December 8, 2022

& goes back to her old antagonistic ways.

Hey guys okay so i just want to pop on here to kind of update you a little bit again if you’re not interested in what’s going on you can just click forward because these are like longer slides now i think okay so i just want to clarify some things because um i just want like the assumptions it’s not it’s not like everyone has assumptions on that it’s like i

Want to tell you like what’s going on so i don’t think it’s the lip blush because i had the lip blushing done three weeks ago um and you guys saw when i showed you three weeks ago everything was fine um and then when i went in again it wasn’t for lip blushing it was for that scar i was telling you about so there was no tattooing again that my my i have a second

I have a touch-up coming up mid-october so there was this was not lip blushing the second time this was because you guys know i had this scar on my mouth from having cold sores um like whenever i got cold sores i haven’t gotten them in a very long time but in the past when i got them they always came in that spot and kind of ate away at my lip so i thought with

Lip blushing and with injecting right here you know a filler then i would be able to fix the shape of my mouth which it looks a thousand times better now anyway so the second time i went in which was basically that day that i would have that i started to get hives um i got versa which was right here it’s just like a lip injection but nothing happened to my face

Ever nothing happened to my mouth nothing happened to my face with a bad lip injection or something it would happen at the point and the er doctor told me that the urgent care doctor told me that so i really plus other people who work with injections told me the same thing okay now here comes the prednisone part and um i just this is all new to me and as much as

I like i’m so thankful for like medicine because like how could i have gone through this without it honestly well you know like i it’s so scary and i actually hate meds because i don’t like the way they make me feel obviously but i’m still very thankful for for everything anyway i want to tell you guys like how shady this is though like how i don’t understand how

The this happened so i go into the er and the er doctor gives me an iv um of whatever steroid benadryl packs it and then he prescribes me prednisone pills to take home and he tells me straight up like my husband was there too we heard the same thing um just stop taking the prednisone we don’t need it anymore you don’t have to finish the prescription there was

No tapering i never even heard of this tapering thing okay so anyway that’s that you get home and the next day so the next day i go back to the urgent care because i didn’t want to take the pills anymore i wanted something that was going to act faster because i just couldn’t sit in agony anymore so i went back in and the urgent care doctor was like okay well what

Are you taking now and i showed her the 20 milligrams of pregnancy prednisone and then she’s okay well is there a tapering like what something about tapering and i was like no so he told me this is what he told me to do and then he said just don’t take them anymore she’s like no she’s like you’re um starts with i don’t even know something could happen where you

Can like literally die okay so she’s like i’m gonna give you a tapering something tapering all right then we go to the okay dude i go to the pharmacy it’s the same 20 milligrams that’s prescribed to me so i’m over it like i’m just thinking to myself i don’t know what the hell is going on i just my i tapered myself i just ended up taking like a half a pill so it

Would have been like instead of 20 it would have been 10 and then anyway i don’t know if i’ve lost you with the story but basically there’s no there was no schedule there was they weren’t like okay at this day take 10 and then take five and then like or they could that was just prescribed 20 milligrams again they didn’t even tell me to cut the pills in half i just

Did it myself thinking like okay i better taper off so anyway like two nights ago i just gave myself have a prednisone which would have been 10 milligrams and then i haven’t taken anything since but i think because i stopped at 10 like my body is kind of going into shock like it’s been really really difficult and i know that there’s some like i don’t know i think

I’m gonna be okay like i’m really gonna be okay okay i’m gonna be okay um but it’s been crazy and like why are some doctors telling me that you don’t have to taper off and then what the right like that’s actually really serious isn’t it and then she knew i had to taper off but she didn’t give me a lower dosage what the hell i’m so sick of this anyway so i just

Feel like i’m really okay right now but this morning i would like i’m okay i know it comes in like waves or something i don’t know like i can’t get up i’m exhausted like i can’t move if i move i feel like i ran a marathon um i’m like falling asleep you know i don’t know i just have no energy i have energy now a little bit um it’s weird that i feel better right

Now um and i haven’t had like the rash or whatever the hives in two nights um so i think that’s gone i i don’t know like i just don’t know where it was from um and like all the things you guys are asking me like have i switched detergents all that like no everything everything’s really the same like i i don’t know i don’t know it’s probably stress induced like

You know in the basket case i probably just did this to myself i don’t know okay so i’m not squabbling with the four ignorant idiots in the comments um because the 4 000 of you get it and like the four of you who don’t get it i’m not gonna waste my time on you okay anyway um i changed my eyebrows today made them look a little bit thicker i don’t know what do

You think i i’m not myself i’m still like recovering i’m still kind of shaky um i’m kind of like breaking out here and there but what do we think about this eyebrow now i kind of like just wanted like really heavy eyebrows i don’t know if i don’t look like myself but like to be honest i am on my deathbed and like i actually look pretty good for that right like i

Do love my lips like i’m so obsessed with them and you guys know from like the last video i’m like just doing something different now because i feel like the lips are like the focus because they’re so good um i don’t know what do we think like this is like i’m literally on my deathbed but like to be honest i am on my deathbed and like i actually pretty good for

That right like i do love my lips like i’m so obsessed with them and you guys know from like the last video i’m like just doing something different now because i feel like the lips are like the focus because they’re so good foreign

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