March 28, 2023

In this video we will cover everything you need to know about Carvedilol, also known as Coreg. We will discuss how and when to use it, we will cover its side effects, dosage and much, much more.

So it might be that you have a pain on your chest or maybe your blood pressure is too high and your doctor prescribed you carved a law and now you wonder how should i use this then this video is meant for you we will cover how when to use it what side effects it can cost what does it you need and much much more so make sure to watch the whole video so you don’t

Miss any important information for those of you meeting for the first time my name is rahul i’m a medical doctor from the netherlands and it’s my mission to medically educate you my viewer i’m posting weekly medical videos to do so but remember i’m just a random doctor from the internet i know nothing about your personal situation so always discuss this with your

Own doctor and now let’s get learning just mentioned the generic name of the medication is carvadalol and is available under the brand name correct as a tablet if you want to use it just swallow it all with half a glass of water and remember to do so at fixed times this will make you less likely to forget a douse carvedilol is part of a group of drugs called

Beta blockers and these reduce the workload of your heart and widen your blood vessels causing your heart to beat slower with less force and therefore carvedilol can be used to decrease high blood pressure and treat certain heart conditions like aguinal pectoris pain on your chest which brings us to the correct dosages to use and here i want to mention that it

Can only provide you with certain guidelines your specific doubts might depend on your indication of use severity of your side effects and severity of your symptoms therefore always use the prescribed amount of frequency your doctor gave you however when treating high blood pressure in adults most doctors will start with an initial dose of 12 and a half milligrams

Once per day if necessary this can be slowly increased up to a maximum dose of 25 milligrams per day when treating akina pectoris your doctor might start with a dose of 12 and a half milligrams two times a day which if necessary can be increased up to a maximum dose of 50 milligrams two times a day now carvedilol is a very effective drug but unfortunately it can

Also have several side effects i will discuss some of them in this video but if you’re looking for a complete list check your leaflet ask your doctor or your pharmacist very commonly it might cause dizziness a headache or low blood pressure commonly it can cause cold hands or feet a slow heart rate hypertension edema or nausea uncommonly it can cause aginopectures

Constipation or nightmares rally it might cause a dry mouth very rarely can lead to an allergic reaction or even psychosis which brings us to the safety of use and here i want to mention that if you do experience side effects like dizziness or fatigue and please do not drive those are specially present in the first few days when you’re using it furthermore alcohol

Widens the blood vessels and can therefore increase side effects like dizziness especially at the beginning of your treatment therefore if you want to drink alcohol do so in moderation to find out the extent of this effect carve the lull can also have interactions with other drugs taken and can be dangerous for those of you which are pregnant or breastfeeding

Therefore always discuss this with your personal doctor i hope you know now how to use carved law but if you have any questions let me know in the comment section you can also find the link to our two playlists with more videos on cardiovascular risk please if you did enjoy it click the like and subscribe button as well this will help out the channel tremendously

And in return you will never miss such an awesome medical video ever again i want to thank you all for watching i want to give special thanks to my patreon supporters thank you sebastian who’s university supporter for those of you that can’t get enough check the instagram out as well at how to medicate and posting their weekly updates i will see you next week with a new video bye

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How To Use Carvedilol? (Coreg) – Use, Dose, Side Effects – Doctor Explains By HOW TO MEDICATE