May 29, 2023

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He’s a young guy we need to correct this for him uh he’s pretty desperate um i mean he flew here from florida i’m in new york city for those of you that don’t know that hi everyone if you have gerd or acid reflux you are going to want to watch this video so we have luke here who uh came all the way from florida to see us and vuce has a hiatal hernia but he

Started out having acid reflux and gerd and many people that have that condition don’t know they have a hiatal hernia or they don’t even know what a hiatal hernia is they just know that they have acid reflux and that they were given omeprazole or prevacid or prilosec or nexium or in vuce case 15 medications yeah you heard that right he was taking 15 medications

A day at one point is that right yeah that’s right um that since september right yeah i mean uh since uh four four years ago okay so for four years now and his acid reflux is it better with the 15 medications 50 better 100 70 i mean it’s better that i don’t feel that much pain but okay so he doesn’t feel too much burning unless he gets really stressed out his

Job requires him to travel a lot so he has a stressful job so it sounds like it does get triggered quite a bit so i want to do this video for all of you that are out there suffering from gerd heartburn acid reflux you probably have a hiatal hernia or you don’t have enough acid i know it’s hard to grasp on to that concept we’re not going to talk about that in

This video because usually that’s not the issue um usually it is a hiatal hernia especially if you’re having stomach pain in here and i’ve done a video on how to test for hiatal hernia without going and getting an expensive endoscopy he had an endoscopy and he has a about two years ago and he has a sliding type one hiatal hernia and he said he was worried that

It would go to a type two right yeah that’s right so what i explained to him was if you have a type one hiatal hernia it can’t go to a type three or four because those are are genetic defects those are defects with the stomach okay and um you know so it’s not going to progress to that next type right so 90 of hiatal hernias are type 1 sliding hernias like he has

And of those 10 are symptomatic only 10 he’s a young guy we need to correct this for him uh he’s pretty desperate um i mean he flew here from florida i’m in new york city for those of you that don’t know that so um and he’s not here for work so he’s here just to treat with us for the day hopefully we can get him to come back treat a couple more times he had asked

Me how long does this take you know some people respond immediately we’ve had some people two three visits it it’s made a huge difference we have other people take four or five weeks and and some that take two to three months so every case is different i wish i knew ahead of time you know which cases would be difficult which wouldn’t he has a lot of pain when you

Touch here like a stabbing pain so for him on this first visit it’s going to be hard to get through a lot of that soft tissue and pull that stomach down but i lasered him to reduce the inflammation so we can try to um go ahead and and eliminate the pain and discomfort for him and and get some movement of that stomach and pull it out of the diaphragm and correct

The herniation this is the only technique that corrects a hiatal hernia except for surgery but i don’t think you want to go that route the outcomes five years after surgery are not good for both laparoscopic and nissan fundoscopic so we’re going to go ahead and start here let’s see first how much you know that sensitivity is improved still there a little bit but

Better so we’re going to definitely follow up with him if he lets us he’s a little camera shy so if he lets us we’ll follow up with him um and let you guys know how he’s doing uh we have also done a whole bunch of patient testimonials after some after three four visits some after ten seven we’ve done all different videos of patient testimonials to follow up with

Patients and see how they’re doing how are you doing so far yeah it’s painful see i would not have been able to touch him like this without the lasers so the laser doesn’t help with the hernia or the herniation of the the stomach through the diaphragm but it does reduce inflammation muscle spasms and pain allowing me to get in there a little bit more on our

First visit and sometimes we have to do the laser on a second and third visit for people that are really symptomatic and and um in a lot of pain seem to be tolerating it much better good stomach is pretty tight we’re gonna do one more and i want you to relax as best as you can folks when i say this is the only technique there are a few different ways of doing

It some chiropractors stand at the bottom over there and pull down and tug down i hate that method it’s uh it causes a a reflex in your stomach and you tighten up and it doesn’t work well i’ve found over the years i’ve been doing this 22 years this technique works much better you need to have the patient as relaxed as possible so his abdominal wall here is a bit

Tight and after we do one treatment this will get less and less painful this will loosen up more and more with each visit okay you hear that that was your stomach pulling down so we didn’t put the microphone next to his stomach but we’ve done some videos where you can hear that it’s a unique sound it’s kind of like your stomach growling but not really you could

Feel it sliding down right so we’re all set with you for today why don’t you go ahead roll over to your side stand up take a deep breath in just see how you feel you might have a increase in burping belching even an increase in acid reflux for a few hours some people um though have an immediate decrease in acid reflux okay how are you feeling right now take a

Full breath in do you do you feel different do you feel um any acid reflux right now no it’s just a funny feeling like in your stomach like a little bit uncomfortable yeah yeah but yeah it’s gonna be a little sore okay and if you are here tomorrow and you haven’t flown out yet it would not be too soon for you to treat with me tomorrow um tomorrow’s tuesday i’m

Here in the morning at 8 30. so something to consider you could treat in the morning and then hop on a flight back and we’re gonna go over some tips i’ve done all these videos on tips on how to on how to prevent uh re-herniating your hiatal hernia i’m gonna give him those now and one of them um you guys probably remember is rolling up a towel and putting it on a

Chair behind you so your posture isn’t like this but more like this an extension so we’ll go over that now before your flight okay all right thanks for tuning in folks thank you guys so much if you got anything from this video or even if you just like this view of the empire state building and the chrysler building give me a like and don’t forget to subscribe appreciate you guys you

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How To Treat Acid Reflux (GERD) without Medicine (Omeprazole) By Synergy Wellness Chiropractic \u0026 Physical Therapy PLLC