May 29, 2023

Do you know that your thyroid controls everything from metabolism, to energy to…..basically everything your body does?! Find out how to optimize your thyroid!

Boom what’s up everyone mark loeb liner ceo mts nutrition the thyroid the thyroid is a very important hormone in fact my thyroid is a bit sluggish a part of my hormone replacement therapy where i take testosterone also you know that’s basically the base of my hormone replacement therapy assess ah stron i also have prescribed to me mk 677 which is a potentiate er

Of human growth hormone release now i also take armorer thyroid this prescribed by my doctor a hormone health and wellness again i don’t want to post it here but if you want to know who they are they work with anybody in the united states you can message me at mark loeb liner on instagram or go ahead and contact them it’s hormone health and wellness west palm

Beach is what they are so check it out let’s talk about the thyroid what exactly is the thyroid in charge of a lot of people think oh it’s just about fat loss right thigh roid felis well it is a huge huge part of fat loss because it regulates the metabolic rate in your body as well as your heart digestive function muscle control brain development mood and bone

Maintenance it’s correct functioning depends on having a good supply of iodine from the diet so it’s controlled by something called thyrotropin-releasing hormone from the hypothalamus in the brain and by the thyroid stimulating hormone produced by the pituitary gland this forms part of the feedback loop called the hypothalamic pituitary thyroid access axis thyroid

Stimulating hormone and free thyroid hormones that used a monitored thyroid function and a patient so is what they test for typically modest changes in 3 3 thyroid hormones would result in large changes in thyroid stimulating hormone now what we’ve realized about this without getting into too many semantics the thyroid does a lot of things and a lot of you won’t

Get to my level where you need to be crime thyroid hormone however if you do go and do all this in your thyroid levels are still coming back low i do recommend you get blood work done again my guy can take care of it you go to your general practitioner always get i recommend at least once a year you get all your blood work check from your testosterone to your

Estrogen to your cholesterol tear lipids to all this all right so what can you need a thyroid now what has he have a slow thyroid that’s when it becomes more than calories and calories out okay that’s when your thyroid can sabotage your fat loss you’ll be fatter you’ll lack energy your hormones will go down basically your thyroid regulates all other functions in

Your body it is a vitally important hormone so what foods do you look at well you need iodine in your body for your thyroid function a lot of table salt has that now you guys know i recommend eating pink himalayan salt or sea salt i don’t like table salt you know it’s just not my thing but there are ways to get to get more iodine you dried i’m give you some food

Options okay here’s some healthy foods for your thyroid leafy greens spinach lettuce things like that they’re very good high magnesium we also have a cma supplement from from ncs nutrition which will help you get more magnesium machine greens all that if you do not have enough magnesium it’ll do many more things than just affect your thyroid fatigue muscle cramps

Changes in heart beat inability to sleep well nuts such as cashews almonds and pumpkin seeds are excellent sources of iron now iron our good source iron is good and it helps to support your thyroid and also nuts are rich in selenium which is also very supportive your thyroid so you know that’s the thing is that that’s why i’m also gonna recommend beef which has the

Most bioavailable form of iron in it so you got leafy greens nuts and beef thyroid supporting nutrients or foods seafood fish shrimps seaweeds those are high in iodine now you know i’m not a big fan of table salt which is you know i usually can take xion they add it in there i want you get a natural form of iodine and from this seafood you get that natural form

Of iodine kale kale don’t eat it it’s a mile go i trojan in rare cases it prevents the thyroid from getting enough iodine that’s why kale can actually be an anti nutrient – iodine it shouldn’t be a problem with you unless you don’t get in a fine but if you don’t eat these foods that i’m talking about you don’t use table salt it could be an issue and that’s also

An issue with cabbage broccoli cauliflower and brussels sprouts although maybe not as severe soy some of the chemicals finance found in soy products like soy milk are edamame could also hurt your thyroid bill to make hormones but only if you don’t get enough iodine and eat large amounts to less of an extent than kale i think soy can be an issue but unless you’re

Literally going eating sushi and getting you know $80 with the edamame every day or you’re a vegan who’s supplementing your diet with a ton of tofu i don’t really think it is a great issue or a great cause of concern but if you’re not getting a finite foods you’re getting a lot of soy and getting a lot of kale and stuff let’s say you’re a super vegan drinking super

Vegan shakes that could be a problem so here’s another thing organ meats okay organ meats can actually be beneficial now don’t get too many however it does have something called lipoic acid you can also supplement with lipoic acid alpha lipoic acid or you could but here’s the thing you don’t want to get too much and it can also potentiate thyroid medicines you take

So be careful with that so organ meats liver heart kidney who the hell eats heart and kidney but liver liver people eat liver and you’ve heard a lot about gluten gluten and your thyroid it can damage the small intestines of people with celiac disease however for it for the rest of us it doesn’t matter so all of you who hear that gluten affects it does if you’re of

The less than 1% of the population of celiac disease if you’re not you just think you are so here’s the deal with thyroid it’s very important you want to get enough iodine in your diet and you want to get enough vitamins and minerals in your diet support it another thing that i have found empirically empirically to help with thyroid output i have no science to back

This avvocato the rich vitamins and minerals tyrosine i have found that as i diet people down as a coach and i add in avocado it does prevent metabolic slowdown whether it’s through another pathway or whether it’s through the thyroid i’m not sure all i know is that sometimes very rarely if i see an issue i will swap out most of a client’s fat sources for avocado

Leading into the show high in monounsaturated fats which is the heart-healthy fat and also i believe might no science to back this be beneficial for thyroid output if you’re interested in my coaching it’s at marlo blinder calm that’s ma arcielo bli ar calm mark lavon or calm i coach everybody from lifestyle men women obese who don’t want to be obese anymore family

Guys who just want to have more energy to play with their kids i coach them all also what am i sitting on today there’s a brand new machine filled flavor bcaa branched amino acid intra workout also contains coconut water power augment powder agmatine sulfate and l-taurine this is our new flavor circus juice this tastes like let me tell you what this tastes like

It tastes like remember the bananas when you buy runts it tastes like runts it does so good circus juice machine fuel anyway guys that’s all i got again i’m on prescription armor but armors not like synthroid there are more harsh prescriptions synthroid t3 this is a much less harsh it’s more of a stimulant for your thyroid it’s natural it comes from a porcine or

Pig source and armor just basically gives me just stuff i don’t have a huge thyroid issue but my thyroid levels are low so in addition to this i make sure to abide by those things in the diet i also make sure to eat ample guacamole or avocado toast as the to awaken my inner white girl anyway guys let me know what you think how do i mind i know what i’m talking

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