February 1, 2023

How to stop taking omeprazole 20mg and omeprazole 40 mg is discussed. Discuss why it is hard to stop suddenly and cold turkey may not be the best approach.

Hi this is josh i’m a pharmacist with pharmacist tips calm today i’m gonna talk to you a little bit about how to stop taking the medication omeprazole is a proton pump inhibitor what does that mean it reduces stomach acid reduces stomach acid secretion it’s available in the us under the brand name prozac it’s available generically and then by far most of the sales

Occur with the generic the over the otc or over-the-counter form is indicated for two weeks or less how long you’re supposed to use that prescription insert tells you it should be used for four to eight weeks oftentimes we see it used for much longer than that and then it makes it difficult to quit after your body used to this medication some of the common uses

Just to have a full background here of mf rizal again i want to emphasize that it’s the literature suggest we should use it for the shortest time possible two to four weeks gerd or gastroesophageal reflux disease may take eight weeks of treatment ulcer treatment one or two months h pylori that’s an infection in the stomach you usually take proton pump inhibitors

Along with typically a couple antibiotics like amoxicillin and clarithromycin something like that for two weeks prevention when you’re using it for prevention like if you’re taking certain medications or if you have certain conditions that require you have hypersecretion of acid you may need to take these long-term these medications can help prevent serious long

Serious conditions from occurring however if you’re only taking it for a short term you know sometimes you get stuck on me is and you really don’t need to be taking them long-term erosive esophagitis that’s one of those long-term conditions where you may need to use it for years and said protection that’s where you’re taking like ibuprofen naproxen diclofenac a

Total lack you know something like that and you’re gonna take the mep result to help protect your stomach and again that’s probably going to be that’s one of those situations where you’re simply going to have to use this long term especially if you’re at higher risk of a bleeding ulcer so there simply are situations where that long-term therapy is going to be needed

So what are some of the long-term risks that seem to be associated with a mep result well it seems like it may increase the risk of fracture so weakening bones over time and again this is when you’re on it long term we’re talking years and years here increased risk of certain kind of infections like pneumonia or a serious colon infection called c-diff it may it

Seems like it may cause low levels of magnesium in the body you know because stomach acid is important it’s there for a reason and it helps with the absorption of certain vitamins and things the proper breakdown of food so that your body can fully utilize them so it seems like magnesium vitamin b12 is not absorbed properly and iron and calcium seem to need that

Acidic environment of the stomach and when we take that away through prescription therapy or over-the-counter therapy you just can’t optimize the levels of those in your body so how does one wean themselves off of mep resolve because it’s hard to stop if you’re on a map result and you’ve tried to stop it’s been shown an acid rebound can occur that means your acid

Production could come back even more than it was before you started on this but you can mitigate this it is something you can do so if you’re on the prescription for it is you’d want to go to the 20s and again if you’re taking the prescription form of omeprazole you’d want to talk to your physician or your healthcare provider explain to them you want to go off this

Medication and they’ll help you to determine whether you have a long-term risk where you’re better off taking this or if it is a good idea to try and get you off of this then i’ll once you’re down to the 20s typically you’re gonna try to go every other day with this medicine and if you can if symptoms are too bad on that day you’re not taking it you can take an h2

Blocker or antacids on the alternate day so you would do omeprazole one day and an h2 blocker like ranitidine or famotidine the next day leprous all and so on and then after a few weeks you can go to every third day you can members all ranitidine ranitidine omeprazole and continue to slowly wean yourself off of that so that hyper acidity is not so terrible something

That you can live with okay and then once once your every third day you can try switching entirely to an h2 blocker like i said that’s ranitidine or famotidine or some of the most common ones that we see folks use and they interesting thinking h2 blockers is h2 means as a histamine to receptor actually may work better for certain nighttime symptoms certain nighttime

Acid symptoms because sometimes histamine is involved with that so that’s a something kind of interesting to keep in mind you slowly want to decrease the dose of then your h2 blocker to every other day using antacids antacids we’re talking about toms we’re talking to those little chalky tablets rolaids those chewable antacids immediately neutralize the acid in

The stomach and then we’re gonna you know do the same sort of thing every third day and then we really want to try and stop that once we’re stopped and off of it we can keep antacids on hand for flare-ups and if you’re just not able to stop or your symptoms are terrible you want to follow up with your doctor make sure there’s no long term condition there something

More serious going on just to be evaluated so lifestyle changes we want to stay off of this once you get yourself off you want to keep yourself off of it weight loss is a big one i know everybody groans when i mentioned that but that’s how i got rid of my heartburn i you know i hated to admit it but i needed to lose about 15 pounds and once i did my acid stomach

Went away my heartburn disappeared so it’s i know it’s easy to take a pill but at the same time you feel better when you lose that weight and it’s nice not to be dependent on a medication avoid eating a couple hours two to three hours before bedtime that just having that food in the stomach and then you lay down can kind of push on the esophagus and come up to bite

You when you’re trying to go to sleep so stop smoking again one of those hard ones but man you can really freak of health conditions and symptoms when you break free from that habit that’s another one i know that’s hard to break but man when i finally kicked it whether it would have feeling stress management life is stressful we’re busy we got jobs we got kids we

Got bills it’s all stressful so we need to try and manage that and you know one of the big things is watching what we eat it’s easy to just grab some garbage and shove it down your throat and you don’t feel good afterwards you get a momentary enjoyment out of that snack food but in the long run it makes you feel worse so just try to make a few better decisions and

Your choice of food throughout the day learn some simple breathing techniques there’s a lot of real easy apps out there simple box breathing maybe take a yoga class you know whatever just a few minutes of calm man can do a lot for you quality sleep related to that stress if we get some good sleep not only we’re gonna make better food choices during the day it’s

Been shown we’re gonna be more likely to exercise and it also less acid problems so you owe it to yourself i mean you owe it to yourself to get some good sleep and feed yourself well so you feel good i mean a lot of this can be managed i know it’s hard it’s the easy choice but in the long run you’re gonna do yourself a favor if you really think about some of these

Lifestyle things elevating your bed six inches off the floor the head of the bed can help you know because then it’s less likely to come back up the esophagus and if you do need to use over a counter on mep rizal no more than 14 days just like the labels even though it comes in a box with enough there for three weeks if you read the label it says you should use

It from no more than fourteen days try and stick to that and then you won’t have such a hard time getting off of this medication alright i appreciate you watching my video i hope the information was useful to you again if you have chronic symptoms talk to your health care provider we want to make sure there’s nothing serious going on no sort of problems with your

Esophagus or ulcers or some other stomach issues and i’d really appreciate it if you subscribe to my channel and thanks again for watching

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