January 27, 2023

Providing patient’s with choices to traditional treatments is a priority here at Medistat. We believe the best way to treat pain is to treat it where hurts not the whole body. Which is why we compound topical pain medications to treat various types of pain while avoiding the issues that plague opiate use. In this feature we show you the process of how we compound our anti-inflammatory pain cream.

I’m valerie albritton i’m pharmacist here at mid east at i will be showing you how we make our anti inflammatory formulation which consists of key to staff 20% baclofen 2% cyclobenzaprine 2% in lidocaine 5% the compounding process requires us to use a formula worksheet this allows for us to account for each ingredient that goes into your prescription each

Medication compounded at medi stat is compounded by the request of a physician for that patient specific needs safety is paramount here at mid east at pharmacy although per usp guidelines you do not you’re not required to use a powder hood we here at mid east at do require the use of a powder hood and a respirator mats to prevent the inhalation of chemicals

And cross-contamination of our products well actually the first thing we do is prepare our workstation making sure everything’s clean has been sprayed with alcohol before starting what we will do next is we always add our ketoprofen first which is our anti-inflammatory medication you spray the rag with alcohol i want to clean the area after each medication

Has been put into the jar just to make sure there’s no cross-contamination you always want to clean up your work spot what i’m doing now is after each ingredient has been added i add it to the log and check out that the correct quantity has been added to the formulation now this is the back looking going in that sure antispasmodic this is our thoughts ii

Die glocke oh we use as a wedding agent so the addition of the oxy it goes from powders to more of a pasty substance it’s going to allow us now to add our lip max which is the vehicle we use to take the non water-soluble drugs to penetrate them into the skin the spin the ingredients together using the undulator this will not run a full cycle what we’re

Really wanting to do is just give it a little mix make sure everything’s wet and getting ready to put our on in jail again so this will run about half a cycle now we’ve gone from powder to a liquid what we’re gonna do now is add on qur’anic gel which allows the water-soluble ingredients to penetrate through the skin i’ve got an empty on you at a jar that on

My scale tear the weight back to zero and that way i know it’s only product in there that we’re weighing so we can queue as it to a hundred grams so now we’ll put the jar with the product on there we’d have 52 grams of product us it with our fleur onic jail spin it on the ugly waiter again and this time we’ll run a full cycle and it should be a pretty cream

When it comes out to make sure we put label on there we have it

Transcribed from video
How We Make Rx Strength Topical Pain Creams By MedistatRx