June 4, 2023

Hypokalemia: Foods high in potassium

Hello as we know hypokalemia can be caused if you are not eating enough of potassium typically maize a low potassium in the blood so there are certain foods that consist of a lot of potassium and i want to mention some of them so that if you have a diet that is fulfilling the potassium level then you don’t need to take any medications and that would be a very good

Goal to achieve as a patient so and as a doctor of course this is something that you should always strive for to always give a dietary advice first if it’s not possible if the patient is not complying he’s not doing what you say or if the diet alone does not help then of course you need to add to your treatment with medications but it’s good to know which type

Of foods consists a lot of potassium because we know that many many foods have different spectrum of nutrition some have a high amount sodium some have high amount of fat of proteins and so on and in today we will deal with the potassium level and the highest ones or dried figs so figs and also dried fruits so anything that have any any dry fruits for example

Dates or dried figs these all have very very high content of potassium these are very good and of course other ones like nuts avocado you have also brand cereals all this have very high content of potassium and if you are talking about fruits we have bananas we have key these weren’t just mangoes and so on banana is a very very known fruit having a high content

Of potassium but actually dried fruits as i mentioned previously like dates or nuts or avocados have a much much higher potassium level and if you want to achieve a higher potassium in your body bananas are good but these ones have a much much higher level and of course with vegetables we have spinach tomatoes broccoli we have carrots potatoes all these can have a

High potassium level and we are too when we are talking about meats then we have for example steak beef pork lamb and so on but as we know a lot of meat is not so healthy to eat so you should try to limit this type of this type of food because if if you want to choose choose between vegetables fruits or meat please always choose vegetables and fruits i’m not saying

That you should not eat meat i’m not a vegetarian but i’m saying that you should limit meat as much as possible meat is good when we’re talking about proteins and iron and so on but when we are talking about potassium and if we have to decide which to choose the please choose as i said vegetable like spinach tomatoes broccoli carrots potatoes fruits like bananas

Kiwis oranges and so on and the highest content as i said was dried fruits like dates or dried figs or nuts avocados and so on so these are these are some of the most common vegetables fruits that i mentioned but there are of course others and you can check the internet for mores i just wanted you to know that that diet alone can be enough to treat hypokalemia

And you should always strive to increase the level of hippo of potassium to around 80 to 120 minimal per day and they they lower the potassium in the level in the bodies the higher the risk of hypertension so blood pressures increase and if as you know if you have a very high blood pressure then you can get stroke and chronic kidney disease so it’s actually very

Important to eat these fruits vegetables and that i mentioned because you want to live as long as possible and if you have a very low potassium you can die out of stroke or chronic kidney disease so thank you very much for listening

Transcribed from video
Hypokalemia: Foods high in potassium By Dr. Andras Fazakas