March 28, 2023

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Hello you might be wondering how do i take prednisone 10 milligrams for five days i’m dr megan your prednisone pharmacist and i am an expert on how to take prednisone to make sure you have the fewest side effects and get the most benefit out of it so prednisone 10 milligrams for five days if you were given a prescription like this the best source of information

Is either your pharmacist or your doctor but if you’re still wondering keep listening often a prescription of prednisone 10 milligrams for five days is several options the first option is you’re given a bottle of 10 milligram pills and you’re told to take a certain number of pills each day and it usually starts out high and goes lower as the time goes on so one

Option would be you’re given a whole bunch of the same size pills but on day one you’re told to take five tablets on day two four tablets on day three three tablets on day two four two tablets on on day five one tablet so each day you’re taking one fewer pill right and so you’re you might be wondering do i take it five times a day or do i take it all at once

And the answer is you’d want to take it all at once first thing in the morning what does first thing in the morning mean that means either when you wake up or when dawn is whatever time of day dawn is that’s because that’s when your body would naturally be releasing that hormone in your body that pronazole is replacing called cortisol so should you take it with

Food or without food does it matter most people recommend that you take it with food but if you’re not taking other medications and there is not going to be a possible drug interaction with them it’s possible to take prednisone with just a glass of water make sure you swallow it and it goes all the way down to your gut you don’t want it to getting stuck in your

Esophagus that is how most people take prednisone and that way you will be counteracting the most side effects possible because stomach upset such as gastroesophageal reflux disease or gerd is a common side effect and insomnia is another common side effect that people have and that’s because they might take the prednisone too late in the day or because they’re

Taking such a high dose of prednisone so if after you’ve taken this you’re thinking wow i really can’t fall back asleep at night it’s the prednisone and it’s not you so go do something useful go read a book you’ve been meaning to read something maybe boring or scientific that’ll help you fall back asleep and take your prednisone dose first thing in the morning

Again because then it will have time to wear off by the time bedtime hits because it lasts about it takes about 30 minutes for your body to absorb it and kick in and then it wears off completely it’s almost gone from your system after about 20 hours so then you’ll be able to sleep at night better so if that’s how you have been prescribed prednisone it’s often

Five four three two one but it’s possible you could be given four every day for four for five days and that is very common four 10 milligram tablets every day for five days would be 40 milligrams each day and you would just take all four at once first thing in the morning with a glass of water or with food if you’re having stomach upset and you do it the same

Time every day and on the last day you would stop if you were to continue beyond a week to 10 days you would need to do what’s called a taper where you go down and don’ts slowly but if it’s less than a week to 10 days then it’s okay to just stop suddenly but beyond a week to 10 days it is dangerous it can actually be fatal to go off prednisone suddenly without

Tapering so i highly recommend that you follow the prescription instructions exactly as your doctor wrote them and if you have any questions call your pharmacist or send me a message i might be able to answer it i am dr megan your prednisone pharmacist and you can find out more about how to counteract prednisone side effects by clicking the link below signing

Off as dr megan your prednisone pharmacist you

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