March 24, 2023

I no longer take bupropion but I am going to counseling to deal with the effects of disability discrimination in the work place I have been belittled for so long

Hey what’s up youtube again this is my second video it is july 23rd 2014 and it is wednesday so what’s going on is i no longer take be prophy on i noticed that i was kind of getting really anxious with it and i was getting over a while excusing overwhelmed so i’m not sure if there’s panic attacks but i stopped so what happened in general is i have to stop taking it

I have not been taking it for a while so i am sorry who haven’t been posting comments on my video i no longer take it so i hope that you guys understand that it was just the facts the side effects weren’t worth it and i just i couldn’t do it i haven’t actually been on any other medications to deal with anxiety stress or depression or anything like that i did see

A doctor a psychiatrist but they tried to put me on strattera which was an anti depression antidepressant slash anxiety medication which i didn’t really want to take but they were so easy to write a scrip so i didn’t take it at all huh i’ve been having a lot of issues with just stress lately just because everything’s been going on mediations coming up on the 31st

Unemployment my love life is kind of crazy right now it’s just very stressful living conditions a lot stressful i just i i don’t i have a place to relax nowadays i had guests over a while ago so it just made it a little harder for me to to relax so i ended up taking out to flagstaff about two weeks ago maybe actually no actually last monday so there’s about a little

Over a week ago but i ended up dryden to flag stuff because i had one of those days where if you just sit around you’re gonna pretty much do something stupid you don’t want to do whether it be get very frustrated and start yelling at people or just start throwing away stuff that you don’t really want to but instead i took a drive all the way down to flagstaff and my

Phone i have a samsung galaxy and a note 3 and for some reason the prong on the bottom the charging port likes to come loose while i’m sleeping so it doesn’t charge all the way so went to the at&t store the lady’s like oh well i can sell you a new charger for it the funny thing is it wasn’t an actual stock charger it’s just a mic yo charger which doesn’t charge

Fast and wrong but what ended up happening is i didn’t get serviced i wanted over there my phone died before i got to the other store so i didn’t know where i was going end up in flagstaff got a free charger and then came back down i was all mellowed out and then i had dinner and i’m talking and they decided to kind of attack me and be insensitive and realized not

Realize what they were saying or how was impacting me so kind of just stressed me out more but oh ma i i am in the middle of trying to seek counseling for issues that have happened at work for the last four years and i’m just trying to take over like just get rid of the stress and the anxiety and the trauma from what’s happened over the past for for 48 years it’s

Crazy to realize i’m not longer working for a company and that no matter even even if i’m not working for them they’re still affecting me which is really shitty but hopefully it’ll be over soon and i won’t have to deal with them ever again unless i get my rotations but i really want to go to them if i get rotations either in no way am i trying to knock them down

Say that they’re bad company or anything like that i’m just trying to state my viewpoint about what’s happened with it and so that way people can see what’s going on and especially on my side and in no way am i trying to trying to just throw bad publicity on there and for saying something that they they do or something like they don’t do or blah blah it’s only to

Express how i feel i’ve been treated and the truth will come out eventually and we’ll see what happens and hopefully everybody gets with the deserve because i know i have stayed with this company for so long and i love what i did and i loved how we treated our customers but i just i couldn’t take the treatment anymore because no raises no advancement no training

And none of that and i mean just being mistreated and belittled every day is not good that’s also another thing that i’ve been facing is i don’t feel like myself i i don’t feel as confident as i used to i have with everything that’s gone on in my past but on top of that going showing up at work being in a company that that doesn’t allow you to advance or grow is

Not good i mean my self-esteem is so much lower than it used to be and i’m like i’m so scared and so timid compared to what i used to be and i i’m just tired of it i need to be outspoken i need to express myself and i need to find an employer that i’m gonna be happy with that’s gonna treat me well um i do not want to face face the position be in a position like

This ever again so other than that i’ll talk to you guys later again i am nombreux fian so i’m sorry about that if you guys still think i am him but i’ll let you guys know if i do get on any other medication to kind of deal with my current stressors and anxiety issues and see what what happens but yes take care we’ll see you soon maybe another video today if you’re

Lucky see guys

Transcribed from video
I am no longer taking bupropion By silver fire