March 22, 2023

I explain when to take blood pressure medicine. Morning or night? I will review an article published in the European Heart Journal examining the effects of taking blood pressure medication in the morning vs at night.

Pressure medication is it in the morning  or at night does it even make a difference   in the european heart journal the data has   definitely changed how i counsel my patients it  may change your mind as well let’s get started   now if this is the first time you are watching one  of my videos my goal is to help each and every

One   so if that’s something you’re interested in   please consider subscribing to my channel okay  so we’re going to dive into a study looking at   whether taking a blood pressure medication in  the morning or at night gets better results   but let me say this real quick before we get into  the study the best time to take

A blood pressure   medication is whenever you best remember because  the most important thing when it comes to taking   medications is compliance and what do i mean by  compliance that just means how often you take   your medication and how often you forget to take  your medication that is by far the most important   factor

In determining what kind of results you  will get from your medications okay with that   reported this was a multi-center study of 19   they were divided into two groups group one   at bedtime while group two took all their   blood pressure medications after waking up in  the morning presumably if it doesn’t matter  

When you take your blood pressure medications we  would not see any differences in outcomes between   these two groups so the researchers followed these  people for over six years and looked at who ended   pressure namely who ended up with a heart attack   a stroke heart failure coronary revascularization  or cardiovascular

Death and they found that the   people who took their blood pressure medications  at bedtime had significantly better control of   their blood pressure and subsequently had much  less risk of developing major cardiovascular   disease events this is actually quite an amazing  finding if we can decrease a person’s risk  

For a heart attack and a stroke just by switching  when a blood pressure pill is taken without any   other adjustments to dose then of course we should  make this change and it’s an easy change to make   now how can we explain this finding one potential  explanation is that the renin-angiotensin   aldosterone system has its

Peak activity during  sleep now for those people staring at me blankly   the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system is an  extremely important regulatory system in our   body that controls blood pressure it helps control  fluid balance and it helps regulate electrolytes   and because of this many first-line blood pressure 

Medications target this system to help lower your   blood pressure a common class of drugs that do  this include the angiotensin-converting enzyme   of these include lisinopril benazepril or   enalapril another common class of drugs that also  target the renin angiotensin aldosterone system   is the angiotensin ii receptor

Blockers or arbs  these include valsartan losartan and olmesartan   all of these medications when taken at night seem  to help lower bad outcomes related to high blood   pressure in fact researchers have discovered that  nighttime blood pressure may be a significantly   disease when compared to daytime blood pressure  

At night you are ensuring the medications   pressure controlled when it matters most   lower your blood pressure daily exercise such as  walking is also extremely important so check out   this video next to learn how many steps you should  walk per day to stay healthy thanks for watching

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I Explain When To Take Blood Pressure Medicine By Jeffrey Peng MD