March 28, 2023

Hey guys my name is Jessica and I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism just 3 days ago. I’m documenting my journey and sharing my symptoms in hopes to create an open dialogue and create a community of individuals that can share their experiences with each other. I’ll be doing weekly updates on the progress of my symptoms, and the effects of Levothyroxine on my body. Please feel free to follow along and comment with any questions you have, or tips and tricks you may have learned along the way.

Hey what’s up guys my name is jessica and i have hypothyroidism uh i just found out three days ago that i have hypothyroidism which um is something that runs in my family and i’ve been experiencing symptoms for years um but the doctors didn’t previously want to check me for it they said i was too young whatever else um i finally had a full panel done a couple of

Months ago and i got my results just three days ago and sure enough my levels are out of control like one of my levels says that i’m you know in my third trimester of pregnancy one says that i’m postmenopausal i mean it’s all over the place so first of all this is a brand new channel um i’ve never really done youtube videos before so i’m really trying to document my

Experience with hyperthyroidism and with uh levothyroxine level of thyroxine um and i’m just gonna start documenting my journey so for the last three days i’ve been deep diving into information and there’s so much information out there and there’s a lot of conflicting information too about your diet and what you should eat and what you shouldn’t eat and what’s good

For your thyroid and what’s bad for your thyroid a lot of conflicting information out there that i am now discovering um my symptoms started years ago um and basically first i had an intolerance to um any sort of like narcotic um painkiller so i vicodin morphine it actually gives me seizures and makes me vomit like immediately sorry tmi but we’re gonna get into

Tmi right now um i also have been experiencing breast milk since i was 18 and which is super strange and they’ve never had an answer why for me i’ve also gotten melasma in the last few years which is also hormone related um i’ve had ovarian cysts for years now um i could have really painful sex as well um which is quite common actually um and there’s just a slew

Of things that i’ve experienced um in my body um the swelling of the hands i’ve had to the point like right now i can barely take my rings off which is a typical sign of hypothyroidism also a fluctuation in weight gain and weight loss um especially the last couple of years maybe the last two years i fluctuated between 121 and 133 which is a huge swing for me i had

Never even hit 130 pounds in my life and um i’ve been swinging from 121 to 133 for almost two years which is crazy for me nothing’s changing not my diet not my exercise regimen nothing’s changing except my weight um weird hormonal breakouts i had a i’ve always had really dry skin um which is another sign i’ve always had really dry skin um but uh two years ago i

Had a hormonal breakout that was so severe i had to get a medication for it and it cleared up right away um dry brittle nails um i could literally tap on the counter and like crack my nails um so the symptoms go on and on and on and on so three days ago i was prescribed levothyroxine um which is supposed to alleviate a lot of these symptoms so um if you’re having

Symptoms and if you’re new to this or if you’re experienced in this regard uh please comment below let me know if any of you first of all i want to know if any of you have experienced melasma that also are have hypothyroidism because i think it’s go i think it’s linked because especially when i’m having mood swings um like really intense mood swings and extreme

Bouts of um i’ll be so tired i’ll be so lethargic that sometimes i can barely get out of bed um there’s also times when i want to cry for no reason or i’m almost manic and i have like a burst of energy and i’m bouncing off the walls and i can’t sleep at night and you know for a while i was sitting there going and am i am i am i manic am i bipolar and um i just

Don’t think that any of those things are separate issues all of these things are hormone related and come to find out um i don’t really know think that i knew the breadth of um just how much how far it extended into my family but my family um has hashimoto’s and hypothyroidism um just to name a couple of things but um once if it’s hereditary you’re probably going

To get it you know and i don’t want to be negative about things but i say that because if you have the opportunity to get checked please go get checked because i suffered for so long with so many symptoms that went unverified for me and people would kind of treat everything as a separate symptom and when i’m going my breasts are really swollen my breasts are really

Tender oh you’re young and you’re you know you’re menstruating and whatever else and my menstrual cycle is all over the place like crazy like i could have a menstrual cycle one week and then two weeks later have another one you know so these things are not normal you guys and if any of you are experiencing these things please go have your thyroid checked because i

Feel like i could have gotten into levothyroxine a long time ago and had a lot of these symptoms alleviated much sooner in my life um so right now i know that you’re supposed to take it one uh first thing in the morning with water with uh one hour before any kind any kind of food um and then four hours before anything that might interact with it and because i

Don’t know the breadth of what interacts with it i’m just going to wait four hours before eating it all um so i think what i’m gonna end up doing is taking is taking um my pill um early in the morning like setting an alarm taking it you know five a.m and then when i wake up at nine or so you know it’s it’s four hours later um and then i can have breakfast so

I figure if i take it and then fall back asleep and then i wake up on a regular schedule then i won’t have to disrupt my day um that’s the plan thus far anyway um i need my coffee in the morning so i’m gonna have a really hard time with that but um number one have you guys had have any of you guys with hyperthyroidism also experienced melasma because i think

The two are interconnected and i can’t find a lot of information about it out there um number two how many of you have experienced renal issues because i know that it can affect your kidneys to some extent but i’ve had kidney stones since i was 21 years old and um i can’t help but think that it’s related i feel that it’s related and as much as that sounds like

Woowoo um i i feel it on a cellular level i know that these things are all related and i would just love to hear your experiences and like i said i don’t have any any uh impressions of the medication quite yet i’m on my third day i haven’t gotten jittery i haven’t gotten um you know anxious or any of those things i didn’t get the burst of energy that people

Other people sort of reported but i’ve also been you know chronically drinking caffeine my entire life so it may not affect me that way or my dose isn’t high enough i’m not really sure um but so day three on levothyroxine um i’m gonna report back next week and let you guys know uh how it’s going for me so i’m gonna try to keep this video under 10 minutes we’re

At eight minutes right now and um and yeah so first impressions um it hasn’t been an inconvenience thus far i think if anything is going to give me a healthier diet regimen and um hopefully give me a little bit more energy and have me back on my feet as my regular bubbly self um because this lethargic stuff ain’t flying for me so we’ll see how it goes um oh yeah

The thinning of the eyebrows also this is something that i’ve experienced so i particularly got on video today with no makeup on no filter lighting nothing because i want you guys to see you know how it affects my skin and more than anything i want to see how it affects my skin in later videos so all right so let’s do a little documentation so right now this

Is my melasma and it’s pretty dark right now actually this outline on the upper border here is pretty dark um this actually gets darker during my menstrual cycle um if i cry if i get really upset if i’m super stressed out and all of those things can be contributed to hormones as well of course when i’m crying when i’m stressed out and all of those things it’s

Probably because my hormones are out of whack so i don’t know if it gets darker because i cry and because i’m getting upset or if it gets darker when my hormones are out of whack and so i’m experiencing them simultaneously i don’t really know but this is my melasma this is the extent of it um i have a couple little patches that are sort of pigmented a little bit

Darker i’m hoping those are going to go away i’m really hoping hoping for an improvement here um my eyebrows and eyelashes have become quite sparse in the last two years probably so especially on the outer edges and that is a telltale sign you guys of hypothyroidism um what else weight gain um in february i was 121 pounds it is now august of 2021 and i am

130 i think 132 pounds which i’ve never hit in my life so this is the heaviest i’ve ever been so we’ll see if that improves um hope to god it does uh dry skin that’s for sure um but yeah i’m gonna see if this stuff improves i’ll do a i’ll do a little update in a week and see where we go from there but um i hope this video finds you well i hope that you guys

Can contribute to this conversation because i would like this to be an open conversation open dialogue for anybody who’s newly experiencing hypothyroidism also and has something they can add to the conversation or anybody who has more experience than i do with this who could give me some tips and tricks on how to manage it um and as for that i will see you guys

Next time thank you so much for joining me and um jessica serrano over and out i don’t really know how to end these things but bye

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Hypothyroidism & Levothyroxine, My Personal Journey By Jessica Serrano