin resistance   low

Glycemic variability is what we want to aim  for by measuring our blood sugar we can see how   the foods we are eating are affecting us and if  they are contributing to insulin resistance or   countering it all right but how can we keep blood  sugar stable let’s get into that with tip number   two be smart with carbs as we spoke

About in the  part 1 video when we eat carbohydrates they’re   broken down by our bodies into glucose or sugar  and this causes our blood glucose or sugar to rise   and this is not the same as protein and fat which  are broken down into amino acids and fatty acids   to less than 100 grams per day or ideally less   than

50 grams our glycemic variability will reduce  significantly the second part to this is that when   we do eat foods that are rich in carbohydrates  such as bread pasta and potatoes we don’t want to   eat them naked what do i mean by this when we eat  carb rich foods in isolation let’s say a banana or   a pear for example which have

Very little protein  or fat the blood sugar spike is significant but   if we take that same food and pair it with protein  and or fat let’s say some peanut butter the blood   sugar response is much lower so if you’re having  a difficult time reducing carbohydrates entirely   can help to mitigate the blood sugar response  

Going to eat foods rich in carbohydrates we   can eat them around exercise and i don’t mean you  need to go on an intense run every time you eat   even just going for a quick walk after eating  these foods can significantly lessen the spike   the reason being is that your body is using that  energy immediately instead of relying on

Insulin   to carry it to your cells and my final tip for  being smart with your carbs kind of goes along   is to eat them at the end of your meal for   a salad and some roast potatoes for dinner   eat the protein and the non-starchy vegetables  first and then eat the starchy vegetables one 2017   study done on type

2 diabetics had participants  eat the same meal three days in a row on the   first day they ate the carbohydrate portion of  the meal first and then 10 minutes later ate the   protein and the vegetable portion on the second  day they ate the protein and the vegetables first   waited 10 minutes and then ate the carbs and the 

Final day they ate everything together insulin   levels were tested before eating and after eating  every 30 minutes for the following three hours   insulin levels were significantly lower after the  meal when the carbohydrate portion was eaten last   and number three do the right type of exercise  so many people i work with

Who are insulin   resistant tell me they feel like they’re doing  everything right and they’re not seeing results   they’re watching what they eat they’re exercising  daily so what gives part of the reason ties in   with what we’ve already been talking about about  how people don’t understand the impact that their  

Food is having on their bodies we think we know  what a healthy diet is based on what we see   and hear from the media but this interpretation  is skewed the second part to this is that people   are not doing the right type of exercise in the  context of insulin resistance we do not want to   be doing endless amounts of cardio

Or intense  workout classes the goal of exercise should not   be on burning calories burning more calories does  not equal better for reversing insulin resistance   this is done through resistance training the   more muscle mass you have the more room to store  glucose your body has this is because our muscles   are

Where most glucose is stored which can help  to reverse insulin resistance because glucose   the following study in several of my videos   but i really wanted to mention it again because  i think it really hits home that you don’t need   to be doing a lot of exercise in order to see  improvements to your insulin sensitivity

This   study was done in 2019 and looked at the effect  short duration resistance training had on insulin   sensitivity in overweight men the men did three  resistance training sessions a week for six weeks   with each session only lasting 15 to 20 minutes so  a maximum of an hour of exercise each week during   the

Workout they did one singular repetition of  nine different exercises at 80 percent of their   saw an increase in their insulin sensitivity   whether that’s squats push-ups even  push-ups on your knees or push-ups on a wall   help to improve your insulin sensitivity   small changes add up over time and if you do all 

Of these little things right it will pay off and   you will see results anyways guys that’s all i  have for you today i hope you found this video   thumbs up click that subscribe button and feel   free to share it with a friend or family member  who you think would also find it helpful and let   me know in the comment section

Down below if you  currently track your blood sugar after you eat and   if there’s anything you’ve noticed if you don’t  currently track and you’re interested in buying   a blood glucose monitor i will link to some of my  favorites in the description box down below and   thank you so much guys for watching if you did  enjoy

This video you might also enjoy my video   on signs that insulin resistance is reversing  you can check it out right here if you want to   catch up on my most recent upload you can find it  here and if you want to check out my keto diet and   carnivore night coaching programs you can find  them here thanks guys i’ll see you next time bye

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How to REVERSE Insulin Resistance NATURALLY! (3 STEPS) 2022 By Health Coach Kait