March 24, 2023

How to cure anxiety and depression naturally and living a life stress free. I have 8 tips which I have used for the past few weeks to help my withdrawal from antidepressants (citalopram 10mg). These tips can conquer depression and anxiety from the first day.

I have watched these types of self-help videos in the past and they all kind of have the same consensus and that is soft background music and speaking in such a no-no i can’t i can’t do that it makes me more anxious so sorry if you guys are here father it’s definitely not one of those videos i just want to give you these eight tips and yeah hi guys welcome back to

My channel so for the past few weeks i’ve been coming off citalopram and my anxiety levels have been through the roof specifically in the first week the second week was more depression that i was feeling and these tips that i’m gonna give you definitely helped me with anxiety and depression number one at private twitter account with 0 of followers okay so obviously

This sounds like so depressing but it is so helpful so if you’re ever annoyed at someone like your boyfriend or your friend it is always better to try and clear it up in your head and come along to it with a clear mind in the past i have started arguments with my friends or with my boyfriend and it’s just escalated because it is in the heat of the moment that you’re

Feeling these things where now i just take to my private twitter account and i do my writing on there and it usually releases that if i’m still annoyed at the situation then i can come to it with a clear mind and it’s all good so for example when eric’s ignoring my calls i took to twitter a week later he was still ignoring my calls like not continuously it’s because

We have a time difference and i need attention but yeah if you are watching this eric please just put your phone on vibrate it’s something that annoys me and i’m addressing it to you now and i’m not angry about it number two if you’re not okay say it and i don’t mean they’re not okay as in you just want to have a run anyone – are you and be all confrontational i

Mean the not okay as in you are feeling depressed and you are feeling anxious and you feel like you don’t really you want to talk to anyone and you do want to isolate yourself this week i’ve definitely felt like that and there has been situations where i’ve not wanted to talk to people and i’ve been ignoring my friends which is really bad but they came out and said

Ah where’s eva and that’s when i told them how i felt i wasn’t feeling very good and that actually took away all the negativity i was crying for like half an hour got that message and i responded to it and they understood they were so good they really helped me they comforted me they asked me how i feel i think just talking about your feelings in general if you

Are feeling down not like a run down but if you are feeling depressed then it is just better to talk because it’s it’s just nice to know that someone cares and someone’s there to listen like why else do people pay so much to sit and talk to a counselor no misery just cut out all of the negative people in your life sometimes this is easy you do get those really low

Maintenance friends the don’t bother messaging yet and you constantly asking them to meet up and it stresses you out when they cancel and it stresses you out that you’re the one that always has to make the effort i know that this sometimes is their personality and yeah your friends can’t be there for you all the time but when this is upsetting you and you getting

Annoyed and you get an upset then these negativity in your life and you don’t need that just stick to the people that care and make the effort but yeah there’s so many examples of like negative people there’s also the people that don’t understand depression and these arts of people i’ve definitely cut out of my life because i have had people said to me when i was

Depressed that it’s nothing mental illness is not a thing and i listen to them and that i would say stop me from getting the help yeah you don’t need it you just you don’t you don’t number four clean a clean space equals a clean mind and a dirty space equals a date mind oh maybe that wasn’t the right word just clean look at that chair in your bedroom and thing i

Need to sit on that chair i don’t need my clubs to sit on that chair bit of a daolon get you caught onions out and start putting them back in your wardrobe or you drawers but yeah once you’ve started cleaning i find that you got ahead and clean more and more but then before you know it it’s 9 p.m. and your house is spotless and you can have an amazing night sleep

Dust free number 5 get up and do something my mom always said if you pod you’re a boring person i know it’s hard when you are depressed to force yourself to do something but just take the example that i used before clean like that’s the best way to clean boredom because at least then you’d be motivated and then you can move it yourself to them maybe go out and just

Make them a computer that’s not trying to say number 6 6 have something to look forward to i can’t think of anything more depressing do not having something to look forward to this is why i buy things of the wish app because it takes about one to three months to arrive but at least you’ve always got that one pound thing to look forward to but it doesn’t always have

To be spending your money it can also be the thing i’m gonna go onto next number seven ah i absolutely look buffs i think it’s such a good way to chill out and have some me time and even having a shower i feel like if you don’t want to do anything with you day then having a shower it actually clears your mind and you feel like you want to get up and do something

Because you’ve got clean hair and it smell nice and you want to show people this i’m finally number eight diaries so this takes us back to number one with the twitter account unless you want to do a diary really old school i find that i personally don’t have the time for this anymore but social media is a great way to use it as a diary twitter is essentially just

A blog and having that private twitter account with zero followers then you can put whatever you want no one’s gonna see it it’s probably more secure than write in your things down where people can have access to it but a good thing about is that you can go back and see how you were feeling in the past and compare it to how you are now yeah you can definitely look

Back at it and think why was i angry at that and hopefully you won’t get angry at that anymore so yeah they are my eight tips on what i’ve been using all the past two weeks whilst coming off the medication i’ve made two videos about coming off antidepressants so if you want to check those out i’ll link them down below i am really enjoying doing these mental health

Type videos so if you are enjoying them as well please give this video a big thumbs up and yeah i will see you next time

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HOW TO STOP WORRYING || ANXIETY & DEPRESSION Week 3 coming off Citalopram By Eve Hemingway