June 4, 2023

In this video we will cover everything you need to know about Ethinylestradiol Levonorgestrel also referred to as the pill. This video is part of a video series on sex related medical problems. Find the playlist here:

Hey there welcome back to how to medicate and welcome to this new video on how to use ethanol estradiol livorno gestural which is a combined oral contraceptive pill and for those of you are meeting for the first time my name is rahul i’m a medical doctor from the netherlands and i’m making weekly medical videos to educate myself as well as you my viewer because i

Believe that medically educated people make hell to your decision decisions which is the whole point of this video and this video also comes with a quick disclaimer it’s been purely informative this is not medical advice and if you’re looking for medical advice always contact your own doctor and now quickly let’s get started now the generic name is ethanol estradiol

Levone nor gestural but it’s sold on the several brand names like microgynon and steaderole and it’s available as a tablet which brings us to how to use this medication first of all swallow the tablet hole do not chew on it and do not break it and it’s important to take this tablet for 21 days at a fixed time and after this 21 days follows a pause of 7 days where

You take no tablet during this pause you will also experience a bleeding resembling a period if you want to start using this pill it’s important you do so at the first day of your menstruation you could also start to spill at any other point during your cycle but then it’s important to take additional measures for the first seven days of use and do you experience

Severe diarrhea or do you need to vomit within four hours after taking a tablet then you should take a new one as soon as your stomach and your intestines calm down which brings us to the indication of use and as previously mentioned this drug is used as an oral contraceptive off label it can also be used to treat painful menstruations or to prevent severe blood

Loss during a menstruation at this point in the video we would normally discuss the correct doses to use but in this case we already discussed it it’s one tablet a day on a fixed time for 21 days after which follows a pass of 7 days where you do not take a tablet and if you have forgotten to take a pill then always contact your doctor depending on the week in

Which you have forgotten to take it additional measures should be taken like using a condom for the following week now this combined pill is a very effective drug but unfortunately it can have some side effects i will discuss some of the most common side effects here but if you’re looking for a complete list then always ask your doctor or check your leaflet very

Commonly more than 10 of all patients might experience a breakthrough bleeding commonly so one percent to 10 of all patients may experience nausea stomach pain headache mood swings and weight gain and uncommonly patients might experience vomiting cramps a decreased libido and high blood pressure which brings us to the safety of this drug fortunately it’s safe

To combine with any type of food even with alcohol and moderation and you can drive safely when using this drug however it can have some interactions with other medication so please always discuss this with your doctor and we end off by taking a look at its safety during pregnancy or lactation first of all if you want to become pregnant you should stop using

A combined contraceptive pill however if you accidentally use it once while pregnant then there seem to be no adverse effects for your unborn baby regarding lactation it’s not advised to use a contraceptive pill the first six weeks after delivery but after that this medication can probably be used safely always discuss this though with your prescribing doctor

Which brings us to the end of this video i hope you know now how to use ethanol estradiol levun or levo nor gestural because educated people make healthier decisions which is the whole point of this channel if you have any questions though let me know in the comment section and for those of you who want to keep learning check out the playlist up there or in the

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How to use Ethinylestradiol Levonorgestrel? (Microgynon, Stediril, Lovette) – Doctor Explains By HOW TO MEDICATE