January 26, 2023

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All right so here is the second part of my video so we’ve already talked about circadian rhythms okay so hypnosis and meditation again hypnosis is hard to define and means different things to different people but overall we’re talking about changing your perceptions your sensations and perceptions that’s what hypnosis is about okay for instance you may hypnotize

A person to believe the smell of ammonia is actually perfume or something that’s painful actually feels good so you’re changing the sensations of the perceptions it’s not about going on the stage and quacking like a duck that is not what hypnosis is but if gnosis is changing your sensations and perceptions into believing something else meditation is a good way

To clear in mind you know by focusing on your breathing get rid of al as much as si stimuli as you can clear your mind by focusing on your breathing it actually is very healthy for your body lowers blood pressure respiration heart rate reduces stress and again you know it’s a different type of consciousness and it’s very healthy for you if you can be disciplined

Enough to do it every day there be some long-term benefits we think again so hypnosis trance like states like i was telling you people do not lose their will if you’re going up there someone’s going up there to quack like a chicken on stage saying around and notice they are choosing to do that all right people cannot be hypnotized against their will for anyone

To be hypnotized you actually have to follow directions and if you don’t want to follow directions if they says all right close your eyes think of some magical place we’ll just simply don’t do it no one can force you you want to be hypnotized now there are some people who are more susceptible to being hypnotized and others and again you have to be able to follow

Directions and make a conscious choice in the process again meditation i was talking about that you know you focus on your breathing you kind of get rid of external stimuli as much as possible clear your mind focus on breathing and it produces a real good relaxation state that lowers your stress your blood pressure and all sorts of things and it’s practice in

Many cultures and it goes back thousands of thousands of years so it’s something that’s been helpful to people for you know for as long as the human race has been around okay so drug use stimulus depresses narcotics and loosen the gyms we’ll move on ok psychoactive drugs is any drug that changes your emotions your perceptions your behaviors thc lsd and all those

Other things or alcohol alcohol could be a psych psychoactive drug because it changes your emotions and your perceptions of other people the situations that you are just reading other people so alcohol is probably one of if not the most abused drug in the united states and it’s very addictive there’s a neurobiological addiction like heroin if heroin doesn’t get

His heroin fix it causes severe bodily symptoms that’s very very painful and very very tough same thing of someone who’s addicted to opioid medication the trawls again very severe the person you throw up is horrible and there’s more of us and then there’s a psychological addiction where you just want it you feel like you need it and it’s not that your body’s

Craving it your mind is craving it because you’re use that all right stimulates again caffeine is a stimulant is most widely stimulate used in the world it’s everything chocolate coffee tea pop it’s everywhere nicotine you know tobacco methamphetamines crack cocaine meth all of those increases speeds up your central nervous system which is what the stimulant is a

Depressant slows down your central nervous system so it’s they own your reactions your reflexes how fast neural transmission happens in your body and so there’s other different things that can have an extreme effect on your your brain how stable it does the opposite speeds up your heart speeds up your central nervous system and again cocaine crack methamphetamines

All are very dangerous too much caffeine is dangerous too much nicotine is dangerous so again the moderation is moderation of caffeine is is okay you know probably not probably you should just stay away from meth crack and cocaine no don’t do it all right again like i was telling you depressants or anything that slows down your sister your central nervous system so

You’re unable to respond as you would to the things happening around you its lowers your heart rate those are reflexes lowers your thinking it just slows everything down okay alcohol up our pitcher wits roofies all are part of the depressants where you are not unable to respond basically if you’re extremely drunk you you’re on unable to protect yourself from others

It is possible that other people can take advantage of you by x being extremely drugged so again things like that you always have to be mindful you can’t really trust everybody around you all the time especially when going out narcotics again methamphetamines morphine’s heroin things that really pain things that relieve anxiety so or loose the djinns marijuana ls

D ecstasy changed your perceptions okay changes how you see the world sometimes you hallucinate see things that are not there again you gotta be careful with that and that is it i’m gonna try to do this for every week and so that you guys can be able to listen and you know hopefully you guys will use this thank you

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Hypnosis and Drugs By Pete Leyva