March 22, 2023

In this video, we will show you How To Use Insulin Plant To Cure Diabetes

Welcome to our channel agro biotech stay tuned till the end of this video in this video we’ll show you how to use insulin plant to cure diabetes fiery costas our spiral flag is a herbal plant from kosta ci family native of brazil in india it is known as insulin plant because of its use in ayurveda and siddha medicine to treat diabetes the leaves of the plant are

Dark green and fleshy the plant grows up to a height of about two feet with a number of broad lengthy leaves forming around the stem like a spiral the plant is mainly used for its anti-diabetic properties even though it contains many other medicinal properties there are studies that suggest the usage of the plant in the treatment of ascaris asthma and bronchitis the

Study on the contents of the insulin plant and its application in modern medical field is in initial stages only only during recent years some authenticated studies and the observations have been revealed the recipe here is simple and is a healthy way to consume the leaves of insulin plant you can consume this right at daily as accompaniment for rice bread and roti

We can make this recipe in just two minutes these are the ingredients required to make insulin leaves raita 2 leaves insulin leaves 1 cup homemade yogurt our curd 1 tsp pepper 1/2 tsp salt if you are unable to prepare yogurt at home you can buy plain yogurt and use that chop the insulin leaves using a knife or a pair of scissors the leaves are crunchy and texture

And can be chopped well keep the chopped leaves aside these leaves taste mildly sour and are suitable for making right up as a chopped leaves 2 yoghurt use fresh yogurt for making raita mix well add a teaspoon of ground pepper and a pinch of salt to the yogurt mix all the ingredients together the raita is now done you can also refrigerate it for a while and serve

It chilled it is established that results of regular consumption of insulin plant can be seen only after 15 days of consumption tips for growing insulin plant this plant needs sunshine to grow it can be grown in fields as well as in home gardens where adequate sunshine is available it is a perennial plant the stem cuttings are planted and grown no seed is required

The leaves are sweet and sour and you can can sumit raw so far the plant is known to contain many nutrients beneficial to health the plant is rich in protein iron and antioxidants like or sorbic acid a toka fennel beta-carotene terpenoids steroids and flavonoids the plant contains carbohydrates intrapreneurs alkaloids tannins and saponins the leaves contain 21.2%

Fiber the leaf extract contained petroleum ether cyclohexane acetone and ethanol significant amounts of potassium calcium chromium copper and zinc are available in the plant the phenolic substances in the plant are responsible for the antioxidant properties the antioxidant score sadanand dios jenin in the plant are used in reducing stress in the liver pancreas and

Kidneys it also stimulates glycolytic enzymes besides controlling gluconeogenesis and animals affected by diabetics when insulin leaves are consumed along with other modalities of diabetic treatment it provides effective glycemic control and diabetic patients even in cases where blood sugar level is not controlled by oral drugs consumption of insulin plant might

Be effective in addition to that consumption of insulin plant regularly reduces the intake of other oral drugs by half the quantity that’s it share this video with all friends and don’t forget to subscribe our channel click the bell icon to get notifications whenever we upload the new videos thank you for watching

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