January 27, 2023

Hello my name is daniel and today i’ll give my presentation on adderall so adderall is also known as study-buddy which is a combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine it is mostly come commonly prescribed to treat adhd but it is also you use for other medical conditions like narcolepsy it is a stimulant drug that helps people who have attention deficient

Hyperactive disorder pay attention and focus it can also be used to help with behavioral problems however like other drugs at all can be very addictive this drug is a central nervous system stimulant it increases the production of dopamine and that would mean in the brain once people start and once people once students start feeling the pressures of school

They would start abusing their medication and that causes them to just have this sensation of feeling like they could do anything and people really enjoy the feeling that that all gives them students are able to soak up information like a sponge when they’re in class they are able to retain much more information when they study and their grades will increase

Significantly the problem is that at all slowly stops working so people would have to take more when you take an active substance the brain gets used to it over time what works in the beginning no longer works so you have to take more and more of the drug to get the same effect you use to get from a lower dose when you take this drug weight loss is a side effect

It is one that many people start experiencing quickly there are other a durable side effects than me that many people do not know about which includes insomnia think becoming constipated or having dairy diarrhea decrease of appetite headaches feeling restlessness and feeling anxiety with time the side-effects gets worse and people will tend to experience change

In their vision occasional chest pains rash on their bodies and nausea these are side effects did not begin until people started abusing their medication many people are afraid to admit to their doctors that they had increased their dosage on their own and they ruin also they will not admit there’s what kind of side effects they’re heavy because up because of this

They do not seek the necessary hope and they would try to find help on their own and many it would stop taking adderall altogether which turns out to be a mistake once people stop taking their meds they will immediately fall into withdrawal people will stop taking adderall to find relief from the side effects but little do they know that they would experience much

Worse and symptoms when they start and they stop taking it people experience overwhelming anxiety tremors body aches mood swings cravings for more adderall hostility and even uncontrollable crying after suffering from there at all addiction most individuals will attend we have to get the help that they need through the third the rehab people are able to learn

How to cope with their adhd without turning into a chemical without turning to a chemical solution the rehab people also are also sympathized and keeping track of to make sure nothing or more side effects are occurring yoga and meditation are a good source of coping for people suffering with adhd it allows their minds to stay focused and it also helps calm the

Mind and the heart so this concludes my presentation on adderall hope you all enjoy and thank you

Transcribed from video
HSC 427 Adderall By Daniel Yue