March 24, 2023


Hello lovelies i’m back today with another mum chat and today i’m going to be talking about hypothyroidism and pregnancy something that i have gone through and i want to talk to you all about surviving the hypothyroidism and pregnancy and what it was like for me i know that i was absolutely terrified before i got pregnant and because i felt like i wasn’t going to

Be able to and i was so scared being hyper thyroid is a weird thing i have had mine since i was about 19 i think and it changed my life up to that point i was just living as i wanted to i didn’t give my health a second thought i got my hypothyroid with diagnosis after i think about a year of pretty much constantly on antibiotics it was it was a bad year i was sick

All the time and i got this diagnosis that there was something wrong i think my b12 or something was really low and i ended up finding out that i was subclinical hypothyroidism and that i had hashimoto’s and i was on medication ever since then and pretty much under control and i’d never had crazy symptoms i did get in a little bit of weight when i was like 19 and

And i felt i was sick constantly and then it kind of got worse when i started to really feel unwell i was just so tired and lethargic and i remember that feeling of not wanting to get out of bed and my stomach was destroyed by it i think it was just the antibiotics plus the hashimoto’s and also and a bad gut is linked with hashimoto’s too so it doesn’t help each

Other and i still struggle that yesterday but it’s a lot better but it was really some experience yeah it was horrible it was really scary and i remember thinking at the time i’m just gonna put my head in the sand about this i’m just gonna take the medicine i’ll do what i’m told but i’m not going to look into this any further anyway fast forward a handful of years

And i was what age was i think it may be must’ve been about 27 when i was pregnant the first time so when he had one pregnancy and it was a successful one and i was so scared before i got pregnant i knew that i needed to go to the doctor and get my thyroid we checked before i got pregnant but i didn’t realize that how much how much the thyroid was was going to

Be monitored during the pregnancy so i’ll just go back a little bit when i decided that we wanted to start a family i kind of presumed that i would have to ring up the doctor get some folic acid that kind of thing and just check my thyroids were okay and yes that was true i was given folic acid i got my thyroid checked but i also had to go and get a consult hint

An endocrine chronologist zack – said endocrinologist and to work one-on-one with me from beginning to end of pregnancy and before the pregnancy and she was amazing so what she did she took my bloods and we got my tsh readings way down so she likes to get them one around 1.5 or below around 1 so basically i just took more of my livers leviosa drops i robson i’m

Super sorry i shouldn’t have to say these things it’s mad levy thyroxine i took more of my sacrament medication until it was done and then once it was down she was like okay you should be fine to conceive now so we conceived and it was fine and every three months no every four weeks i would have to go and get my blood retaken and go see her again and then she

Would usually up my medication until the point that it was stable and i was stable i think about four months into the pregnancy it just leveled out and it was fine then and i just kept the same and thyroid medication levels for the confessed of the pregnancy and then i’ll just carry on talking about the medication and the levels post pregnancy just to keep it in

One one bit of the video so after the pregnancy i think i had about three months on the medication and then i got checked again with my bloods and we then started to reduce back down to what i was on before i got pregnant so now my th levels are i think 1.25 so really really and i’m on my livie dioxin thyroid supplement and every single day so it was a little it

Was a lot easier than i thought in some ways and every time i got those blood results back and they were okay i would cry i would be so relieved and i was always getting anxious before i got the results i was so worried that there was gonna be something wrong or they would suddenly just go crazy and and and it would be sitting at a bad level for my baby so it was

Definitely a little bit stressful i’m not gonna sugarcoat it i am quite an anxious person anyway and i can i find something like that very worrying i just do i think any mom as well when you’re pregnant you want the best for your baby and you just don’t want anything to go wrong so that was my experience with it now i did have bleeding throughout my pregnancy and

I don’t know whether that was thyroid-related but i have a feeling that it wasn’t you know that i don’t think it was related but i want to mention it anyway just in case there’s someone out there who’s going through the same experience in there or also hypothyroid or got hashimoto’s so yes i had my first bleed was about three months three weeks then i had a four

Weeks and i think i had quite a serious bleed i actually thought i was miss carrying it was really really upsetting and and it turned out i wasn’t it was fine it was crazy crazy crazy and then another three weeks it did it i think it could have even been two weeks guys it was if it was really intense and that first trimester i was in and out of hospital continuously

I must have had more scans than anybody here but even with the worst bleed which was full-on clotting and everything it was really bad and cramps it was fine so i don’t know what was going on during that time but it was it was fine and i have talked to girls sense to women since who have had pregnancies with loads of bleeding and some of them even think they’ve

They’re having their period they don’t realize that pregnant and then they find out they are so i don’t know what causes that but i i actually not sure is anything to do with the thyroid because the thigh was under control and i think the thing to remember when you’ve got hashimoto’s or hyperthyroid is that you want to get that medicine right before you conceive

Don’t wait until you’re pregnant or if you are starting to think about pregnancy don’t sort of think i’ll just let it happen go to the doctor and get your thyroid levels read this is if you really got hyperthyroidism and then get fit get it fixed up get it dyed that lovely level that your endocrinologist wants it to be and then conceive and it will just lower the

Risk factors down down down down and you won’t need to worry and then make sure that your consultant is checking you very very regularly at least once a month to make sure that you’re not you know about some all over the place and just make sure that pregnancy is given the best chance now i think as well that if you google this is another thing i learned during my

Hyperthyroid pregnancy do not google stuff don’t go that like it is so stressful and you end up just freaking yourself out that you’re not meant to be pregnant coz you’re hyper thyroid or it’s impossible buddy bar but actually in reality when i went to my consultant she’s hyper thyroid she was just like oh you’ll be fine we’ll get you sorted we’ll get you pregnant

Yeah you just need to do a b c and you’ll be fine and i was and i do have a beautiful baby boy so i guess yeah this is i kind of wanted to film this video because i wanted something that was really positive and shows that you can have a healthy pregnancy i plan to have another baby as well and i hope it’s going to be a successful pregnancy and to look after yourself

So yes let’s talk a little bit about looking after yourself i think as women and especially when you become a mum it’s so easy to put yourself way down on the self-care spectrum you know your baby comes first or you know maybe it’s your partner that you’re always putting first or it’s your job and i think as women that’s actually our nature i think we’re not raised

By nature love caring for people these are beautiful traits that are just in us we can’t help it but i do think especially if you’ve got something like hashimoto’s self care is so important i cannot say enough and when i was thinking about getting pregnant i didn’t i actually did do a bit of research and i felt strongly that because i did have gut issues and i

Had this thyroid condition that actually other members of my family do have and they got checked and found it was something gluten related i decided to go off gluten so that was an incredible life-changing big changer for me and i’m convinced that had a big effect on my fertility rate i just felt like i was more fertile once i went off gluten obviously this can be

Different for everybody but something to consider there has been research shown that with the hashimoto’s and the hypothyroidism that gluten can be a bit of a problem for it so again something worth perhaps considering of course if you’re going to go off gluten you need to bear in mind that you need to be taking your supplements you need to make sure that you’re

Telling a doctor that you’re not having gluten so you don’t get too low in other vitamins but i won’t off it and i find it perfectly fine i eat a really good varied diet so yes and yeah so i i do think little things like that might be a good idea for you as well if you’re thinking about getting pregnant and you’ve got hypothyroidism to maybe look at dietary changes

You can make that will benefit i think a really good strong gut is pretty much the basis of everything so anything that’s going to help your gut a good thing so lots of probiotics really good healthy meals with leafy veggies going to help at your tummy loads too and i think if you’re listening to this and you’ve got hyperthyroidism you quite likely do have a bit

Of a gut issue it seems to just go hand in hand it’s it’s so unfair i know but yeah it just seems the way it’s dealt so yeah i’d love to hear actually what your thoughts are on this like if you’re if you’ve been pregnant so you’ve had lots of pregnancies and lots of babies or whether you’re just thinking about it and let me know in the comments below and tell me

What worked for you or what didn’t work for you yeah so that’s it for this video really i just wanted to just have a really casual chat with you about hypothyroidism and pregnancy my successful story and i hope that you also have a really successful pregnancy and like i said you share your comments in the comment section below and do give this a thumbs up even if

It’s a bit rambly and i know that my sentences are just all over the place but do give a thumbs up anyway if you liked it and don’t forget to subscribe and i will see you in the next video bye

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